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Chapter 4's up

Zoey’s familiar comes for her–a black cat, of course.  I had one for 20 years–yup, Pywackett had a long life.  Loved that beast. Ink has an attitude, too, and he’ll lead Zoey to the circle of thirteen, dead trees. 6 more words


Crayfish and Monkeys and Dogs! Oh My!

L.P. Hartley wasn’t wrong when he said ‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’; he was just woefully understating the case. When you first encounter many aspects of early modern culture and belief systems it can sometimes be as disorienting and disturbing as passing through the looking glass, going down the rabbit hole, or being carried off by a tornado. 1,058 more words


Familiars love

I have been very depressed this week due to issues with our car that I really rely on with my disabilities,and a few other things,as usual I found that turning to my animal familiars helped. 178 more words


Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #20

Vacation is over so I’ve slowed down a bit but still – here’s another batch of adversaries completed! 126 more words

Age Of Sigmar


A Cat is Always Noble


My Cat he keeps me company

as I sit in the Winter Sun,

He purrs, he rolls, he stretches, 159 more words

How to Work with a Familiar

Okay, so you have a familiar– great! Now’s the fun part- working your craft with them.

Safety first!

Whenever working with an animal familiar- the first and most important thing to consider is their safety. 1,230 more words


Animal Guides 101: Familiars, Messengers and Patronuses

What Type of Animal Guides Are There?

There are many types of animals who come into our lives literally or symbolically for many reasons. Some of these animals are our guides- there to be with us and work with us on a daily basis. 725 more words