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VGBS 25 - Crisis Force - Season 1 Finale Megacast!

We finish out Season 1 of the VGBS gaming podcast with a bang! We start off with the amazing Famicom horizontal shmup Crisis Force. We then go into some of our favorite moments from the season and get heavy into the gaming community as a whole. 39 more words


Nintendo Famicom - The Yellowing Scale

While the issue of yellowing consoles is now completely reversible it’s still interesting to see the process happen.

Behold the ravages of time.

I can’t help but think of all the hours of fun these brought to Japanese kids 25-30 years ago.


Konami Orange Box Famciom line - complete set

Konami’s first Famicom line was basically a direct copy of the Nintendo template, except with consistent  orange colouring. There were seven games in the series, and this is the complete set… 169 more words


Childhood memories: Before the OUYE, there was Famiclones

Last post I talked about Captain Tsubasa 2, and talked about playing it on a Famiclone. This post I will explain why that is, so let’s get started. 609 more words


Childhood memories: Captain Tsubasa II on the Famicom

Captain Tsubasa was a popular anime show that was dubbed for our region, I used to like as a kid, it’s about a Japanese kid who loves football and want to be part of Japan’s national team and win the world cup, something about that show used to make me love it, I can’t tell you what it was since I don’t know it myself. 1,377 more words


スーパーマリオブラザーズ 2 / Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Nintendo, 1986)

Following the success of Super Mario Bros. on the Family Computer in Japan in 1985, Nintendo decided to capitalise and release a sequel using the same game design and graphics. 819 more words


Elf Legend

The weather has been quite terrible in my local since last night; a super typhoon was headed my way, so I brought my cat into the game room, where we slept together. 1,456 more words