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Sometimes when you think everythings just getting a little tougher day by day, you know you have that one person, that peron who can make you smile even if you dont want, the person who is by your side even if they dont have to, the person who will remain forever just because they love you.

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10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs Her Daddy

10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs Her Daddy

(From Lindsey Rae Hurst in The List on Mar 30, 2015)

If you are anything like me, you have had the privilege of growing up with the world’s best dad. 547 more words


Still Love You Hanz!

Dear Hanz,

Even though you stepped on me the very first day I was volunteering for Horses Healing Humans, I will always love and care for you! 215 more words



There are pleasant surprises.  In my experience, it seems like most are not so pleasant.

We moved into our house in 1984, when I was 7 months pregnant for Anna.  630 more words


Happy Saturday!

So I posted this on my anxiety blog and decided to post it here too :).

Today was a good day! I was laying in bed this morning, excited to take my son to the Earth Day fair with my husband, when I received a message from one of my aunts. 238 more words



I received most of my lab results and they are looking good still.  Thursday my creatinine was 0.86 still good.  My BUN (blood urea nitrogen…a test to see how well your kidneys are working) was 16.   213 more words