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Never Enough Time

We’ve recently been thinking about where TG should go to high school.  She’ll be in the 8th grade in the fall, and that’s when applications will be due.   224 more words


Communicating Happiness: The Moments I Won't Get Back

It’s week two and my hope to post a blog each week on the same day has already failed. Not without some effort though! Last night, I opened up my laptop to write, and couldn’t find any words. 474 more words


the unknown.

First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to my friend Jamie. I called her and unloaded all this crap on her this morning. 510 more words

Sharing Granny stories

Elizabeth Rose, a storyteller at Storyfest last Saturday, reminded me that people never really die when we tell stories about them. Although Granny, my paternal grandmother, left this earth in 1982, she lives on when I share her with my Grands. 474 more words



Sometimes I feel like all I do is work, come home, and put Edyn to bed.

Im lucky enough to be able to take her with me to work whenever I need, and she comes and hangs out with me for a while after school until it’s time to come home- but I’m still focused on working and not so much on hanging out with her. 260 more words


Arguing with God

I had a fight with God.  Kind of one sided at the time; but I was upset and let Him know about it.  I told Him what my problem was, how my faith was unshakeable, however, I didn’t believe that a particular person was going to come around.  504 more words


Why Chiltern Edge Should Not Close

Welcome to Hollies second blog post, unfortunately not one I ever thought she would be writing. She was keen to express her feelings on the school, her second home and I encouraged her to keep positive and to keep focused. 732 more words