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The Other Cheek.....

I seriously put an effort into taking the high road when I’m in dispute with another.
But. How many times must one be attacked either verbally & viciously so, or have property destroyed before one finally snaps & just dishes it all back? 25 more words

Thoughts, Observations & Other Pointless Garble

Close Encounter With The Mind Of A Narcissist

Dearest Readers, those of you who have been with me for some time are aware that I am an ACoN, which stands for Adult Child of a Narcissist.   1,707 more words


Book Review Friday - Type and Cross by Staci Troilo

Staci Troilo’s new novel, Type and Cross, starts with a tragedy beyond comprehension. At first, the family impacted the most appears detached from the emotional aspects of losing one of their one. 383 more words

Ramblings Of A Writer

Wicked Stepmothers

Ugh. Who invented stepmothers? I was one, once. I played the role of Wicked Stepmother in our fourth grade production of “Cinderella.” I still remember my first lines, as I strode imperiously onto the stage: “Cinderella, Cinderella, what’s this?” …and then I don’t remember anything after that, except that Prince Charming was played by Mark Brown, the boy I had a terrible crush on, and Cinderella was played by a pretty honey-haired girl named Missy, who was also Mark’s girlfriend (if girlfriend is the right term for fourth-graders). 1,498 more words

Monkey Mind Journal

Rule # 1: Don't Tell Betty

(Poor Betty! She was and is a great person, and she isn’t a gossip. This isn’t even about her. Sorry, Betty! This rule should actually be called “What Happens in the Family Stays in the Family.”) 434 more words


Negativity is The Mother of Evolution

Some people are not going to  like this statement.   Negativity has been terribly judged, bullied, hated both within ourselves and outside ourselves. But negativity tells us what is wrong with something, what is wrong with whatever kind of experience we are having. 644 more words

Health And Body Issues

Welcome to the Family!

As part of my master’s work in counseling at An East Coast University, I took a Family Therapy class with Dr. D. She pressed us to articulate our family norms, rules, values, and taboos—those rules you may not even know exist until you happen to break one. 119 more words