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Familie & Luv: An Update on Our Newest Addition

I’ve been a mother of two for over seven weeks now and I’ve started jesting that I must be a Queen because I’ve given birth to two princes. 774 more words

Family And Personal Life

Ladye of the House: an “easy” day as a stay at home mother.

The good news is that today is blocked to be free of specific chores outside of daily maintenance. My floors and bathrooms are clean and my shelves don’t need dusted. 912 more words

Family And Personal Life

The Vertu of Honestie: Staying in the SCA when the going gets rough and standing up to bigotry even when it’s uncomfortable.

“Why do you stay in the SCA? Everyone there is so mean to you.”

I couldn’t tell you how many times my own lady mother has asked me that question. 1,372 more words

SCA Life

Shamless Ladye Moder

I am a shameless Lady Mother. My son is probably my favorite thing to talk about and, like most parents that millennials and op ed writers can’t seem to stand, I think my child is brilliant and am so proud of the person I see him blossoming into, to see his potential come to the surface. 1,236 more words

SCA Life

Motherhoode, Brotherhoode

My new cote and baby-bump!

A loving chest and familiar heartbeat make the best pillow, after all!

Going to the Labor and Delivery Unit when you’re not set for either is either a huge worry or a huge let-down. 288 more words

Family And Personal Life

A Motheres Cares

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed that (aside from discussing health issues), I tend to focus on the positive. 574 more words

Family And Personal Life

More Nesting...

Before! There’s a dresser behind me and the red chair in the corner is by the west wall, near the window.

After! The red chair will go into storage and the table will be relocated to make room for My Lord Husband’s desk. 254 more words

Family And Personal Life