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DESCRIPTION OF MY MAGNIFICENT MUM by Zac Williams grade 1 2003..In his own words.

I haven't blogged for a while, I haven't been well, my PTSD overwhelming, with triggers giving me recurring so real dreams, or nightmares for a better word. 119 more words

PARENTAL Alienation

It is a lonely road when you walk alone -Broken Dreams

Used to it sure, like it no, deserve it no way, but I doubt even Humptys Kingsmen would waste their time putting me back together again.

PARENTAL Alienation

Memories I will hold forever

When I had my second child Zachary the age gap between him and my first son Shayne was 5 years, having had 5 miscarriages in between.. 125 more words

PARENTAL Alienation

My Daughters Birth on 27th October 1999

2 months before she was due I went in for an ultrasound, something was wrong I could tell just by looking at the persons face doing the ultrasound, two more people entered the room there was silence. 210 more words

PARENTAL Alienation

My life destroyed by domestic mental abuse "The alienation of my children

When it happens your numb, confused, in a state of panic. And for me I literally fell to pieces, like the song by Robbie Williams “COME UNDONE” 254 more words

PARENTAL Alienation

The Divorce

When the divorce papers were done I wrote in detail in the space provided on the form about the kids being denied contact with me and by this stage I didn’t know the day of the week I was loosing the ability to function mentally. 152 more words

PARENTAL Alienation

Mayor Ginther signs executive order extending support to refugees

COLUMBUS (WCMH) —¬†Mayor Andrew Ginther signed an executive order reinforcing and expanding immigration policies in Columbus on Friday.

“To all of you I say, Columbus is your home,” Ginther said to applause in a room full of leaders in the city’s immigrant and refugee populations. 278 more words