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Managing Test Taking Anxiety

For optometry applicants, taking the OAT is inherently stressful.  It just is. Even so, for some OAT test takers, there is excessive and unnecessary self-inflicted anxiety that can be avoided. 1,946 more words

Getting Into Optometry School

Essence and ego

There is the Self—serene, untroubled, wise. And then there is the pseudo-self—insecure, insufficient, resentful, confused. Counselling to facilitate the repair and maintenance of the pseudo-self is really a game of Whack-A-Mole.

Keith Ashford


I talk a lot about the “true self” –
Because as soon as you discover your “true self” – you’ll be “enlightened!”

It’s both the easiest, as well as the hardest, thing in the world to accomplish – 50 more words


There’s a certain power that arises

When we understand our true nature

And that of others who aim to hurt

A level of unimpressed pity… 22 more words

ENNEAGRAM: The False-Self

Within the narrative framework of the Enneagram typology is this idea that all of us have created and propped up an identity out of a need for survival. 487 more words


We Must Die on the Way of the Cross

“All God’s plans have the mark of the cross on them, and all His plans have death to self in them.”   E. M Bounds

“Christ is Lord and can make any demands upon us that He chooses, even to the point of requiring that we deny ourselves and bear the cross daily. 769 more words

Relating To God

Are you working on your pretend self? Trying to make it better? Read this article for clues...

I have students at all different stages of their personal paths.

I, as a coach, can do only so much. I answer their posts, and then I write my articles. 137 more words