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Take your co-op gaming to the next level with this giant Famicom controller

The family that games together on a giant controller…probably gets in lots of fights when someone is late to press jump. 288 more words


The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay, Part 1

Hey guys! I’ve gone and got a third famiclone: The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay.

I actually got a super good deal on it, too! It was just $8. 1,355 more words


Dragon Quest

Here we have a kid struggling in a game of Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior.

Finished Art

Hidden Gems: Felix The Cat On NES/ Famicom

How many of you out there have played this game ??? Better still how many of you even knew it existed in the first place ?? 662 more words


Pandamar changed graphics

Hi guys! Remember Pandamar? That hack of Super Mario Bros where Mario’s a panda? Well they changed a lot of other graphics too.

After noticing that a hack of Pandamar, Pka Chu, had the message for when you complete a castle changed. 157 more words


"Educational" Function 9,999,999-in-1

Hi everyone! Like a month ago I bought this multicart, but it took a month to come in the mail! But it’s here now, so now you can read about it. 817 more words