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Mission News

           Short Term      Mission Trip:          We still have several spots available on the team traveling to the Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Virginia from Friday, July 14 to Tuesday, the 18th.   121 more words


Marcus Aurelius is Probably Rolling in His Grave

In Marcus Aurelius’ collection of personal writings, commonly known as Meditations, two recurring themes that weaved their way through the entire work were death and fame. 589 more words


Open Letter to Michelle Phan.

Dear Michelle.

This open letter is in relation to your recent return to the internet and your video explaining why you left.

I want to… 438 more words



​Babel is the site of multiplication of languages, the ensuing confusion and the dispersion that followed. Babel is synonymous with “a confused mixture of sounds, voices, or languages; a confused assembly, and the origin of the word ‘babbling’. 309 more words


Life on a Pedestal

I don’t mind praise, I really don’t. Just like many, I get a certain amount of affirmation when people tell me I’m doing a good job or that I’m pretty neat. 1,112 more words


Fame Is a Bee

Fame is a bee.

It has a song –

It has a sting –

Ah, too, it has a wing.

Emily Dickinson


Fame And Fortune 

Sound advice from Navitas

“Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, so said Andy Warhol, and Carppuzzle wonders how many anglers have thought their fame would lead to fortune.  286 more words

Thinking Out Loud