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On The Way Down...

I need some emotional support this morning, my friends. I am in a dark place. It has come on rather suddenly, as in the last few days.   687 more words


Sixteen Stanzas

If only they knew how much I’ve grown and learned about myself.

If only they knew and felt my strength.

If only they knew my breadth and depth of accountability. 114 more words

Life After 50

Latent Anger

Today is Veterans Day and I am finding that it has unfortunately brought out some latent anger in me.  My estranged son is in the Navy and this day always brings out bad emotions. 266 more words


Truth & Lies

There is something that has been on my mind for years now and it just came up again yesterday.  Here it is – why is it so hard for people to believe the truth, yet they will accept lies so willingly? 453 more words

Catching Up

I’m sorry that I have been away for so long. Sometimes it seems like I have so much to say yet can’t put it into words anymore. 663 more words


The Spreadsheet and Picasso

Spill the poems
without hesitation
of who can consume it.
Spill the poems.
do not eat your own words.
share it with the Universe,
so that others can heal too. 449 more words

Life After 50

Waking Up 

When you have an epiphany, a fluid sense of awareness, a dagger of insight, unspoken clarity and not quite sure of your next footsteps. So you take deep breaths. 287 more words

Life After 50