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Country Roast Vegetables

Country Roast Vegetables are a great accompliment to add to any Sunday roast chicken or lamb.

Take a mixture of Rooster potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. Peel, wash and cut them into medium sized chunks. 194 more words


Party Planning

The #1 lesson I have learned through my free journey is I have to meal plan plan plan! Last weekend was my best friends birthday and she wanted to go to a red robin style restaurant. 167 more words

Real Food in Real Time- 30 minutes to the Table

Look at that beautiful plate of real food, yummy! It was prepared in just 30 minutes and was super healthy and delicious and fairly frugal too. 318 more words


Around the world on Mother's Day. Sort of.

Okay, not really around the world.

But I’d say that eating 2 different cultures of food across two ends of a city in one day count as pretty “well-travelled”, no?¬† 687 more words

Foodie Moms Who Can't Cook

A family dinner despite the news

Okay, this isn’t really a place to discuss politics, or the news…except that we do not live in a vacuum and everything we do or believe we are choosing is influenced¬† at some political level. 680 more words



And Sometimes in Life

We look forward to those gathering events, those special occasions so much because they’re different than our “normal” lives but that’s the thing. 24 more words