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The Moving Year

Excerpt from The Hierarchy of Weeds

Cardboard boxes slowly filled the living room but I was too afraid to ask where we were going. When mom announced we’d actually be moving to Florida to live with dad for a while I allowed myself to get excited. 3,467 more words

Family Dysfunction

The Savage Sacktap - A Very Savage Christmas

It’s the darkest Christmas special you’ve ever heard. Jackie and Joey join me for some liquor, waffles, and holiday fun. Listen as we put a fresh spin on Twas The Night Before Christmas, roast our entire family, and talk about the cocaine, DWIs, gay porn stars, strippers, binge drinking, smashed champagne bottles, and stolen street signs of Christmases past. 8 more words

The Obsidian Chamber by Preston & Child

The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is book 16 in the Pendergast series and to date may be the most complicated of all of them. 518 more words

Book Reviews

The Jagged Edge of Her Heart

Part three–conclusion

“Did you feed the birds?” Richard appeared at the foot of the stairs looking irritated. I felt for an instant that he might be jealous of the time Leif and I spent together each morning, but I think he knew I needed Leif’s company, that I needed a cushion for my heart, for the part that he knew little about, for the part that loved momma. 1,379 more words

Family Dysfunction

The Jagged Edge of Her Heart

Short Story (part two)

The next day Richard and I drove to Seattle to get Leif. We waited across the street from the apartment building where he and momma lived. 2,436 more words

Family Dysfunction

The Jagged Edge of Her Heart

Short Story (part one)

I knew momma was dying. She’d suffered from COPD and had at least one hospitalization every year for the past three or four years. 1,692 more words

Lies I Have Told My Children

  1. No, honey, of course your father’s girlfriend had nothing to do with our breakup; don’t be ridiculous.
  2. I most certainly did NOT fart.
  3. Because of evolution, the act of raising kids and putting all that work and heart into them means that it is biologically impossible due to bonding chemicals to ever hate your children.