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Just A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

This is just a quick snapshot summary of one of my favorite comics, “The Lloyd Servant Show” which was referenced in the previous post (bottom right corner). 304 more words


Jude 1:11-16 (be where and who God wants you to be)

This weekend had me.

God taught me a very valuable lesson. Regardless of what you want or think you want, if your heart is intent on following Him, and living for God’s Purpose, He will open the doors He wants opened to put you in a place where HE wants your specific impact. 222 more words



Welcome to another Scripture Sunday post. I pray that you will take some time to listen to this dramatized audio of the little, but extremely important Book of Jude as you go about your day at home, whether you are preparing or eating your meals, cleaning the room where you keep your computer, or before you turn in for the night. 427 more words

Christian Writing

Passages of Scripture that answers the question: Can someone who has received salvation still end up in Hell and eventually the Lake of Fire?"

A word of caution as we enter into this discussion:  Calvinism has become a world view, just like those enamored with the evolutionary world view. What does that mean to us here? 44,219 more words

Teaching On The New Covenant

Did Pope Francis Really Claim That Hell Doesn't Exist?

I don’t know if Pope Francis claimed that Hell doesn’t exist or not. I do know that there are reports out there that say he did, and then there’s the denial from The Vatican. 1,173 more words

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