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Deirdre and Penelope

As the knob slowly turned, a voice called out “can you push the door open?“.  I could, I did and was promptly greeted by a stunning woman with a mission at the forefront of her mind. 342 more words

Family And Friends

What I've learned on my cancer journey so far

25 May is a day to remember for the family today. It would have been Tony, my brother’s, 76th birthday, but he died in December. However it’s an opportunity to celebrate his life and all the love he brought with him. 277 more words


Physical Therapy

Going to PT three times a week is really cutting into my crafting.  I know it is good for me and I’m noticing a difference, but I can’t help think, I could have gotten so much accomplished by now. 133 more words


Some tips for interacting with people who are sick

Do you wonder how best to interact with people who are sick? Or maybe more to the point what not to say and do? Clearly everyone is different so there are not hard and fast rules but here are a few of my thoughts after 3.5 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome an ‘invisible illness’ where most of the time I look healthy. 624 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

External Finance

External finance – money generated from outside the business.

  • Often needs to be repaid
  • Interest usually involved
External Sources Of Finance include:
  • Family and Friends – provide extra start-up capital necessary for business start-ups …
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Day 459...Back To Bonny Scotland

A hot cuppa under the belt, the Scot and Kiwi walked with the Kiwi mate to achieve the School run before she headed off to work. 256 more words

Family And Friends

No, I Don't Glow... But I Should

I remember back in my childhood (late 60’s to early 70’s), getting warnings from my grandmother “Don’t sit so close to the T.V.” or “Don’t stand in front of the microwave.”  Today, we get warnings about excessive cell phone usage and brain cancer, as well as the big “sun exposure”.  1,188 more words

Family And Friends