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Your heart is where you find truth. However, our actions often come out of what’s at the surface level. And at the surface is false certainty. 112 more words

Fake news

If a man does not know he is, he will believe in who he is not.

Oh, oh. This cannot end well.

First things first: Know yourself.

From The Counsellor


By the time we are teenagers we have grown shells like turtles– a hard, outer shell which surrounds our truer selves, protecting what is true and real within us. 748 more words


Tantrum-Throwing Portal Energies

Oh man, have you felt the swirling, shifting energies? It feels like somebody is stirring the pot. You know how when you let something sit long enough, all the dense material sinks to the bottom? 837 more words


Our Minds, God's Mind

Do you know how you think? Do you listen you to the negative tape in your head? Do you know the source of its injunctions, its fears? 1,334 more words


Unmasking the False Self

I want to explain what my understanding of the the false self is. I have been working through this – a lot of the information comes from Christina Pratt’s podcasts, Why Shamanism Now. 294 more words

Let's Pretend

Let’s pretend we’re not human.

Let’s pretend life is easy.

Let’s pretend prayer solves everything.

Let’s pretend our homes are immaculate and that we don’t shove things in a closet or junk drawer when company comes over. 249 more words