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For This

For more than one of the eleven around the table, the year left bruises. For more than one, tears choke the blessing. Words that begin as thanks are threaded with veins of dense and nameless matter. 115 more words


StuffingtonPost Day 2015

Gathering at Briarcliff Manor this year. Beautiful weather. Great to be together. Even a dancing duo. Beer. Lots. Cheer. Lots. Secret of the non-headache grape will remain so. 6 more words


It's a happy day

It seems that November is a festive month for many. For Americans there’s Thanksgiving, but there also so many people that are born during this time. 224 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Moving a 20.5 lb turkey, already cooked, from my house to my son’s house 116 miles away.  Hoping the bird doesn’t suffer too much in transition.  48 more words


To my father

I’ve written endless letters to you and never sent them. I’ve burnt the ones on paper and deleted the ones on the computer. I’ve tried to understand why you did what you did and I’ve failed in coming up with one reason as to why either of us deserved it. 450 more words

Thanksgiving week

Photo from FB: Rick Mallett (St. Augustine Memories)

This week, I’ve enjoyed Turkey, dressing, sweet potato and cranberry sauce every night since Saturday.  

Yesterday, it was lunch and dinner.    314 more words


ThxFriday, Running to Stand Still Edition.

Friday dinner funtime with a longtime friend/former classmate; braving downtown for the hugs and the music of my favorite local band of fellas; powering through the readings and the quizzes and the paper-writing, with just another week or so to go; the smell and taste of freedom (it’s like grilled cheese and cookies, FYI); embarking on a new job adventure; the relief of being surrounded by active gratitude, adherence to guidelines, and the embrace of growth to help as many people as possible; a CEO who invites all new employees to her house for lunch; an organization that lets you bring your dog(s) to work; finding joy in opportunity; finding gratitude in struggle; hearts full-to-bursting with that feeling of good fortune; making room and allowances for all the feels; making room and allowances for all the FOOD (and pie x 2); taking the neighbor kid on a ride in the R8; 15-year old wisdom; 16-year old work ethic and resilience; a Will Ferrell movie that’s actually funny; and three days ahead in which to wrap up all the things, clearing the path for what comes next. <3