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Neptune's Dysfunctional Playhouse


Bite; Smooth; Open; Deserve; Paradox; Semaphorism (n.)) a conversational hint that you have something personal to say on the subject but don’t go any further—an emphatic nod, a half-told anecdote, an enigmatic ‘I know the feeling’—which you place into conversations like those little flags that warn diggers of something buried underground: maybe a cable that secretly powers your house, maybe a fiberoptic link to some foreign country.); Tension; Playhouse; Neptune; Stalemate; Muse; Thieves… 390 more words


When Emotions Collide

Late last night, my husband came to me to see if I heard of some shocking news. My partially estranged son’s step-brother on his dad’s side died in a car accident late Friday night. 478 more words


The Insurmountable Mountain Of Estrangement

Estrangement continues to be the most difficult mountain I’ve ever faced. It stands so tall, in fact, that I still haven’t stolen a glimpse of it’s intimidating peak. 670 more words

Blessings of the Miserable 

Hey kids, welcome to this moment.

Estrangement is alive and well in our world. It pretty much is here to stay.

People who cut others off, I feel you. 278 more words

Life After 50

When Can I Let Them Go?

I had been away somewhere, not too far from home. The time way is somewhat fuzzy, though long enough that my girls took notice when I returned. 405 more words

Life After 50

Asking Myself Why...

I have been struggling with something lately.  Well, struggling is not quite the right word. Perhaps I mean that I have been wondering about something lately, frustrated even. 469 more words


Adjusting to the Adjustments 

Like a limb that’s missing, one learns to adjust. Phantom pain still lingers. Life moves forward.

Blessed with good health, beautiful people in my world, their absence, once the center of everything, the adjustment grows, evolves, shifts. 186 more words

Life After 50