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Catching Up

I’m sorry that I have been away for so long. Sometimes it seems like I have so much to say yet can’t put it into words anymore. 663 more words


The Spreadsheet and Picasso

Spill the poems
without hesitation
of who can consume it.
Spill the poems.
do not eat your own words.
share it with the Universe,
so that others can heal too. 449 more words

Life After 50

Waking Up 

When you have an epiphany, a fluid sense of awareness, a dagger of insight, unspoken clarity and not quite sure of your next footsteps. So you take deep breaths. 287 more words

Life After 50

Wisdom of an Adult Kid

Wisdom comes. Just gotta be willing to hear it. 

One whom I’ve learned so much from over the past several months is my niece. Her insight, wisdom and heart – a teacher to others – to me. 454 more words

Life After 50

How are your girls doing? 

The inevitable question.

To pretend takes considerable thought. Do I sound genuine, as if I’m part of their life? Should I say more, speak less or change the subject? 249 more words

Life After 50

5 Ways to Prevent Family Estrangement

Life experiences work a lot like taste buds. One person scrapes off cilantro while another piles on more. And so with our families. Just try talking to your siblings to get an idea of how different the same family can appear, seen from different vantage points. 2,016 more words


Hearsay is All Hearsay

When one isn’t sure of the truth, how to find out what the truth is?

We all know social media is but a speck in a person’s life, though how quick we are to judge another’s experience based on a status, photo or a caption. 477 more words

Life After 50