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The Nintendo Console From The 80s Made For Recording Gameplay Footage

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These days, if you want to record direct video footage of a video game, all you need to do is press a button. 410 more words


The Dragon by Rinco

So I went and got this bootleg cartridge called The Dragon. And here it is:

By all appearances, it is not The Dragon. It appears to be a bootleg Super Mortal Kombat 3 cartridge. 1,284 more words


Super Mario pirate cart

The majority of single-game pirate carts of licensed cartridge games are boring. Just a normal game with nothing special about it. Typically with unoriginal or generic label art, too. 227 more words


First Nintendo-Iwata Code Possibly Discovered

It seems that the first ever piece of Nintendo code that was written by the late President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has been found inside the circuit boards of several Famicom games. 175 more words

Wii U

Gaming in January, 1987

CGW put Defender of the Crown and Infocom’s Moonmist on the cover of the first magazine of 1987. The past and the future on the same cover. 1,538 more words

Happy 30th Anniversary - Metroid

Back in the late 80s, Metroid crept onto Western shelves like those in Toys ‘R Us without much fanfare. The Nintendo Fun Club newsletter ran a simple, two page spread featuring the game, and the box art (at least in the West) like some Nintendo box art at the time was nothing really remarkable. 1,572 more words