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I remember hearing a statement that was so intriguing that I had to discover the inner meaning behind it.

Paraphrasing, it was said that being a celebrity is a dishonor to God. 184 more words

Entertainment Industry

Tabloid Man

Just for the record, let me introduce my boss, Sal Valente. Picture a fat, middle-aged former union thug with one rolled up cotton sleeve revealing a tattoo of himself. 877 more words


Touched by Tokyo: Hairstylist to the Stars Tokyo Stylez

Born William Jackson, this Omaha native is known to the world today as Tokyo Stylez. His “Touched by Tokyo” tagline follows this hair stylist to the stars wherever he goes. 1,060 more words



We all want to feel useful with our life. In some way almost every person seeks to be remembered. It has been said that a person dies twice. 1,709 more words




Lights flashed

Always a nobody

Now a household name

Sparkling lights

Stars never looked so close

Anything in seconds

No need to wait

No lines… 59 more words


Swept Up in the Glory - Reader's Choice #5

The inspiration for this post was chosen by you, the lovely readers! This Reader’s Choice is inspired by the words “vacant” and “planet” (there was a tie). 222 more words


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In his dreams he wished he was a celebrity,
But in his world he lacks maturity.
His greatest goal is prosperity,
But he never cared about credibility. 101 more words

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