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Interesting Famicom Disk Hacks

Those that are closest to me already know that the bane of my existence in the vast sea of Famicom goodies is that infamous little add-on, HVC-022, the Family Computer Disk System. 1,442 more words


The Many Variants of Sachen

As a collector, I hate variants. One game has a black shell and the next version has a green one. Or maybe the one game is a newer revision of an older version, designed to fix a bug or a minor spelling mistake. 909 more words


Contra (コントラ Kontora) - Famicom

How good is the original Famicom Contra?

So good even the cut-down American version and robotomised Australian/Euro versions are still awesome.

What is it that makes Contra so great? 552 more words


Famicom NES controller

Want that classic Famicom feel without the hassle of having to sit two feet from the console?

Here’s the solution.

It’s an NES controller board and cord in an original Famicom pad shell. 116 more words


Nintendo industrial design in the early 80s

Nintendo had such a classy ‘brushed metal on high quality coloured plastic’ aesthetic in the early 80s, carried over from their original ‘Color TV game’ console series, through the Game & Watch series, and on to the Famicom. 8 more words


Lost in the '90s: The Time Machine That Is Japan

Born in the early ’80s, I’m at that age where “Back in my day!” is starting to sound like an acceptable phrase. Having spent the most memorable parts of my childhood in the ’90s, I have many nostalgic memories of days spent with Game Boy and NES. 810 more words


Video Game BS Podcast Side Quest #03 – Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti - Nintendo Famicom

The focus of Bonus #3 is our Extra Credit game, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti only released in Japan on the Nintendo Famicom. Kyle was playing this little Namco(t) treat and Jeff decided to join him, with amazing results! 34 more words