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Meet Cheddar <3

Just a brief introduction.
This is my female cat daughter Cheddar.
She is nine years old, Aries. Very sweet, tranquil but territorial.
She loves Tarot and according to her instagram post, she claims that I am teaching her how to read tarot.

She says hi!

A Familiar Speaks

Recently, several students at Great Lakes University were waiting for a show to start at a local club.  While they were waiting for the musician to come out onto the stage, a bird that appeared to be the familiar of a witch came into the room and quite deliberately perched on the students’ table.   998 more words

Perfect Coven Series

Sorry For My Familiar! Vol. 1| Manga Review

The crowning achievement of Tekka Yaguraba’s manga Sorry For My Familiar is the creative and distinct character designs. Every page is chalk full of demons and monsters of every variety, all with inspired appearances. 816 more words

It is too Bad I am but a Cat, and you are the Sun

A cursed witch familiar falls in love with the next door neighbor gardener girl 7,294 more words

Original Story

Regular Romp #16: Witchy Wolfi

Regular Romp is an interactive fiction activity over on our Twitch stream where I ask a regular a series of questions before turning their answers and a corruption of their username into a short story.  4,015 more words

Blaine Arcade


Old friend,
rest your head on my
chest again, weigh me down.
How you’ve grown since I last let you
rest at the edge of my bed. 174 more words


A Crucible of Hate: The X-Files Season 11 "Familiar"

Yesterday’s episode of The X-Files was chock full of ammunition: gun violence, police violence, child death and molestation, zealotry, mob justice and good old fashioned witchery among the major themes, “Familiar” is a modern day Salem Witch trials, complete with the infamous spontaneous human combustion that Scully has always liked to so decry. 964 more words