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Familiar with Your Familiar


Familiars are one of the things people tend to think of when it comes to Witchcraft. That and broomsticks, but we’ll cover one thing at a time. 564 more words


The Familiar & Through the Arc

The Familiar is marked by a number of connections between stories: the number nine, the strange sound, rain, and a cat. At the same time, … 356 more words


More Book Updates!

Things get epic as the deadline to getting the second draft done gets closer. So, things are changing, and I’m going to tell you some of them. 347 more words


Review: The Antlers - Familiars

The Antlers angst filled, ambient vibe has set them apart from many similar bands who only manage to sound dreary and despondent then fade away never to be seen again. 69 more words


The Wisdom of Dog

Every morning before I even realise I am awake, my gorgeous dog Stella creeps up on to my bed. Long ago I gave up trying to keep her off because I delight in our morning ritual. 293 more words


Short story (by me): The Leech: A Ghost Story

It was in the summer of 1928 that we met him, stood beside a gigantic Grecian plant-pot sprouting palm leaves, on the back porch of my wife’s country estate. 2,286 more words