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The Court trial & the martyr

As regular readers already know, years ago I was the victim of a completely unprovoked attempted murder by an evil character who is your movie-style psycho killer. 653 more words



One frightening night around the Thanksgiving holiday, someone entered the home of Joe and Hanna Schutt in Everton, New York, and clobbered them both with a croquet mallet, leaving Joe dead and Hanna near death.Now, three years later, Hanna, our first person narrator, still struggles to put together the pieces of that night and fill in the missing blanks, as the man convicted of the crime, Rud Petty, who had been their daughter Dawn’s boyfriend, has won an appeal. 584 more words

Book Review

My Mother the martyr

She, the martyr,  likes to be the pillar of the community and the centre of attention at her church, but behind closed doors mum is a very different character, overbearing, moody and rude, and everything – and I mean… 678 more words


Altered Family Portrait

Can we work it out?  Can we be a family?

I promise I’ll do better.  Please come back to me.

Family Portrait


Pink is amazing.  Very powerful song.  Heart wrenching.


Rule # 12: The Perfect Gift Is Something You Would Like For Yourself

Again, a rule my father actually articulated. The problems with this rule should be immediately apparent. I am ashamed to admit how old I was before I realized this probably wasn’t the best guideline for gift giving. 514 more words


Movie Review: "Dogtooth" Enters the Wormhole of Tribal Lies

If you told your kids they would not become adults until their brains started leaking out of their ears, they might start sticking things inside their facial orifices, trying to get at their brains, so they could pull them out and fly happily away from the rotten nest from which they were spawned. 599 more words

Grace giving Grace

The chairs around me were formed  in a rough circle, pushed as far back against the wall as the perimeter allowed. It was easy to see they had left the newbies the uncomfortable chairs.   392 more words