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"Freedom And Failure (Mother's Day Morning)"

This is #020 of “The Lloyd Servant Show,” and we see now why there was no show with the staged joyful healing and restoration of everyone’s beloved pie maker, Miss Betty Mae Butler! 204 more words


"Spiritism And Revolution" 05/18

He answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, … and thy neighbour as thyself. Luke 10:27.

As the youth go out into the world to encounter its allurements to sin—the passion for money getting, for amusement and indulgence, for display, luxury, and extravagance, the overreaching, fraud, robbery, and ruin—what are the teachings there to be met? 311 more words

Morning Devotions

Witchcraft in the church?!

I am going to lay out for everyone what I have seen and read in a particular church, not just any church but a mega church that is linked to many churches, big and small, throughout the nations.  840 more words


"Saturday Evening 7PM (Before Mother's Day)"

So let’s step back in time a bit to the Saturday evening before Mother’s Day…

…The Saturday evening after the broadcasting of the show where Miss Gladys Louise Brickle said on television that she would donate her winning “Lottery For Life Sweepstakes” ticket to Bradley Martin (“Your Servant Of The Lloyd”) and his wife Bradeena (“Your Angel of Modesty”). 206 more words


"Near Facebook Crash Due To 'Spokeschick' Photo!"

Now wait just a minute! How can one barely known cartoonist practically cripple a huge enterprise like Facebook? But this is not the first time that Nickel Boy Graphics has been wrongly accused. 140 more words


How Lori Alexander's Teachings May Keep Women in Abusive Relationships. - by Spiritual Sounding Board blog

Lori Alexander, Emotional Abuse, Headship, Submission -by Kathi I’ve been reading Lori Alexander’s blogs for quite a while now. Just when I think her writing is the same old boring rhetoric she always blathers on about, she ups her game.

30 more words

The False Doctrine of Prosperity Preachers

There are many preachers and television evangelists in the denominational world today who assert that God doesn’t want anyone to be poor; from a monetary standpoint. 908 more words

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