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Unfamiliar by Sarah Doyle

First Witch:                                     I come, Greymalkin.
Second Witch:                                           Paddock calls. *
Macbeth, Act I, scene iii


With scale and claw, with claw and scale;
with tail and fur, with fur and tail. 208 more words


Surreal Dawg with a blog

A Daily dollop of Assana Dogic Posturing and quotes and expressions worth a contemplative thought.


Adette Price: Undercover Witch Chapter 13: No Rest for the Weary

It’s time for another installment of the Adette price story. Nothing seems to be going right today. Can’t a girl catch a break.

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Adette Price

Benson Doyle, Familiars @ The Vaults, Cirencester (06.06.15)

For those who like to rock!

We suggest you head over to The Vaults in Cirencester, as Benson Doyle and Familiars are rocking the venue on Saturday 6th June. 239 more words



I like Ducks, they appear to be confident in their direction and purpose in life



The Elementals are always playings tricks in the sky, dancing and gesturing this way and that. With an infinite palette of colour, texture and lighting, no instant is truly the same, add to this Tasmania’s 360º surround-merrygo-around and you could get truly giddy.