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I have three. 

“I have two.”

The words come out of my mouth to even my own surprise and I instantly feel my heart crack and scream. Two? Never. 830 more words


I love staying in

I really do.

My mom can’t stand it while my dad doesn’t mind. My dad thinks that staying in is awesome. (and safer than going out… 386 more words


JAPAN DIARY : Travelling With The Shinkansen Bullet Train

After our one-night stay in Tokyo, our next destination was Kyoto. Prior to our trip, we had purchased the Japan Rail Pass (also called JR Pass… 181 more words


Enraged With My Sister-Part 2- Serves You Right

I’m not a long winded person but this post was so long I broke it up into 2 parts. Here is part 1: Enraged with my sister-Part 1… 824 more words


When Your Child Teaches You. ..

On the day that you wake up
Doubting yourself
On the day that you wake
Wondering if you are doing okay as a parent
On the day that you wake up… 159 more words


Why I've been absent and an announcement

Hey! So I know its been a loooong time since the last post, but I promise it was for a good reason

I’m expecting baby number two! 262 more words


"Princess Lauren"

Make your child feel special, every night my husband and I pack the children’s lunches.  I make them personalized notes reminding them how much we care, how special they are, and every once in a while I send something funny.  94 more words