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Parmesan Alfredo Chicken

I will never eat regular chicken Alfredo again! This recipe is so easy and it will taste like you went to an amazing Italian restaurant when you’re done!!! 285 more words


Gather ‘Round the Table

There are just some rituals that seem like they were invented to make memories. Baseball season, birthday parties, maybe a standing game night. The Sunday dinner is just one of these occasions.  325 more words


Day 14: An Evicted Tour Guide, "Family" Dinners, and Cool Dad

I have realized that when I delay my running until the afternoon, the morning is much harder to enjoy, because I am constantly thinking about how I am disappointed in myself for not going early and hoping I don’t have to run in the dark. 450 more words

Cooking for kids: Homemade Chicken Goujons

What child doesn’t like a chicken goujon? A healthy homemade chicken goujon is a great freezer standby and always received well by fussy eaters and independent toddlers who like things they can pick up and eat themselves.  202 more words

Family Dinners

Meat Free Monday - Mushroom Stroganoff

This is a quick and easy dish that i often make when i am just cooking just for myself as everyone else in my household can’t stand mushrooms.  134 more words

Family Dinners

Smoky Chicken and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

If you like stuffed peppers, this recipe is a simple and delicious way to make them. Just a few ingredients, with warm spices all mixed together and spooned into fresh bell peppers for a meal everyone will rave about! 346 more words


Memories of a 12 yr Old

At the dining room table,

her blonde pigtails askew

sat a young girl of twelve

eyeing her mother’s beef stew.

Slumping deep in her chair, 405 more words