Saturday 8th December 2018 - My Humble Opinion: On Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane's Guidance/Instructions For Increased Secrecy In Family Courts

I’ve just read this rather disturbing article on the Daily Mail website:


As if things haven’t been bad enough, for long enough, already.

So, it seems that councils, doctors, expert witnesses, social workers, will largely be free to operate, without public scrutiny, or accountability. 226 more words

Slowly Rotting

Beyond the blame game

Ryan Wise, a social worker and practice development manager at the Social Care Institute for Excellence, replied via Twitter when he first heard about the Open Family Court project in the first couple of tweets I put out. 1,118 more words

New call for openness in family law

It’s over a month since I published my first Open Family Court blogpost, so this is an opportunity for me to say a huge thank you to everyone who emailed in response saying you’d like to hear more and get involved. 908 more words

Stop the Jail, But Also Stop the Racist and Punitive Family Court System

by S. Annie Chung

Over the past six years, since voters in King County passed a tax levy to pay for a new “Youth and Family Services Center,” opposition has been… 816 more words


Letting in sunlight on family justice

This is the first blogpost launching my new project, The Open Family Court, which has been generously funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Ideas and Pioneers Fund… 2,605 more words

The real perpetrators of elder abuse & exploitation: Medical kidnapping by state public officials (US)

From medicalkidnap.com

by Lisa Siegel Belanger, Esq.
Health Impact News

More than 30 years ago, throughout the United States, state governments created agencies known as “elder protective services.” 274 more words


Weather forecasting

Mark Twain may or may not have said “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” Regardless of the source, people say it all the time about all different places, and it has been especially true in Ohio the last few weeks. 365 more words