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Toddler - Adult Meal: Quinoa - Sweet Potatoes - Cauliflower - Spinach

Remember how I posted two days ago (I am on a roll :P) a way to plan meals that are balanced and healthy enough for toddlers and delicious enough for adults? 390 more words


Easy and balanced meals for veggie toddles and adults

(NOTE: I am Greek but you are not going to read about the referendum here. This is not the right place for it. This does not mean that I am not concerned about what is going on in my home-country. 155 more words


Scott's Favourite Blogs of 2014 #3

Because I had started the year answering direct questions, that left me only six months to choose from and still it was difficult picking just three favourites. 74 more words

Society And The Future

Scott's Favourite Friday Dose of 2014 #2

There was about three or four other Dose’s that got serious consideration for this Top Two ranking, but it came down to which ones were greater priorities. 133 more words

Family And Parenting

Pay Attention!

Recently I was faced with a bit of a challenge.   I thought I had handled the situation well until I found out that I caused someone that I love dearly much angst in the process.   587 more words

Living The Life Of A Christ Follower

Father's Day

This past Father’s Day felt different for me. Anyone who reads me knows my Dad’s been my hero since my first trip to Australia. My Aunt and Uncle had such positive views of my parents, and I respected my Aunt and Uncle so much that I began to reconsider who my parents might be—not as my parents—but as individual people living their own lives. 887 more words


Shaping Identity

I do have favoured ways of using the skills I developed as I learned to study the human mind. Because people fall into less than a dozen fundamental groups, you’ll see huge patterns in the sorts of challenges that each group habitually faces. 1,006 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought And Reality