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Lessons Learned from Medical Testing

Application Testing is about determining whether or not a given software “behaves” as expected by its sponsors and end users. These stakeholders have a legitimate right to their expectations, because the system should have been engineered with the objective to satisfy their requirements. 885 more words


Breast Cancer and False Positives

Related to an earlier post, Bayesian Reasoning, False Positives, and Breast Cancer. It certainly makes one wonder about the benefits of non-specific screening.


Positive predictive value for noninvasive prenatal genetic screening

A recent report shares the odds that a noninvasive prenatal genetic screening (NIPGS) result is suggestive of a true positive in a clinical setting. It also makes several key points about the administration of NIPGS and patient choices. 948 more words

How do we deal with NIPGS and 'The Big C'?

Stories have been circulating for a while now that anomalous non-invasive prenatal genetic screening (NIPGS) results may sometimes indicate maternal cancer. Recently, however, these anecdotes have given way to more rigorous data, from… 948 more words

May 4, 2015 | Dream Journal | False Positives And An Upcoming Job Interview

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I went to bed too late last night, my mind is distracted by anxiety for my upcoming job interview today, I got awakened early this morning by loud vehicle noises and a loud horn noise (maybe a motorcycle or something like that, and an annoying loud custom horn), and I did not try to go back to sleep because my body is energized from anxiety. 153 more words

Dream Journal

3 Terrible Things That Trick You Into Staying In A Toxic Relationship

There are a lot of articles written about how to tell if you’re in the right relationship or not.

However, a lot of women will base this idea on simply their feelings in the present moment. 523 more words

VirusTotal tackles the tricky false positives problem plaguing antivirus software

VirusTotal, a Google-owned online malware scanning service, is creating a whitelist of products from large software vendors to reduce bad detections by antivirus programs.

False positive detections are common in the antivirus industry. 623 more words