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Meet Vera Jo (a home birth story)

Hello everyone!

This post is not for the squeamish. Much like in the case of Loulou Maya’s birth story, I want to share with you as many details as possible, so that future parents feel informed and empowered to ask for the type of birth that best suits them. 1,543 more words

Family And Parenting

Inequalities In Modern Parenting In The United States And The Unfair Placement of Our Children In A Terroristic Lifestyle

     As we celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday every May and Father’s Day in the third Sunday in June every year in the United States, we as a society have to remind ourselves that single mothers are never a replacement father – they aren’t – as father’s do not replace mothers, as has been done so heinously through the unlimited resources of the internet.   676 more words


Happy Father's Day

When I think of my parents and Annie’s parents, I know I am blessed. It is not often that a married couple like us can boast and thank the Lord for giving us godly parents that love the Lord. 298 more words


"You'll be an amazing mother, one day."

Sleepy, shared mornings are my favourite. We lie, entwined together, cosy beneath the covers. We chat and laugh our time away as the world moves on, oblivious outside our door. 842 more words

Ten Ways To Prepare For a Natural Birth

Ah the beginning of a new life, a new era for your family, a new perverbial page in the chronicles of the years we live here on God’s green earth. 1,465 more words


Long awaited update! 37 Weeks pregnant!

Wow. So my little break from daily blogging turned into an EPIC LONG BREAK.

I’m suddenly very pregnant. 37 weeks, according to my dating scan. Which makes me full term. 520 more words

Family And Parenting

Susan Black, On the Need For Wives to See Their Husbands as Mere Men

“One of the greatest gifts wives can give their husbands is to relieve them of the responsibility of being everything to them. Husbands cannot do it. 74 more words

Family And Parenting