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Hearsay is All Hearsay

When one isn’t sure of the truth, how to find out what the truth is?

We all know social media is but a speck in a person’s life, though how quick we are to judge another’s experience based on a status, photo or a caption. 477 more words

Life After 50

Be Careful Pushing A Loved One Away

Be careful when you keep pushing a loved one away – you never know when they might stop caring that you stopped caring!

Anyone who has followed my blog knows of the estrangement between me and my 25-year-old son. 584 more words


No clue which way is up

It has been 20 days since I admitted myself to the hospital.  It seems like it was so long ago but the reality is that I was just released 13 days ago.  467 more words

Unravelling Family Estrangement


Whatever the issues are, however the consequences of one’s actions, why do people distance themselves within a family for prolonged periods of time? In the great schematic of life, at the end of the day, what does estrangement… 883 more words

Life After 50

My Son's Wedding - A Postscript

It has been a year since I started this blog. I started it in hopes of dealing with my anxieties and emotions in relation to family estrangement and my son’s then upcoming wedding, in hopes of telling my story and helping others, and having others help me. 902 more words


Family Heirloom

So I’ve been in California for the past few days picking up rope.

I’ve seen some relatives I haven’t seen for many years and others I’d never met but who looked familiar to me like they might have been sitting at the children’s table at Thanksgiving dinner for the past ten years. 555 more words


Where Did It All Go Wrong?

People. Family. Relationships. Where do they go wrong?

It’s strange to me how little memories can seep in and bring on existential questions. I was at dinner a little while back, my birthday dinner actually, and I was enjoying a nice glass of red wine, a Chateau St. 337 more words