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We can't have it both ways!

We can’t have it both ways, if we’re being true to our love of God. We can’t do things one way and think and feel the other way.   1,254 more words


Divine thief (a poem)

Being secure matters –

or so I’ve thought,

so I bought a gun

for the imagined event

that never comes

to me – though maybe… 172 more words


The Sham Of Education - A Personal Polemic

Where most of the teachers are commuters, living in quite different circumstances in most respects from the students and their parents, there is a great barrier to the empathy between teacher and student and parent that is so essential to education.   1,311 more words

Virtue-signaling in Social Media - cheap grace?

There’s a concept in evolutionary anthropology known as virtue-signaling. It has been picked up as a popular meme and facilely mis-applied to refer to behaviors in social media where individuals pretentiously signal their moral superiority. 326 more words

The false self is the tragic result of trying to steal something from God that we did not have to steal. Had we dared to trust God’s goodness, we would have discovered that everything we could ever most deeply long for would be ours in God.

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No name, no story

The human personality is an edifice to the past. It is the conditioned self, the sum total of all of our experiences and of our reactions to those experiences. 101 more words

Keith Ashford