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Legal Involvement

I get this message from M1 two days ago:

If there was a 21 year old, a 15 year old and a 17 year old in a truck, and the 15 year old was drinking alcohol, but the 17 year old was the one who gave it to her and the 21 year old didn’t know it so who would get in trouble?? 336 more words


Teen Stuff

UGGGG today I would like a do over and not because I want to do today over. I want to stay in bed and not go through the quagmire again. 734 more words


Wanting (not really) to come home

M1 told me Wednesday she wanted to move back home. I said we had to talk first. She blew me off Wed night, didn’t have time Thurs or Fri. 257 more words


Navigating Job Readiness

Nope not M1 this time!! So at this point N has a vocational worker who is teaching her things that are required for on the job. 532 more words


Yes this was a real conversation

Know I am laughing as I type this conversation I had with M1 today.

Mom I am at the dealership. What do I need to buy a car? 501 more words


A Conversation with M1

This  morning M1 messages me and the following conversation occurred……


Can you bomb a house to get rid of mice? This house is gonna be condemned soon… 460 more words