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Expert advice on what comes after estrangement

The choice1 to estrange from family is often portrayed as a simple and selfish act, but my research2 indicates that most people do not choose to estrange lightly or quickly: Estrangement is a… 121 more words

10 Lessons Learned From Parental Alientation

Family Estrangement: Aberration or Common Occurrence?

The concept of family estrangement has increasingly entered the public arena. Media reports often highlight ‘bad children’ who don’t visit their parents, ‘selfish wives’ who alienate their in-laws and ‘abusive’ parents who cast out their children. 40 more words

Family Estrangement

Unpicking the past

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand that this too was a gift.

Mary Oliver – The uses of sorrow… 334 more words


Learning to swim

Alas I cannot swim – Laura Marling

There’s a house across the river 

but alas I cannot swim…

There’s a life across the river

that was meant for me… 156 more words



When I first met my husband I used to say “My childhood was idyllic, it was so happy”, he used to see the sheer panic in my eyes if it was ever suggested my parents might not be around forever. 181 more words


Behind the curtain

Being part of the illusion that was my family, I started to question my role in the stage show. All the audience could see was the illusion of a happy and functional family, but I had started to notice the strings, the trap doors and secret compartments. 64 more words


(Video) We've Forgotten How to Breathe

Today I am going to encourage everyone to take a deeeeeep breath and exhale long and slooooow. Let’s do it, just three times.  {Did you know statistics say that more than 80% of you will read that, but you won’t stop and take that deep breath?} 239 more words

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