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Old friend,
rest your head on my
chest again, weigh me down.
How you’ve grown since I last let you
rest at the edge of my bed. 174 more words


A Crucible of Hate: The X-Files Season 11 "Familiar"

Yesterday’s episode of The X-Files was chock full of ammunition: gun violence, police violence, child death and molestation, zealotry, mob justice and good old fashioned witchery among the major themes, “Familiar” is a modern day Salem Witch trials, complete with the infamous spontaneous human combustion that Scully has always liked to so decry. 964 more words

The X Files

Potions and Poisons #6

    The guardsman, Gerald, waved cheerily at us as we passed through the gates into the village.

    “Halloo, Missy Wren!” He climbed down the ladder that lead up to his perch and stood in front of us. 826 more words




By  L.M. James

Raymond clapped his hands together gently.  That did nothing to calm down the barely contained chaos of the practice room.  2,977 more words

Perfect Coven Series

Pets and Soul Contracts

We are all aware that people enter our lives for a reason. The saying actually goes ‘a reason, a season or a lifetime’. This might be anyone from the random at the bus stop with the unique perspective, or the twin flame or soul mate with whom you live happily ever after. 977 more words


Potions and Poisons #5

Milo leaned against my potions shelf as I started selecting certain ones to take on the journey.

“Invisibility, strength, truth.” I mumbled as I put each of them into a labeled slot in my bag. 634 more words


Potions and Poisons #4

 I woke in the morning to Milo shaking me. “Wren, wake up!”

  “Wha- what’s happening?” I slurred, groggy.

  Milo drew my curtains back and a weak morning sun spread over my bed, “How you can sleep through this racket is beyond me.” A piercing roar jolted me out of any sleepiness and I jumped out of bed to join Milo at the window. 562 more words