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A Surprising Realization

I have been in the pit of despair. I have wrestled with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and confusion. I have been buried so deep that once upon a desperate time, I didn’t want to live anymore. 981 more words


And The Award for "Most Pathetic" Goes To...

…my sisters!!  (Roaring applause)! Come on up here girls!  “OMG, we can’t believe it!  We’d like to thank our kids for blindly believing whatever we say.   1,123 more words


The Beginning of a New Journey

I am back from the dreaded wedding and I have so much to write about! Honestly, it’s difficult to know where to even start; I’m sure it will take a couple posts. 1,207 more words


Wedding Countdown - 3 days

Talk about bad timing! This picture is all over the news right now. Did it have to be just before my son’s wedding? I teared up when I first heard this story about a father that momentarily stopped walking his daughter down the isle to go and get her step-father to join them. 515 more words


And So It Begins...

I have thought it odd that there seems to be Facebook silence in regards to my son’s wedding. No posts about the wedding between my son and his fiance; no posts of excitement from family. 253 more words


When Words Don't Suffice

It is hitting me today, emotionally. The anxiety-ridden wedding is this weekend and my precious dog has cancer. The emotions are overwhelming – so is the numbness. 488 more words

Family Estrangement

A Poem - "Remember Me"

Remember me as I was then;

Oh, the ignorant days of my youth.

Skipping, jumping,

laughing and such,

blind to a yet unknown truth.

Remember me as I was then, 92 more words