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Fatheres Daye

While I refer to my lady mother fairly frequently in this blog, make no mistake, my lord father and I are very close. It’s from him that I inherited my singing voice and love for corny jokes, not to mention my sarcasm and love for reading.  255 more words

Family And Personal Life

Medieval Mother’s Problems...

Tonight I’m taking out two hand sewn and finished seams so that I can insert gussets to accommodate my increasing bust.

Setting godets at the natural waist works wonders: it flatters your figure and leaves ample room to discreetly grow or even expand like a watermelon in the case of motherhood. 123 more words

SCA Life

Maydenhood and Motherhoode

My lord husband and I were watching Michelle Wolfe last night on Netflix. I love the way she talks about feminism and women’s issues, and, surprisingly, I also enjoy her quips about motherhood. 1,127 more words

Family And Personal Life

When at first you don’t succeed...

Well, I learned from the first mistake:

The pattern I got from the YouTube video, while lovely, was chunky because it simply knitted every row resulting in a knit that was way too thick. 125 more words


The Balancing Act...

Currently, I’m on self-imposed bedrest as my body painfully makes room for my little one’s growth. Round ligament cramping is one way to worry expectant parents and discomfort a fecund Lady Mother. 191 more words


A Ladye’s Guide to Safety at War

Although Gulf Wars and Estrella are now behind us, the War Season is just getting started in the SCA as weather warms across the Heartland and the East. 3,255 more words

SCA Life

A Ladye in Societie...

Two and a half years ago, I did what many people my age in this generation consider unthinkable: I deleted my Facebook account.

My reasons were very personal, but I’d  been aware of the drawbacks, the sinister side, of social media, for a long time, and despite the original conflict that led to my account deletion being resolved, I’ve continued my life free of the Booke of Faces. 518 more words

Family And Personal Life