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Treading the Great Winepress of the Wrath of God

In chapter 13 of Revelation the deception of false Christianity, in the image of a beast, is exposed. Consequently, in Revelation the 14th chapter, we can now see that there is a time where there is a people with a clearer vision of the truth of the Bible and the Christian life. 1,541 more words


Semi-Devo 3: Psalm 115:3

This verse is found in Psalm 115. For context, I list verses 1-8, bolding verse 3. I use the New King James Version here:

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,

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Jesus Christ

The dangers of Peter Scazzero and his Emotionally Healthy Spirituality nonsense - Part II

Chapter 4 begins on page 65, and is titled, “Know Yourself That You May Know God.” First off, when I asked the people in my EHS Workbook Study Group if they understood what Scazzero is talking about in this chapter, they were all confused and thought something was wrong with them because they didn’t understand. 4,391 more words


The dangers of Peter Scazzero and his Emotionally Healthy Spirituality nonsense

Before getting into the book itself, let’s take a look at the author: Peter Scazzero…

  1. Scazzero is not a Christian, he is a Catholic. Now, while many Christians may hold that Catholics are Christians because they embrace the main doctrines of Scripture, it matters little if they do such when they involve themselves in unbiblical practices.
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False Teaching: Believers Don’t Fall Sick

There are many people who are teaching certain things which are contrary to Scripture. Anything taught, which is contrary to Scripture is classified as false teaching. 664 more words


God the Son or Son of God

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” –1 Timothy 2:5 (RSV) 982 more words


John Lennon

In the “religious” world we are expected to believe that God hates John Lennon!  Why would God hate John Lennon? What did he do?  We are told because John made the following comment God hates him and moved to kill him.   564 more words

Church Untruths