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Potions and Poisons #4

 I woke in the morning to Milo shaking me. “Wren, wake up!”

  “Wha- what’s happening?” I slurred, groggy.

  Milo drew my curtains back and a weak morning sun spread over my bed, “How you can sleep through this racket is beyond me.” A piercing roar jolted me out of any sleepiness and I jumped out of bed to join Milo at the window. 562 more words


Potions and Poisons #3

    After an hour or so I was finally done. Barnaby, or Barnes as I had decided to call him, was now crouched in front of me, wings newly mended and stretching, and scales gleaming. 717 more words


Potions and Poisons #2

     The crash site was easy enough to find. A hole had been torn in the forest canopy and the earth was gouged up in a deep rut. 733 more words


Potions and Poisons #1

The beast fell out of the sky and I gasped. It crashed through the forest canopy and it’s landing was probably felt for miles. My potions rattled on their shelves and my parrot squawked on his perch. 339 more words


1/3/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write → MONTHLY MEETING

The January monthly meeting was very productive. We had quite a lively discussion which, as always, led to some worldbuilding. 112 more words

Perfect Coven Series

Minerva, Chapter 1

From across the field, Minerva could see the villagers going about their day. It was mid-afternoon on a warm autumn afternoon. The grass let out a sweet smell as she made her rounds, walking the line of the forest. 511 more words


November Blog Post: A Short Story!

Hello, and welcome to the November 2017 blog post! It’s late, and I am so deeply sorry.

As has become my habit, for my last blog of the year, I do a short story featuring one of the Perfect Coven characters. 3,091 more words

Perfect Coven Series