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My Opinion on Actor Anushka's Video Sharing

We know that recently a video was tweeted by Virat Kohli, where Anushka is firing a man for throwing waste to the road. The man who was accused and his mother came forward and said that happened by mistake, not intentionally. 231 more words


Dr Blair's Secretary

Eye had a dream

of Treena’s Hair —

back to normal

dark brown

cut short

and cute

Unknown Rapper Trying to Get Shot For Fame

Virtually unknown Chicago-based rapper, SquiggleXLampshade, is trying to earn his place among the greatest rappers by getting shot.  “My music sounds like every other rap song,” he bragged, “my hair-do looks like an exotic bird, I have face tattoos, now I just need some bullet holes to get clicks on my soundcloud.”  Our interview took place on a street corner in the Chicago projects, where the 20-year-old rapper was actively searching for drive-by shooters.  104 more words


The rats in the monkey’s cage

The rats in the monkey’s cage, 2011

At the Mumbai Zoo the star attraction is the rhesus monkeys, and because of this, the zoo management has given them the biggest cage proportionate to their size. 208 more words


The Price of Success

It was just 2 years ago that you finally finished your first novel, you know the one that left blood, sweat and tears on your keyboard, the one that consumed your every waking moment and took you away from your friends and family as you poured your heart and soul into it. 1,336 more words



A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

– Ayn Rand

I just like this considering the internet today and youtube and so many different things. 81 more words