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Vegetables Are Your Hero! How to Get Your Kids Exploring New Types of Veggies

By: Nona Evans

Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can certainly be tricky. My son has been known to pick the lettuce out of everything, but through our adventures with eating and nutrition, he has learned to love various types of greens. 537 more words

Food For Thought

Maintaining Mealtime Peace with Picky Eaters

Dietitians and nutrition educators who work with families guide parents to avoid food fights. We stress that “eat your peas or you’re grounded” type ultimatums are rarely the right response to a vegetable strike. 578 more words

Family Dinners

Chicken Pot Pie

Fall is definitely in the air here in the Pacific Northwest, and you know what that means. We are making our way into the long Comfort Food Season. 907 more words

Handmade Vegan Gnocchi

Pasta is the staple student meal, it’s cheap, it’s quick and it’s easy. But this is a just as cheap and easy alternative to buying pre-made pasta that is guaranteed to impress whoever you’re cooking for and give you an amazing sense of satisfaction. 199 more words

Red Lentil and Aubergine "Bolognese"

Student cooking is all about easy, cheap meals that require little mental effort to prepare and for that reason pasta becomes a staple dish for most students in there first years of independent life. 327 more words

Homemade Vegan Gyoza Dumplings

If you have never had gyoza then you are severely missing out. These are melt in the mouth crispy Chinese dumplings that you see being made in every cafe and on the streets everywhere in Shanghai. 382 more words

Wait! You're Writing About Chinese Takeout for Your 600th Post?

Beef and Broccoli with Fried Rice and General Tso’s Chicken with White Rice

“Man plans. God laughs.” – Yiddish Proverb

This is my 600th post. It is not anywhere near what I thought I would be writing about for my 600th post. 681 more words