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Family building and slavery

“Family building” is a pleasant sounding phrase that hides unethical practices based on similar arguments used to justify slavery. For one thing, it deliberately separates a child from his family tree in order to satisfy a market demand for children, thereby turning children into commodities. 383 more words


Study: kids of same-sex parenting are depressed

This study really upsets me. It’s not rocket science. When you deprive somebody of half of who they are, when you force them to pretend that half of… 250 more words

Step Parents

#ErasingFamily: how did we get here?

I love the work being done by #ErasingFamily. They are calling attention to how the judicial system perpetuates injustice by alienating parents from their children during divorce proceedings. 504 more words

Children Of Divorce

When family building becomes family breaking

“Family building” is a euphemism. It is a nice sounding phrase that hides unethical practices.

Euphemism means: “a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.” 981 more words

Children Of Divorce

And the stars looked very different that day

So….I took a big break. Partly, I needed it, and also, I got a new laptop and was too lazy to transfer all my crap. I suspect that also is because I needed the break. 567 more words



Saya tak sangka pos saya sebelum ini menjadi VIRAL. Terima kasih kepada FBookers yang likes dan shares status tersebut. Saya hanya ingin berkongsi apa yang kami lakukan supaya anak-anak tak rasa ‘down’ apabila mendapat markah ujian yang rendah. 799 more words


Miscarriage & the shameful tabloids

I love a quick flick through the trashy magazines whilst I queue up at the supermarket*, and this week I was saddened by the headline of the Star magazine: 716 more words