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And it is almost here

Son gets to start his schooling soon.  Alternative schooling with lots of hands-on stuff.  Like with everything else, it is what you make of it.  And I hope this kid has the sense to do better for himself than he has so far in the schooling system.  654 more words

Family And Parenting

My Family, Part II: Deconstructed Birthday Cake

I still don’t really go in for astrology, but if there was ever an embodiment of a Gemini, my sweet almost-9-year-old is it. As a baby, changing Priya’s onesie could take her from a placid snuggle bunny to screaming as if she’d been stung by a trio of bees in under 30 seconds. 345 more words

Family And Parenting

Off and away

The kids are out of the house.  It is only 6:15 am.  Daughter is off on her long trip and we’ll maybe hear from her personally.  450 more words

Family And Parenting

Productive weeks

It is the holidays and it doesn’t seem like that here.  Sure, things are a bit more relaxed, no school drops and pick-ups, no packed lunches but we are now in that mode where everyone is working at what they want to. 1,396 more words

Family And Parenting

My Family, Part I: Food Coloring Lipstick

Saturdays generally unfold like this:

In the late spring moving toward summer, I might wake up at 7:00, Priya (age 9) maybe around 7:30, and Lily, our younger, another half-hour to an hour later. 518 more words

Family And Parenting

Children Are Like Arrows

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” (Psalm 127:4).

One day, parents are going to need more support than they can manage on their own. 250 more words

Family And Parenting

Edumacation: Teachers Can't Teach!

Teachers can’t teach! Not because they aren’t capable (although, some are not), but because in order to teach, one must have someone to learn. That part is getting harder and harder in the 21st Century. 807 more words

Character Matters