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Transformational T-Day

Learning the heart and unlearning the mind
Unlearning the gifts appearing too kind
Admiring the sun and walking in thanks
Accepting the falseness of smiling ranks… 21 more words


Our Two Selves in Life

Each of us goes through life with two main selves. Most people remain aware of only one of them directly, which is the first one: 2,473 more words


The Truth Hurts (Violet)

The truth hurts.

It really does.

It especially hurts when you realize that no one tells the truth. Even if it’s just to act like we are okay when we really aren’t. 783 more words



“Prayer that leads to the beauty of the image within is difficult for it requires honesty and humility. It requires freedom from expectations, projections, false hopes and self-centeredness It means to be able to say, I am who I am with my strengths and weaknesses, gifts and failings.” -Ilia Delio, O.S.F., Franciscan Prayer

Shadowboxing My Way to Maturity

Sometimes we feel so validated by our inner voice of conscience, so sure of our internal convictions, that we confuse our own voice with the very voice of God. 1,259 more words

Spiritual Growth

The Importance of Focusing Less on Doing and More on Being: Meeting Your True Self and the Bliss, Peace, and Love it Brings in All Situations

“I wonder if a BIG goal of living is to more and more not know where “I” stop and “God” begins?  To increasingly find indistinguishable where “I” end and “you” begin?  1,836 more words

It's So Simple--Love God With All of Yourself

It’s so complicated to follow all of Jesus’ teachings, to keep them all in mind, from the Sermon on the Mount to the parables and other sayings, but I am convinced that if we are obedient to His First Great Commandment and to the first four of the Ten Commandments, we cannot do anything that would upset God or be against His wishes for us. 1,095 more words