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Schools That Actually Prepare You for Your Stint in a Family Jewelry Store

The more I look into jewelry businesses, the more I realize that jewelry is usually a family affair. My interest in jewelry was not spurred by a family business so I have not had the…pleasure (insert winking smiley face here) of working with any family members. 219 more words

Needed: Job for Budding Musicologist

She thought it would be a fun change to work around more glamorous people than waiters and cooks, so she wondered how she could get a job at a hair salon. 3,322 more words

Enduring ideas in business – Part 2

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I find that it’s the smaller business firm that nurtures its people by sharing knowledge, building skills and cultivating personal character. 206 more words


Enduring ideas in business – Part 1

As a marketing consultant, I work with a variety of business firms. Looking back at last year, for instance, I see a motley collection of large corporate houses, management consulting firms, and smaller family or proprietorship businesses in areas as diverse as manufacturing, publishing and corporate communications. 178 more words


Should You Give Your Kids Your Business? 2 Factors to Consider

In 1985, Guy Laliberté was a fire-eating, accordion-playing stilt walker on the streets of Quebec. Thirty years later, he is still walking tall but now with a lot of more money. 695 more words

An Ally's Advice

Economist 4/17/2015

  1. Family companies are ideally suited to the early stages of capitalism. They provided two of the most important ingredients of growth, trust and loyalty.Family businesses make up more than 90% of the world’s companies.
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5 Tips for Siblings Working Together in the Family Business

This is the second in a two-part series on siblings in family businesses. Part one covered some successful sibling partnerships, while part two give tips for success for siblings who are in business together. 581 more words

Lessons For CEOs