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8 Things You Need to Know about your IVF Protocol that No One Told You

Hi Maybes!

I’ve been a little quiet because…..I just finished my first  protocol for egg retrieval. We’re going to freeze and transfer in a few months once we get this thin lining resolved. 982 more words


Starting the Path to Adoption

First..CONGRATULATIONS! Adoption is such an amazingly beautiful path in life and my journey to adoption expanded my life’s horizon in more ways than I ever thought possible. 690 more words

Essentials Only

JOINT JOURNALING: A powerful communication tool between parent and child

As parents, we strive to help our children understand who they are & what they believe in. We want our children to understand and recognize their feelings, to be able to calm themselves when they’re upset, and to have the coping skills to overcome struggles. 1,125 more words


A New View of Success

What no one tells you about infertility part 2: A new view of Success

I still remember the disappointment, anger, and rush of sadness when my husband and I were told 7 innocent not intended to harm words, “Oh yeah, you don’t have a family.” In the moment it didn’t faze us and we went on with our day but over the course of that week we kept dwelling on those words, “we don’t have a family.” For people who are already struggling to create a family, and for me who feels family is everything, those words stung. 843 more words

Healthy Living: Mind, Body, Soul

What no one tells you about infertility...

What no one tells you about infertility is how it will affect your relationship with your significant other.

“Hey let’s have a baby!” “OK!” Cue excitement from both parties as they imagine a life filled with the challenges and many joys of parenthood and a home full of baby things in about 9 months. 683 more words

Healthy Living: Mind, Body, Soul

Creating a family friendly culture in the workplace

How important are family friendly policies and benefits in organisational culture?

Is there a correlation between a high performing organisation and a family friendly workplace? 417 more words


Heart vs Head

My heart says yes. My heart actually screams yes.

My head says no. There is just no practical way we make this happen.

Oddly (or maybe not oddly at all), Mr. 383 more words