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But Did You Die Pt3

“I’ve been doing this job for four years and you are the only woman that showed up to court. I’m proud of you” ~ Austin Hansen Baltimore City Police Officer…

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Oregon's Child Welfare System Hit With Another Class-Action Lawsuit

Ripple or Butterfly effect , by all that is

Sacred, Divine and Holy , we are collectively

shutting out the dark, dank energy that causes… 226 more words

High Road ABA: Clinical Data Discussion – Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Discussion of Twelve Clinical Data Points in the High Road Single-Case ABA Data C.A. Childress, Psy.D. (2019) Parent-Child Relationship Rating Scale (PC-RRS) Affection (Aff): Attachment networks – blue line Cooperation (Co): Emotional regulation – gold line Social Involvement (SI): Arousal and mood regulation – silver line High Road Workshop Data The PC-RRS data from the…
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Too Many States Have Laws That Literally Offer Financial Incentives To DESTROY Families | The Daily Caller

This shall be reformed , sooner than later .

To stop creating fatherless kids, child support programs need to be radically reworked
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Book Reflections - The Children Act by Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan is a talented writer. The Children Act is the 3rd of his books that I’ve enjoyed reading; the others are Saturday and Atonement. I find it difficult to relate to his characters because they come from backgrounds of wealth and privilege. 353 more words

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Out of date father

As an alienated parent there are certain times of the year that hit home the hardest. There are some weeks where the mentality is one of ignorant positivity and blind courage to make the best out of the situation you’ve been dealt. 238 more words

Ireland: Family courts ‘are stopping children from speaking out’

By Seán McCárthaigh from The Times 14 Mar 2019

Original article can be accessed here.

Children should be given more of a say in family law hearings, a child expert has told politicians. 300 more words

Children Need Mothers