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Beautiful Covering of Love

She was dragged half-naked through the dusty streets. The clothes that covered her earlier that morning, were left behind in passion and now in regret. Now shame was the only thing that covered her. 1,829 more words



It’s been a busy summer here in the south central US. I have not had much time to update, but here it all is, in all its stressful glory. 389 more words


Well this is it. The end. I can’t believe it, but my time here in Kansas City is up. While I had my struggles in adjusting to my transition here for the summer, now I feel that I’m having even more struggles as I prepare to leave. 393 more words

Mikala Whitaker

Work in progress

Mom in Prospect Park 1948 or 49.


Meet your cruise director

Well, my cruise director, at least.

In true Julie McCoy fashion, this girl makes sure I mix and mingle each and every day. Sick, grumpy, tired—no matter. 956 more words


Vlog: FABULOUS Food Fridays

Katie has been in town helping us with the baby since I’ve
been back at work.  Today when buying things for for the baptism
we saw the newest Lays flavors and decided to do an on-the-fly… 12 more words


Pregnancy: a slow transition into becoming Homer Simpson

So that happened this week. My sweet mother making a mockery of a situation that had my husband reaching into his pocket for his leatherman to see if he could make headway on a stuck zipper that split in half the minute it was coaxed, leaving me with no way out of a lacy, delicate, meant-for-a-more-formal-occasion bridesmaids dress and a Husband who followed me around the bedroom tugging up and yanking down with pure determination while I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and almost peed myself, which would have added an entire new level to the amount of damage control needed to rectify the dress situation before my brother-in-law’s August 29th wedding. 414 more words