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Mr. Nobody

Men maintain a stable of ideas about themselves: ‘I am this,’ ‘I am that.’ These ideas are confinements. They do not facilitate our development; they prevent it. 19 more words

From The Counsellor

LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): "Recovering our Core Self"

“If we hold a vision of humanity as eternal souls coming into the material reality to learn lessons to grow and purify ourselves spiritually, it is easier to see that most people have forgotten who they really are as they are wearing many false identity masks. 

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Hiding in Plain Sight

This sculpture is displayed in Meijer Gardens. Whether I am enjoying the gardens alone, with a friend or facilitating a contemplative retreat, this sculpture and I often spend time together. 390 more words

Stuck? - let go that guilt tripping

“If the inner mind is not deluded, then outer deeds will not be wrong.” attributed as a Tibetan Buddhist Teaching. (Desmond Biddulph 1001 Pearls of Buddhist Wisdom No.  232 more words

Spiritual Development

When suffering is good for you

Suffering is a key theme of all religious traditions. They tend to treat suffering as something inevitable, but not intrinsic. That is, we all suffer, but only because something has gone wrong in us, the world, or reality itself. 699 more words


Superheroes, the False Self, and the Prayer of Recollection

The appeal of superheroes is that they are given secret superpowers. My son loves his superhero action figures, costumes, and movies. He runs through the house imagining that he is a superhero for hours on end. 826 more words


On knowing what you're doing

I seem to be one of those people who needs to understand fully what he’s doing and why, before he can commit real energy to it. 770 more words