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South Dakota Specialties

Ruth’s Creamed Cuke Dressing
1 1/2 cup mayo
1/2 cup sugar
2 – 3 Tbsp vinegar (suit to taste)
Salt & Pepper
Mix mayo & sugar together, then stir in vinegar and salt & pepper. 742 more words


Winter Dinner for cold days

It has been cold the last few weeks. We made dinner for friends and it was perfect for the cold weather. The recipes are in this blog. 79 more words



I know Runzas are a staple to my Nebraska and Kansas friends but not something we grew up with in Iowa.  A few years ago I was watching the television show, … 583 more words

Family Favorites

Searching for Light in the Darkness: Oscar Nomination Predictions, 2016

E: Most years, predicting the Oscar nominations requires merely a boatload of information and the ability to decode it dispassionately.  That sounds like a lot, maybe, but generally, it’s pretty simple to anticipate 4 out of 5 nominees correctly given all the precursor awards, the critics and the guilds guiding the way.  10,660 more words


Pasta e fagioli recipe

My Italian grandmother made pasta e fagioli with fatback (picture a giant slice of bacon without the meat), kidney beans and pasta.  Nothing more, nothing less.   329 more words

Farmhouse Recipes

Mac and Cheese with Browned Kielbasa Bites

I’ve never used a can of cheddar cheese soup to make mac and cheese before, so I wasn’t quite sure how this recipe would turn out when I began experimenting.   371 more words


Round Bottom Pot Roast [RECIPE]

Heather and I both have memories of our mothers cooking pot roast for family dinner. It is the kind of meat-and-potatoes meal most men (and growing boys) crave, and our moms undoubtedly liked making it because this dish’s long cook time allowed them to multitask while the meal simmered on the stove. 548 more words