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Do It for Your Self

“Do it for your self.”

Joy and I added this phrase to our shared cache of personal codes nearly three decades ago. Like most of the phrases in our cache, this one reminds us instantly of an experience we shared and how we felt about what we were doing at the time. 966 more words


The Tower and The Fool - The truth shall set you free.

There is a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

Of all the cards that could have come up the day I restarted the Daily Tarot, these are perhaps the most disconcerting. 

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Daily Tarot

Narcissism Types and Possible Causes

There are several tiers of narcissism from a lower to a greater level, and some are cerebral, some somatic, while others are both. There can be the Greater Elite or Malignant Narcissist, which can display both cerebral and somatic qualities. 626 more words


simulacrum : stories from awakeville

the wide open spaciousness
of awakeville
didn’t need a golem

but mind
made one anyway
without telling anyone

the golem was translucent
and easy to miss… 153 more words

Poetry & Free Verse

On Being Superwoman

In about a month, I’ll be leaving my job of almost six years and starting two new part-time jobs. The intensity of my current job has increased recently and I’m finding it difficult to simultaneously keep up with all of the paperwork and training requirements of signing on to my new jobs. 466 more words

Tools For Recovery

Why it is Crucial to Know Yourself

When you set out to make your dream become a reality, it’s important to have a vision. Everybody knows that. You have to know where you want go in order to end up where you want to be. 641 more words


Dropping the act to find ourselves

Let’s not lie to ourselves. We live in a world that opposes authentic living, and one that regularly asks questions of the true value of authenticity. 471 more words