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Things I Wish You Understood: An Open Letter to Ministers From a Family Violence Survivor (via TGC Australia) — Speakingtruthinlove's Blog

Originally posted on A Cry For Justice: This stupendous article by an anonymous woman was published yesterday at The Gospel Coalition Australia. Things I Wish You Understood: An Open Letter to Ministers From a Family Violence Survivor To the ministers of the church universal I am a family violence survivor.

27 more words

"Now It's Time For 'Watch Out!' Without A Doubt!!!"

There are the Hypnotic Glasses again! The same glasses that seemed to have rocketed “The Lloyd Servant Show” to overnight success with hundreds and then thousands of people sending in their cash! 187 more words


"Into The Lion's Den"

If you’ve been following along and have checked out the “Sunday Bonus” on the Patreon Page, this won’t take you by surprise! More to follow! 16 more words


"Sweet Dreams, Kid, Everybody's Lookin' For Something"

Today’s installment ties up some of the loose ends from yesterday. Bradley Martin, “Lloyd Servant, Your Servant Of The Lloyd,” no longer has to worry about “the Kid” being quiet about what happened to Billie, but this new shadowy character seems to know a great deal more than even the reporter! 225 more words


"The Worst Best Headline Ever"

So now we know why the last installment of “The Lloyd Servant Show” was titled “False Requiem”! That really wasn’t for our dear Betty Mae Butler after all! 254 more words


"The Lloyd Servant Show" (Chapter 1 - Reboot Edition)

Several posts ago I had promised to share this with you since it’s referenced in “Raspberry Bombe vs. Miracle Pie.” This is the Reboot Edition of Chapter One of “The Lloyd Servant Show” for any new readers before we move fully into Chapter Two! 74 more words


Does It Really Matter What We Believe?

What medical error can do

In The Doctors Mayo, Helen Clapesattle describes how difficult it was to convince surgeons in the 19th century of the value of a sterile operating environment. 113 more words

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