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Diverse Families: Writing Our Family Narrative

One thing I love about the country I live in, is that society is continually becoming more accepting of alternative families. Families are no longer created only from heterosexual parents, with an average of 2.2 children. 476 more words


My Infertility Journey - Told Through Bitmoji Of Course

I’ve been kinda down and knew I needed to laugh. What makes you laugh? Someone next to you accidentally farting? Dogs running towards you and accidentally tripping? 726 more words

Infertile Ground ...

This post has been simmering just beneath the surface for me over the last 2 weeks.  Well over the last 10 years really.  There was a post on a forum I follow asking will you ever forget your infertility when becoming a parent through adoption?. 617 more words


Adoption Is

I’ve been having a hard time lately with the adoption process and our increased costs. I am beyond frustrated with the ever changing paperwork… 197 more words


Healthy Habits

 “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” – Aristotle

One of the big things we want to accomplish with the move together is to start building better habits. 1,031 more words


It’s a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even if you hate it.
― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Last week was a hard week; moving is not easy.   1,611 more words

Boot Camp

Because they are all in it together, they get through it.” – Tom Wolfe

We have a lot to do, moving two houses of stuff, moving two different families, into one house.   855 more words