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The Family Farm in My Brother's Hands

On Saturday after I returned to the mainland from Mallard Island, I pointed my car south and drove 6 hours to the Minnesota farm where I grew up.   343 more words


Muffins, budgets and Tyson

I’ve been busy baking so many cupcakes and muffins. We throw them in the freezer so we can grab and go, which works well for us, since we now drop the kids off at school in the mornings. 687 more words


The industrial agriculture "feed the world" myth

A video from Friends of the Earth International has some startling claims about how the need for industrial agriculture is overstated. This sounds plausible, but the problem is, I can’t find this video anywhere other than Facebook – so it is difficult to find data that supports the numbers. 250 more words

Agribusiness versus Joseph in Egypt

One of the reasons I supported Bernie Sanders for president was his support of family farms against the abuses of agribusiness. He mentioned agribusiness again in a recent speech about health care in Iowa so I thought it would be a good time to discuss an article in the February 2016 issue of Harper’s entitled The Trouble With Iowa”. 3,120 more words

American Innovation

British Columbia is burning. Please pray!

A state of emergency has been declared for our beautiful home province of British Columbia. A prolonged period of dry and very hot weather has brought tinder-dry conditions to much of the province, prompting officials to raise the wildfire risk to extreme in many areas and to ban all outdoor burning, including campfires and even tiki torches. 342 more words

Dairy Farmer

Through the Lense

This past week, we spent time “focusing” on photos to exhibit at the county fair. So this morning when the kids decided they wanted to take pictures because they “saw a cool photo,” I was happy to relinquish a camera. 703 more words


Tonight as this storm rumbled around us, I reflected on the diversity of weather conditions presented each growing season. While we received rain this weekend and this week, I wish there were a way to share it with those affected by drought in the Dakotas. 819 more words