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Review of Baby Heart (Paperback)

They should make a movie out of this book. It’s a great story of love, sacrifice…. I surely enjoyed it. Nice work!

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Fifteen -year- old Baby Heart is in love with Bobby Joe Miller and dead set on becoming a nurse. 175 more words

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Review of To Have and to Hold: Marriage, the Baby Boom, and Social Change (Paperback)

Most people believe the feminist revolution of the 1970s was the force that helped women re-draw the boundaries of family relationships, but this incisive exploration of the of baby-boomers’ parents reveals the seeds of change were sown in the 1950s. 220 more words

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Review of Birth Order Book, The: Why You Are the Way You Are (Paperback)

This book is a general overview of Leman’s beliefs about birth order, personality development, and family relationships.It is organized into 5 parts: introduction, first-borns, later-borns, marriage and birth order, and parenting and birth order.At the end of the book are end-note references and a short list of other works by Dr. 638 more words

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