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Sausage and Vegetable pan

Hey all!

Even though I’m beat tired and want to just sleep, I really want to blog. It’s my therapy and it feels good to stick to a goal. 608 more words


Crockpot Chicken Chili Verde

I LOVE baking a chicken not only because I LOVE baked chicken but also because there are always left overs (note: if you are baking a chicken for your family, I highly recommend getting a chicken bigger than your family can eat in one meal so that you do have lots of left overs for meals later in the week). 206 more words

A week of smiles (#2)

I always like to count my blessings and I feel lucky there is always something to make me smile. Here are just a few things that have made me happy this week… 603 more words


After the Pie is Gone

Blog Post #178

Do you feel stressed after a holiday event? Do you, like me, feel a bit of tension after a big family gathering? Don’t get me wrong — I love getting together with parents, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts — the stories, the laughs, the conversations, and conviviality — it’s so good to be with loved ones.  192 more words

Trouble at the table

Family dinners. When I was a kid, Dad worked, and Mom stayed at home. The dinner ritual was consistent and predictable. Mom did the cooking; Dad would come home and wash up; the kids would set the table. 515 more words

Theological Musing

Heartwarming One Pot Chicken Stew

A simple and heartwarming chicken stew makes a great family meal, particularly now the wether is starting to cool down. This One Pot Chicken Stew… 186 more words


Chickpea and Chorizo stew with pan fried Sea bass

To me, this stew is a stew for all seasons. Make it as is and it’s perfect with a glass of red, in front of a fire in the depths of winter. 321 more words