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"Family Feud" 9/26/16

G1: Porters v. Neills (Yuma, CO)(Josh, Jacqie, Mike, Lori & Jamie)

(Challenger notes: Jacqie’s a sister, Mike & Lori are the parents & Jamie’s a brother-in-law.) 528 more words

"Family Feud"

Kapoor & Sons - *

Daily soap melodrama Bollywood-style!

It sounded like something that was worth watching: an Indian dramedy about a dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, this is just a boring drama about a dysfunctional family in India. 280 more words


"Family Feud" 9/23/16

G1: Porters (Hanover Park, IL)(Caryce, Herb, Chantelle, Tre & Eva) v. Adamses

R1: Name something an ANGRY wife might bake in a pie when she’s MAD at her guy: 493 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 9/22/16

G1: Aslamys v. Adamses (K.C., KS)(Frank, Rhonda, Adam, Saundra & Steve)

(Challenger notes: Pastor Frank’s married to Rhonda, Adam’s a nephew, Saundra is Rhonda’s twin sister & their Steve’s a brother-in-law.) 448 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 9/21/16

G1: Aslamys v. Lewises

R1: “At home, my husband might say to his wife ‘Honey, let’s __________ in the nude'”:

#1: Swim (24)(Carlene)
#3: 446 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 9/20/16

G1: Costellos v. Lewises (Ft. Lauderdale)(Carlene, Anitra, Shayne, Keifer & Sabrina)

(Challenger notes: Carlene’s originally from Jamaica, Anitra’s a cousin married to Shayne, Keifer’s a son & Sabrina’s a cousin.) 477 more words

"Family Feud"