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DoReMikko (ドレミッコ) - Famicom Disk System

DoReMikko (ドレミッコ) is a game I never thought I would ever be able to obtain. But a few months ago on Yahoo auctions I unexpectedly won an auction for a complete copy for far below its usual price! 410 more words


Smash Ping Pong (スマッシュピンポン) - The Secret Konami Disk System game

There’s one Konami game on Famicom Disk you probably didn’t know about – Smash Ping Pong (スマッシュピンポン).

Originally released as ‘Konami’s Ping Pong’ in the arcades, Nintendo published the Famicom Disk System version as part of the Famicom Disk launch library. 173 more words


The Goonies (グーニーズ) Famicom Disk - Retail Release Reproduction

There were two Konami games on Disk System which were not released at retail, and only available as re-writes via Disk System Writer Kiosks – The Goonies and Twinbee. 208 more words


Famicom box art scan: Dragon Quest II

My Japanese Famicom collection is rather small, but I’ve managed to add two more scans of Dragon Quest II.

Here’s what I’ve managed to upload so far. Enjoy!



See the many faces of Diskun in this original Famicom Disk Writer catalogue

One of the first articles I posted up on the site was about the Famicom Disk Writer, a unique service available in Japan that allowed Famicom Disk System owners to re-write their game disks to change up their game library at a reduced cost. 661 more words