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Blessings of the Miserable 

Hey kids, welcome to this moment.

Estrangement is alive and well in our world. It pretty much is here to stay.

People who cut others off, I feel you. 278 more words

Life After 50

When Can I Let Them Go?

I had been away somewhere, not too far from home. The time way is somewhat fuzzy, though long enough that my girls took notice when I returned. 405 more words

Life After 50

Asking Myself Why...

I have been struggling with something lately.  Well, struggling is not quite the right word. Perhaps I mean that I have been wondering about something lately, frustrated even. 469 more words


Adjusting to the Adjustments 

Like a limb that’s missing, one learns to adjust. Phantom pain still lingers. Life moves forward.

Blessed with good health, beautiful people in my world, their absence, once the center of everything, the adjustment grows, evolves, shifts. 186 more words

Life After 50

Minimizing the Apologies

Narcissism exists. You are not crazy. 
That word, one which I paid little attention to before my divorce, I’m only now recognizing its significance in my life. 580 more words

Life After 50

Before Long and For Good

Before long you will ask

Have you heard from her?

Not has she heard from you

You will play that game

The one when you prompt with a Christmas card… 124 more words

Third Culture

Finding Brave

“The bravest thing I ever did was run.” These lyrics to a song by Little Big Town have really struck my heart. I have never felt in my whole life that running away was ever the right thing to do… until I had to do it. 651 more words