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Nintendo might be getting ready to release a miniature Super NES Classic Edition

27 years after the first 8-to-16-bit Nintendo video game migration, it might be time to do it all over again, so we called the company to see if they’d give us any more info. 593 more words


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Mad About Nintendo Discontinuing The NES Classic? Good News: The Famicom Mini Will Return

Last July, Nintendo announced the NES Classic, a miniature replica of the NES [full specs] that came bundled with one controller ( 328 more words

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Nintendo Also Discontinues The Mini Famicom For Japan, But Only Temporarily

(Source: kotaku.com)

Just as Nintendo has decided to end NES Classic production, it’s doing the same in Japan for the miniature Famicom. Yet, the decision does not sound permanent. 65 more words


FPGA Emulates NES Cart; Prototype So Cyberpunk

By now, most of us have had some experience getting ROMs from classic video games to run on new hardware. Whether that’s just on a personal computer with the keyboard as a controller, or if it’s a more refined RetrioPie in a custom-built cabinet, it has become relatively mainstream. 249 more words

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