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Episode 12-12 12x12



Join us into the first episode 12 ever recorded, exclusively for world 12. We hit the multiplication tables and talk edutainment video games in this podcast! 180 more words

Rhythm And Pixels

Magical Doropie (Famicom)

Woo hoo witchy woman.

Magical Doropie (known in North America as The Krion Conquest) is a game that lives in infamy. This 1990 action-platformer from Vic Tokai didn’t exactly set the sales charts on fire on either side of the Pacific and lingers on today almost entirely as a punchline thanks to its shameful status as a blatant copy of the first two Mega Man games. 1,480 more words


Game of Thought: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Geki Kamen Ninja Den

System: Famicom/NES

Date Published: 1989

Company: Konami Ultra

1989-1990: The Ninja Turtles’ popularity in SG was at all-time peak under Playmates Toys. Orchard Road’s toy fairs were constantly buzzing with Turtles stage shows and contests, Pizza Hut’s business got a boost, SBC’s TV viewership received a jolt during the initial 6 months of TMNT cartoon hour. 351 more words


Relaxing Explosions: Bomberman

In summer/fall 1998. My mom bought me the my first Famiclone, and as far I as I remember I played my first ever video game there: … 836 more words

Game Design

Minimalist Playground For Drunk Tanks: Battle City

If you have read my review of Eternal Senia, you know I adore simplicity a lot. Solid simple foundations are necessary to build a complex system around it and even the simple can end up being varied. 1,010 more words

Game Design