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Have you ever just looked up into the deep, dark cosmic abyss and gazed at all the stars twinkling back down to you?  Last night, my husband and I came home from church late, and when we got out of the car, my husband said he would show me where the Big Dipper was, if I wanted him to.  1,543 more words

Our Land

I delivered the following petition with 152 signatures from Texas House District 7 to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Senator Cruz, Senator Cornyn, Congessman Gohmert, Governor Abbott, Senator Nichols, and Congressman Clardy. 312 more words


Keeping the Family Farm Alive

by Fletcher Evans:

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave was built on agriculture. Agricultural techniques taught to us by our ancestors and the people before them, are what built the way agriculture is today. 644 more words

Scions of History

Couldn’t really think of a snazzy title, so I just swiped a line from “Ballad of the Comeback Kid” by the New Pornographers.

It can be weird how much we don’t really notice during our childhood.   664 more words

The Dougherty Dispersal: The Cows Come First in a Tornado's Aftermath

UPDATE – Dec. 13th:  Catalog (DHIA pages) now postedlink here . . 

At 1:30 am on Nov. 30, an EF-2 Tornado wreaked horrific damage to Polk and McMinn Counties, in Tennessee’s most southeast corner.

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Faith. Family. Milk. Passion. Legacy. The Randy Davis Memorial Milk Fund Drive

“I’m Randy Davis. I’m a Dairy Farmer. I would like to talk to you about the world’s most nutritious product – MILK!  And I want to tell you how God has blessed me so I am able to work as a farmer in the dairy industry!” 948 more words

The Beyer Brand

I have been so obsessed with all the terrible details of the new orange monkey that has taken over our government that I completely forgot about an idea I had for a logo using my family name.  554 more words