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The Dark 'Arte' of Glamour

I remember that during my childhood, my mother had a fascination of certain movie stars. She fell in love with the character they portrayed, believed they were wonderful people and placed them upon a pedestal. 3,411 more words

Life Matters

Letting Go

A man was standing at the edge of a cliff. He lost his footing and tumbled toward the earth hundreds of feet below. Flailing and grasping wildly for something to stop his fall, the man’s hand caught a root jutting out from the sheer rock face. 1,042 more words


The Key to Freedom


Why, because the False-Self, which is the person you have become through conditioning will use your thoughts to keep you stuck in life. 109 more words


Green Gray

Are you as impressed as me over my deft avoidance yesterday of whining over how we could possibly be in the month of May already? It could be a new me! 286 more words


The greatest victory is the one over your self

Our biggest threat is not rogue states, terrorist organisations or even corrupt politicians but is hidden away in plain sight.

If we are sincere in dealing with the many external issues plaguing our world, we must first uncover and deal with the “elephant in the room”. 140 more words


Part 54 - Level 3 - The False Self

I went into this final course with no expectations – and finally, that carrot dangling in front of me had all but disappeared.  I had accepted there would be no horse work – and riding???? 442 more words

My Horse Journey - The Long Road To Positive Reinforcement

The True and False Self

according to this theory, if you don’t let kids be themselves, i.e., greedy, selfish, obnoxious, manipulative arseholes, they’ll have problems developing into well-balanced, adjusted, productive adults