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Remember My Name...

When I was young I loved to play piano, drums, and guitar.  I did not practice much, so I did not develop into a skilled musician. 334 more words

Tail in pools

I had the very exciting opportunity to judge entrants for a talent show at my school the other day. It’s not a responsibility I take lightly. 535 more words


The Age of Elon: Can Tesla Really Take Over the World?

Tesla’s market cap was recently announced to be $51 billion, higher than both GM and Ford’s and a steep increase from their value in 2016. Hopefully, this financial bubble doesn’t burst, or SpaceX, Neuralink, and the Gigafactory could all suffer. 304 more words


Elon Musk; The Greatest Living Investor Of The Modern Era

In the spirit of inveterate and wide-ranging tinkerers like Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin, Musk has transformed virtually every field he’s taken an interest in, from electronic payments to commercial spaceflight to electric cars. 210 more words


Being there

I was on board the Titanic
and I flew with Wilbur Wright.
I was up there with Neil Armstrong,
and at Ali’s famous fight.

But you won’t find me in history books, 20 more words

too dark now over nothing to cry

a clock
by a scar.

the scalpel
the ear’s

birthplace, hide your own.

no animal
in the making
of god.

The most famous medal in the world

There are probably several contenders for this title. For the purposes of this post I will suggest that the most famous medal in the world is Siegfried Sassoon’s… 588 more words