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Another Tale About the Morbid Dissolving of NYC

Each day I wonder why tourists come to NYC? Well, not really.

There’s what left of cultural enrichment — although most of it is very mainstream. 484 more words


Salt of the Earth

This post is related to Hardware for Humanity and The Yarn Barn in flamboyant opposition to money-as-the-yardstick-for-value. Now I focus on a Smash Repair Mechanics Workshop where three or four men work happily together in a business that does not advertise . 702 more words

Family Businesses

The Yarn Barn

Just around the corner from where I live in Coburg is the most comprehensive variety of woollen yarns, blends and colours in all of Australia . 371 more words

Social Ecology

Hardware for Humanity

I went to Charalambous Hardware shop on Sydney Road to get a key cut, to buy some cucumber seeds and some honey from the Charalambous family hives somewhere down on the Mornington Peninsular; Father was snoozing as old age does. 713 more words

Social Ecology

Mapping the path forward

The signs were obvious: the widening eyes and slight quiver of the lips; my mother was flustered and at a loss for words. The culprit? A simple question: “What is your child studying at university?” 945 more words

Schools That Actually Prepare You for Your Stint in a Family Jewelry Store

The more I look into jewelry businesses, the more I realize that jewelry is usually a family affair. My interest in jewelry was not spurred by a family business so I have not had the…pleasure (insert winking smiley face here) of working with any family members. 219 more words

Needed: Job for Budding Musicologist

She thought it would be a fun change to work around more glamorous people than waiters and cooks, so she wondered how she could get a job at a hair salon. 3,322 more words