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18/365 - Baking! 

Today, we made banana cupcakes. Aeryn insisted that Lila the chimpanzee needed to help, so she sat on the counter top and diligently observed the proceedings. 15 more words


The Big Update Post

Hey there!

In case you thought I have abandoned this blog for good, I am here to reassure you that’s not the case at all. It’s just that a few life changes kept me from writing. 1,335 more words



We stayed at my in laws last night, trying to help everyone through the aftermath of Jack’s death. There are a hell of a lot of phone calls to make, personal affects to collect from his home, appointments to schedule and just general things to try to to get on with after something so awful. 103 more words


16/365 -Blue Monday

Today is designated Blue Monday, which is meant to be the most depressing day of the year. Something to do with proximity to Christmas, the distance to the next pay check, something like that. 136 more words



This is the face of the child who slept in until 8am!

I got up at 7, ate breakfast by myself, drank a cup of tea by myself, did 8 rounds of crochet by myself, pottered around by myself. 36 more words


14/365 -Smile!

Today was another very quiet day, Ben was home sick from work so we just stayed home and hunkered down.

Aeryn is getting the idea that people smile on purpose for photos. 40 more words



I didn’t really take many photos today. We went for a mama meet up at a local soft play before heading home.

I exerted myself far too much running up and down a massive soft play structure and I’m completely exhausted and in pain. 118 more words