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Family Rule # 8: A Lie is a Spank

Dad coined this rule and actually called it “A Lie is a Spank.”

What he said was: A lie is a spank. If you tell the truth, I may not be happy but I will not punish you. 300 more words


Abandonment Issues + Food Addiction

Abandonment. When I even see that word in print, I freeze. When you’re adopted at birth, abandonment comes as part of your welcome package. It’s ingrained. 918 more words


Writing Dare: A Family With Three

It was the third time I had been summoned to the residence in two months. This was a surprise visit. When I knocked on the door and it opened, the parents were all smiles. 286 more words


A Poem For Wounded Relationships

I wrote this poem without any intention of making this public. However, in the last couple of days, I have received hundreds of emails from people who watched Closure on Netflix and felt inspired not only to write me, but to mend personal relationships that had previously been estranged.  271 more words


The Other Cheek.....

I seriously put an effort into taking the high road when I’m in dispute with another.
But. How many times must one be attacked either verbally & viciously so, or have property destroyed before one finally snaps & just dishes it all back? 25 more words

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Close Encounter With The Mind Of A Narcissist

Dearest Readers, those of you who have been with me for some time are aware that I am an ACoN, which stands for Adult Child of a Narcissist.   1,707 more words


Book Review Friday - Type and Cross by Staci Troilo

Staci Troilo’s new novel, Type and Cross, starts with a tragedy beyond comprehension. At first, the family impacted the most appears detached from the emotional aspects of losing one of their one. 383 more words

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