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Quick reading with oracle I won ,to help find lost plug of all things

So ,my hubby went to clean out the ducks big bath,which is an actual bathtub you would have in a house,we have it in the garden,he tipped it upside down and lost the plug,for a week he hunted high and low …that area of the garden is overgrown and we throw our weeds and grass cuttings there,no luck,its an old bronze style plug not a plastic white one so we knew it would not be easy to see..he bought a plug,it didn’t fit. 269 more words


Episode 73: Down The Rabbit Hole

The metaphor of going down the rabbit hole is defined in the dictionary of idioms as: to enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds. 464 more words


Snake as Familiar

Meditation and White Foxes

Recently I have began to meditate and communicate with Inari-Okami more often. In a recent meditation she approached me and told me to be ‘more careful’. 526 more words


NEW STORY: Ms. Rosa's Home for Foundling Familiars and Misplaced Magical Animals

Unusual new arrivals are a daily occurrence at Ms. Rosa’s, luckily only some of them require a cross-town trip at lunch time.

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My Strongest Quality 

Inspired by a writing prompt on Reddit.

The world is a wonderfully confusing place. There was so much mystery surrounding the human race and the universe that we inhabit that sometimes, it felt as if we would never have all the answers. 1,492 more words

Lgbt Author

Sounds Around Town :16th - 22nd March

It is always a treat when bands such as those to be found at The Victoria tonight come along, if for no other reason than even in something as straight-forward as this gig guide, I get to break out the box market “pretentious words, use sparingly.” For as much as it is fun to find new ways to describe the sonic muscle of a classic rock band or the commercial cool of the latest young indie outfit, I am most at home when using words such as dreamscaping, ethereal and sonorous to describe music. 916 more words

Swindon goes POP!

In serious, beard strokey, musical circles (like SoP team meetings) Pop has become something of a tainted concept. Sullied by the modern obsession with shallow, repetitive, style over substance, flatpack music that won’t challenge or offend and that has rolled off a TV show or major label production line, the term Pop Music does not appear to have the same shine it once did. 309 more words