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I have two important announcements to make…

This child is taking driver’s ed:


(You’ve been warned)!

And…we’re moving!

Happy Weekend!


"Just be Happy"

My Mom

If happiness and sadness go together like day and night, then I am nearing dawn on this second anniversary of my mother’s death.  My Mom, Ardelia “Dee” Schapiro,  was the most kind and loving person I have known.   469 more words


(08/28/2015) Solomon Punished For Sins Of David?

Scripture points are shared, today, on the mercies of GOD shown to the House of David.  In addition to divine wrath against sin that was provoked through adultery, negligent parenting that resulted in rape of the king’s daughter, fratricide, unjust banishment of a son who had been severely injured, and near overthrow of the kingdom, the reigns of David and Solomon also saw crimes of presumption and pride (taking a census), and the building of houses for idol worship to appease 1,000 concubines and wives.  1,518 more words


My Life is But a Weaving

A family member sent me this beautiful poem that brought me to tears, along with a note of sympathy for what we are going through… 140 more words


Day 286

Sleep, sleep, sleep… for the last 3 days!  Yet another afternoon that you came home from school and went straight to sleep.  I miss playing with you… :(