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I’ve been through a lot the last nine months. I’ve left a job, searched for new ones for what seemed like forever, moved back into my parents basement, entered into self-care that felt scary and vulnerable, joined a community that helps me take care of my soul, and so much more! 744 more words


What is Codependency, Anyway?

To many, the word Co-dependency is psycho-babble; a word used willy-nilly to mean too dependent, too close, too controlling, too attached, too caring, too something or other, but what the heck is it exactly, anyway? 948 more words

False Self

The boundaries of spiritual disciplines

A lot of the reading and teaching I do focuses on helping people to practice the spiritual disciplines. Most Christians don’t know how to pray or read the Scriptures (or have been taught to do it in a way that… 581 more words

Spiritual Formation

Shadow #1

The impetus of Jungian Therapy is individuation. Individuation means, roughly, that we are working toward the recognition and development of all parts of ourselves, most which are unconscious at the beginning of therapy. 433 more words

on two ills to de

  • Girl 1:      Who dat man?
  • Girl 2:      He da luv man.  He gimme luv.  Lotta luv.
  • Girl 1:      Wat u mean he give u lotta luv?
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