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National Adoption Day

The month of November is National Adoption Month and today, November 21, is National Adoption Day.  The significance of this month and day are not lost on our family as we are a family built through adoption. 74 more words


November's Not Just for Turkey.

We’re halfway through November (how did that happen?!) and I can’t let this month go by without acknowledging that its National Adoption Awareness Month! 260 more words


Why Open Adoption?

We are asked from those who do not quite understand about adoption, Why Open Adoption?  I think first we need to explain the general thoughts/definition of Open Adoption – 2,167 more words

Open Adoption

LGBTQ Family Building With Family Building Coach Maya Scott-Chung 09/23 by Surrogacy Diva | Lifestyle Podcasts

Access to solid information on family building options is one of the great challenges that face the LGBTQ community. Trying to navigate the various terms and options can be daunting for parents to be. 114 more words

Gestational Surrogacy

700 Days

Bit by bit our gestational surrogacy journey is taking shape. I’m constantly living in new states of awe-maze-met with the blessings we are experiencing on this bizarre and beautiful path to parenthood. 904 more words

Dirt and Sky, Part III

“Life is simple, it’s just not easy”

The words have stopped flowing easily lately. If they come at all, they are forced. It feels like running uphill. 1,264 more words


Every time in the last year I’ve begun to doubt our surro-journey, something amazing happens. The run of garage sales we did in June exhausted me to my core. 795 more words