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Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar Just $14.99!

Can’t deny that counter space is always at a premium in RVs. Get rid of that knife block or make room in your drawers for more with this… 8 more words

Family Favorites

Seattle Lobster Boil

Seattle Lobster Boil, it’s a little strange sounding isn’t it? How or why did we take a Southern dish, add in the North East’s most famous component, and some how make it taste like it came from Seattle? 471 more words

Mop and Broom Holder Just $10

Here is something I wish I had found last spring. This multipurpose broom and mop holder with hooks is just $10 from Amazon. It holds five items and has six hooks for rags or whatever else. 32 more words

Family Favorites

Food as self care

It snowed again today. I hate January in Minnesota. If you’re coming here for the SuperBowl in a few weeks, pack your warm stuff!!

The only good thing about weather like this is that it keeps us inside together and gives us time to read, watch movies/tv and just be together. 311 more words


Lamb Sausage Pizza

2012 was the year I went “Full Mom” and traded in my husbands SUV for a beautiful VW Mini Van. There are 3 TV’s, all the seats are heated and lay completely flat, it makes the perfect road trip car. 373 more words

Peach Bourbon Cupcakes

As I’ve talked about in other blog posts my mom tried to instill the love of gardening in me at a young age and I fought it like crazy. 738 more words

“Beef” stew (vegan)

The boys are generally being good sports about this vegan thing we’ve been trying. They’ve both figured out coping mechanisms. Avery has been getting supplements at lunch from his friends who take pity on him, and Alec just drives himself to buy something when he wants it. 306 more words