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More than 30 years late to the party, an untouched Famicom gets its chance to shine

Our second treasure trove of the day, and this time one that’s been doing the rounds, is courtesy of Nintendo themselves (and spotted over on… 244 more words


A Look Inside Nintendo's Secret Storage Facility

Nintendo is renown for being extremely secretive, just look at the lack of NX news. However, the company has given us a brief glimpse at a very exciting room in Nintendo’s headquarters. 75 more words


NES Pinball w/ Famicom Adapter

I know there are about 20 of the original NES games that came with built-in Famicom converters. For those of you that weren’t already aware of this fact, basically, what Nintendo of America did was take the original Japanese PCBs from the Famicom games and add them onto an adapter that contained a lock-out chip so it could only be played on North American system. 167 more words


Here's What You Need To Know About Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom

Nintendo Japan has listed a handy question and answer FAQ on its official support site for the upcoming Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom. The company stresses that it isn’t limited edition, but if you want one at launch, then you will need to get a pre-order put down on a site such as Play Asia or Amazon Japan. 184 more words


Tiny But Mighty, The Famicom Classic Edition Proves It's A Powerhouse

Just a few days ago the Famicom Classic Edition was announced long overdue after the NES Classic Edition being announced weeks beforehand. The Famicom Mini has different and yet some different games than the American version, so if you wanna look at the different exclusives, you can find that… 50 more words

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Good Job Nerds: Glitch in Original Legend of Zelda Game Allows Finish in 3 Minutes

This is a glitch I never knew about for a game I’ve never played, so imagine my excitement when I heard about it. However, much like in tender love making, this isn’t about me, it’s all about you, and perhaps you care about it. 98 more words


The Controller For The Mini Famicom Seems Small

(Source: kotaku.com)

Do you have small hands? This might be the controller for you!

In Japan, Nintendo has released console specs for its Famicom Classic Edition, but they do not include the controller’s width.  207 more words