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Hiryuu no Ken Game Bundle

For the past several months, collectors and gamers alike have been going crazy about Nintendo’s recent release of the NES Classic and Famicom Mini, cutesy plug ‘n play machines shaped as smaller versions of the gaming consoles we hold dear to our hearts. 571 more words


The Plight of the JRPG - From Genesis to Glory

January 17, 2017

Casey Moore, Host

(Oh look, Casey’s talking about JRPGs again)

In the pre-Famicom boom era in Japan, RPGs took off with titles like… 1,340 more words


Hidden Message Found Inside Famicom Mini By Hacker

A hacker has stumble upon a pretty cool message left by one of the makers of the the Famicom Mini. 98 more words

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Hidden Message Found In The Famicom Mini

(Source: kotaku.com)

Most game hardware is inevitably modded . That means if there are secret messages in the code, people will probably find them. 130 more words


TMNT 3 Radical Rescue 1998

Sometimes pirates get really lazy, this is one of those cases: TMNT 3 Radical Rescue is just the NES version of TMNT 3 : The Manhattan Project with a label with the artwork from the Game Boy game “TMNT 3 : Radical Rescue”. 93 more words


Mortal Kombat II - Yoko

Back in the early 90s Mortal Kombat was a total hit. It was everywhere. With the Mortal Kombat fever Cony Soft was smart enough to cash in some bucks making a horrible port of Mortal Kombat for the Famicom using the alias “YOKO Soft”. 175 more words


Devil Town - EduGames - Castlevania

January 1st and I’m making my first entry through my bootleg collection, this time I am bringing “Devil Town” better known as Castlevania by the south-american company “Edu Games”. 275 more words