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A mother's must see movie

Mom’s Night Out
is definitely a movie mothers with small children, especially stay at home moms, can relate to. It was so funny I was crying. 86 more words

Living Well

Stories About Circumcision: A Tale of Two Brothers

This is the second post in the series on circumcision. The first explores circumcision in general and tells the story of my first experience with it as a nursing student, and how I counsel expectant parents now as a midwife. 1,384 more words


Stories About Circumcision: One Midwife's Perspective

Circumcision can be a touchy subject. Parents are in the unenviable position of having to make this important and permanent decision for their sons with a lot of conflicting information. 2,534 more words


Tips for getting your kid to help clean (seriously)

I constantly find myself reading articles on ‘age appropriate chores’.  You know the ones.

-“How to get your toddler to wash the car with no complaints!” 670 more words


Back to School (but not like before)

Back to school has always been an interesting time for me.  On one hand, I have a “thing” for school supplies.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of opening a new pack of pens or using a marker for the first time.   496 more words


Breastfeeding a toddler (world breastfeeding week 2015)

World Breastfeeding Week 2015

Hi everyone!

Today is the last day of the world breastfeeding week 2015. This week should be used as a reminder of the benefits of breastfeeding for infants and mothers alike. 1,193 more words


The vaccine post (you knew this was coming)

My time has come to write the vaccination post. You know, the one that almost all blogs written by a mother have. Why now? The trigger was a facebook post by a relatively famous person, saying that people who don’t vaccinate their kids are stupid. 1,118 more words