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NiceCode Spiderman 2

Hey remember NiceCode’s Spiderman game? Well, if you remember, I mentioned they also made a Spiderman 2 game.

OK, here’s how NiceCode’s Spiderman 2 works. 131 more words


8Bit Music Power: A new Famicom game for chiptune fans | Un nuevo juego Famicom para fans de chiptunes

[EN]: Columbus Circle, a Japanese maker of game accessories, announced the arrival of 8Bit Music Power, a new Famicom game for music fans of the retro kind. 512 more words


Happy Birthday Famicom

OMG The Super Famicom was released on this day in Japan, 25 years ago November 21, 1990. I really can’t believe its 25 years I realise some of you reading this aren’t even 25 years old, which reminds me of a comment by my son made when one of the SNES pads stopped working properly. 261 more words


京都で最高のアニメやマンガ店 - Best Anime and Manga Stores in Kyoto

Traveling in Kyoto and looking to indulge in some Japanese pop culture?  Look no further!  While visiting Kyoto this past weekend, I made a point to stop at every anime, manga, and gaming stores I came across in the historic city.   615 more words


PicaDance (Pokemon 4-in-1)

I have no idea why I’m commenting on a bootleg hack of DDR found in a Chinese bootleg 4-in-1 Nintendo (Famicom) cartridge based around Pokemon, but why not? 277 more words


You've probably never played... Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise

Wily & Right no RockBoard: That’s Paradise
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Platform(s): Famicom
Release Date: 15th January 1993 (Japan exclusive)

It seems that these days, almost every major franchise has taken the opportunity to trade their usual fanfare in favour of dice rolls and game boards. 932 more words


Pocket Monster

In Japan, Pokémon are called Pocket Monsters. Also, Pokémon is short for Pocket Monster. That’s why this bootleg Pikachu side-scrolling platformer is called Pocket Monster. 335 more words