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Saying goodbye to our Dachshie ...

Last night we said goodbye to our boy Dachshund called Pépé… 184 more words


Celebrate Good Times (Come on.)

I’ve wanted to post about the feelings this time of year creates for a while now. Anytime someone important in my life graduates, I always think I’m going to find some kind of inspiration to use from their graduation and it will write itself into a thought provoking blog post. 461 more words


2017 05 24: Journal Post Page 7

And yet another Wednesday comes screaming around the bend. Good morning everyone, and welcome back to my page a day journal blitz.

Hopes can build, and dreams can dash away at a moments notice. 1,073 more words


Never saw this coming...

Where to begin?…

Just warning you in advance that I’m likely going to be all over the place with this post mainly because there is just so much going on at one time. 978 more words

13 Reasons I Can't

I am purposely behind on the “13 Reasons Why” train. Besides the fact that I try not to watch what everyone else is watching when everyone is watching it, I waited this one out because I wasn’t sure my heart could handle it. 1,639 more words

Snapshot #183

Today’s snapshot is of a collection of photos taken on our recent visit to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. Studly and I joined his sister, Angie and her family for a couple of days of their vacation. 45 more words


Photos Youngest Daughter took

From my first wheelchair walk:

The black doggie with the short legs is Chamudah, who was way excited to go on a walk with me.