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Familiars in Other Forms

For the most part, The Familiar does not actually discuss familiars in Volume I. We do know, though, that the cat is a familiar, but we don’t know yet what that means to MZD. 505 more words

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Western Thoughts in Through the Arc of the Rainforest and The Familiar

In comparison with Through the Arc of the Rain Forest, by Karen Tei Yamashita, both The Familiar and Through the Arc pose challenges to common place, Western thoughts. 328 more words

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Adette Price Chapter 12: Who Uses a Bubble?

It’s that time again. Sorry it’s a few days late, but I’m posting the next chapter in the Adette series. We actually get a glimpse of the enemy. 6 more words

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The ANTLERS - " Refuge "

Transgressive Records and The Antlers have issued some new live footage of them performing “Refuge” ahead of the release of their double 12″ later this year. 344 more words


Monday Madness and a Witchy Tip

It’s a mildly gloomy Monday here in Georgia, it is too wet to hit the trails (mushy dirt, bad ankles, gonna bust my ass) so I’m stuck inside… With all of this dog hair and chores. 254 more words


The Familiar and Wild Seed - Why Cats?

A majority of the books I’ve been reading in English class this semester have to do with the human/animal relationship. While they all deal with said relationship in varied and unique ways with complex sets of characters there have been at least 3 books I recall that have used cats as the animal of focus in these interactions. 604 more words

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The Familiar and Wild Seed - Animals as Aids

Within Danielewski’s The Familiar and Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed the interactions between animals and humans lead to animals serving as possible aids for or to humans in a variety of ways. 644 more words

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