Silenced by the family courts

For too long as individuals and collectively, we have been silenced by the family courts and CAFCASS and in Scotland and Northern Ireland by the family court services which are supposed to support our children. 25 more words


Love Endures All Things

I never knew how much love I had for you until my love was tested.  Your father tried to destroy our relationship and then spit us out.  407 more words

Day 18

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

I haven’t written in nearly a week, due to this post. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to write it out. 913 more words

Letter to the grandparents

This email was sent from Melanie to the Grandparents on September 26

Sam had his first (only?) meeting yesterday with the court appointed guardian ad litem. 647 more words

The muslim foster carer case again: what else has emerged? - Family Courts Reporting Watch

We have covered the case originally headlined “Christian child forced into foster care” on a number of occasions. Our earlier posts can be found here : 1,481 more words


Why do Courts protect a False Medical Diagnosis with a Restraining Order on behalf of @SWPolice ?

Why are Courts corrupt?

  1. because they (and many other organisations) have immunity from prosecution – but the public doesn’t know that;
  2. because their employees are part of secret societies such as cults or freemasons and protect each other above all else;
  3. 399 more words
Access To Justice

Divorce and Narcissism: Is it a poison for our children?

I often help people through a divorce and they are mostly women, but the one thing that always sticks in my mind is high conflict divorces and narcissism.  717 more words