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Another Day Without Facebook: Humor, World Peace, Barbara Bush, Regrets

I should have responded, “A strong faith in God, patriotism, and courage!”

The question posed was the last segment of the Miss Frederick contest, 1963. Yes, Yes, amazingly enough I once did a pageant. 948 more words

Happiness of our Kids

With estrangement, comes the plethora of emotions. Anger, devastation, confusion, disbelief. Happiness seems unattainable, out of reach. Those first years, happiness, non-existent,  displaced, replaced with loads of anger, mostly towards myself. 198 more words

Life After 50

Remorse and Self-Forgiveness: Feel It

Oh, remorse, as much as I tire of feeling you, I am grateful for your reminders. No longer entrenched in the same depth of pain as I was years ago, self-forgiveness continues through the battles of remorse. 86 more words

Life After 50

Mother's Day runaway

Mother’s Day can be difficult, in so many different ways, but it still feels as though only some of those ways are publicly acknowledged, or socially acceptable. 151 more words


Healing and Happiness: Not Guilty

Why must we allow ourselves to feel guilty when we’re happy? Why do we feel the need to justify our healing process?

Healing from estrangement conjures up a multitude of haze along the path of the process. 178 more words

Life After 50

The Limits of Unconditional Love: Yourself

I became a better person after having children. This itself, should’ve been an indication of things to come. Was I not a better person pre-kids? What were the qualities of goodness I saw in myself while raising them I didn’t see before they came into my life? 301 more words

Life After 50

That Was Us, Too: An Open Letter to My Sisters, Diane and Janice

My dear sisters, I am writing to you today to tell you that I simply cannot accept this situation between us any longer. That what I wish for, what I hope for, what I dream about is healing and restoration for us all. 831 more words