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Adette Price Chapter 16: Of Lurking Creatures and Herbs

So this has actually been uploaded for a little while. Sorry about not posting sooner. To make up for my badness you can click here.

Adette Price

Photo Dump: Smiling Buddha, June 10th

These photos are of Voidfolk, Familiars, and We Were Heads during their show at the Smiling Buddha on June 10th! As usual, more photos under the cut.

Live Music

Familiar Spirits

The latest Corporia supplement, Familiar Spirits, is now available on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow for only 99 cents!

This little 14-page expansion details on how Sorcerer and Witcher characters can conjure animal familiars out of the very atmospheric energies (aka the Flux) around them. 91 more words


Art Show!

Mika, the barista at the Cracked Mug, is also an artist. He is an art student at GLU, and occasionally exhibits there as well as at local clubs, bars, and – of course – at the Mug. 247 more words

Perfect Coven Series


“Shhh…” He glared at his sister. “Honestly, girls are useless.” The cat turned and looked straight at the children. It hissed, crouched low like a panther. 372 more words


My Familiar.

Familiars: (aka) “familiar spirits” or “animal guides” are magical assistants of witches in their practice of magic. According to European folklore they appeared in many different forms, including animals, apparitions as well as a human/humanoid figures. 1,433 more words


Adette Price: Chapter 14 I belong here, really

Its that time again. Adette has been attacked by a bubble, ruined a dress, and now she has to go back in town to investigate a strange possession. 19 more words

Adette Price