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Same-sex marriage is a luxury good being paid for by the poor

I used to be a member of a website known as Ricochet. I was a member for a couple years and let my membership lapse once. 868 more words


Why did my parents reject me?

In almost all of the divorce literature, you will come across something that goes like this:

“Children of divorce often think that the divorce was their fault.” 620 more words

Children Of Divorce

Did anybody warn her that she might marry somebody who would hate her children?

In a few days I may write about how divorce needs a warning label. I also want to discuss the parallels I see between the divorce industry and the tobacco industry. 395 more words

Children Of Divorce

Testimonial: my husband's parents are divorcing

I received this as a comment on my blog. It was in response to one of my posts about how there is a cultural obsession with happy endings and how this clouds our thinking about what divorce does to the next generation over the long term: 258 more words

Children Of Divorce

Family building and slavery

“Family building” is a pleasant sounding phrase that hides unethical practices based on similar arguments used to justify slavery. For one thing, it deliberately separates a child from his family tree in order to satisfy a market demand for children, thereby turning children into commodities. 383 more words


Study: kids of same-sex parenting are depressed

This┬ástudy really upsets me. It’s not rocket science. When you deprive somebody of half of who they are, when you force them to pretend that half of… 250 more words

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