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Perverse Incentives and Killings By Security Forces

By Taylor Marvin

Extrajudicial killings by security forces are not unique to the Americas, but have repeatedly dominated the region’s headlines. While these killings stem from many causes, occasionally they are encouraged by almost deliberately perverse incentives. 742 more words


Religion = Politics, as does No Discernment = False Positives


It is all around us, enveloping us. They keep coming like seemingly unending waves that belch forth their best candidates from both parties. The individuals rise up out of the sea building speed and power. 952 more words

END TIMES...Back To YOUR Future

Galeria de la Memoria Tiberio A. Fernandez

On August 23rd we visited the Galeria de la Memoria Tiberio A. Fernandez in the western city of Cali.

Our motley group of thirteen climbed up a tightly wound metal staircase and poured into a bright and intricate open air gallery. 399 more words


Lessons Learned from Medical Testing

Application Testing is about determining whether or not a given software “behaves” as expected by its sponsors and end users. These stakeholders have a legitimate right to their expectations, because the system should have been engineered with the objective to satisfy their requirements. 885 more words


Positive predictive value for noninvasive prenatal genetic screening

A recent report shares the odds that a noninvasive prenatal genetic screening (NIPGS) result is suggestive of a true positive in a clinical setting. It also makes several key points about the administration of NIPGS and patient choices. 948 more words

How do we deal with NIPGS and 'The Big C'?

Stories have been circulating for a while now that anomalous non-invasive prenatal genetic screening (NIPGS) results may sometimes indicate maternal cancer. Recently, however, these anecdotes have given way to more rigorous data, from… 948 more words