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A book about living with Architects

I really like to be the resident expert. On pretty much any topic. Lewis maintains that my confidence in my expertise belies the depth of my actual expertise sometimes. 683 more words


Harvey, 365 days later

Harvey is ONE! I never shared his birth story, even though I typed it out a few weeks after he was born so I have decided to share it now! 832 more words

My Story

Furthering the path to Sanctification (a wife, a marriage, a baby, a family, and....)

I always tell people that marriage is a great way to be sanctified. What is sanctification? To put it simply: the process of becoming holy (becoming more like Jesus). 894 more words


This was the year

Just a few hours less than a year ago, I held my tiny second son in my arms.

He fit so neatly in the crook of my arm then. 793 more words


If I Could Sew Your Lips

I’ve been living a relatively quiet and content life since Anderson came into the picture. Honestly, most of the bullshit has stopped – but I can’t really say that everything has been perfect. 673 more words


Long time no blog!

Hi everyone,

I have been way behind on posts for this blog so here it goes. Zane has gotten so big ever since he was born he is now 3 months and already teething hard to believe. 344 more words


Good breeding

I was asked my first ignorant question about the matter in a diner, with my four-year-old son sitting beside me.

“What is he?”

I looked askance at the waitress who had posed the question to me, wondering where this exchange was headed. 843 more words