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"Family Feud" 11/9/12

G2: Myerses v. Bowdens (Kelby, Bryce, Randy, Ryan & Kyle)

R1 (married ladies): Name a habit a toddler might have that you’d HATE for your husband to have: 254 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 11/8/12

G2: Myerses v. Vergaras

R1 (women): Name a reason you might NOT want to kiss your husband:

#1: BAD breath/smokes (62)(Kate)
#5: 211 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 11/7/12

G2: Wrights (Natasha, Lawrence, Erika, Marcus & Elisha) v. Vergaras

R1: Name an activity men try to do way past the age they’re supposed to be doing it: 215 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 4/28/17

CG: Evanses (Sugarland)(Josh, Erin, John, Julie & Mark) v. McFaddens

R1 (gentlemen): Name a reason you might suspect you’re turning into “Popeye”:

#1: Gettin’ muscly (42)(Josh) 233 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 3/2/11

G1: Burketts (Kevin, Julie, Adriane, Matt & Ben) v. Smiths

R1: When a wife’s sick, name something a husband HATES having to do for himself: 207 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 4/27/17

G1: Burnses (PHI)(Ricardo, Tamara, Wayne, Kyle & Valerie) v. McFaddens

R1 (married men): Between us, name something an ex-girlfriend was better at than your wife: 461 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 9/30/10

G1: Glinseys v. Karnatzs (Sandi, Cheryl, Suzanne, Kim & Kari)

R1: Name a good place to hear gossip:

#2: Work/office (30)(Stephanie)
#5: 195 more words

"Family Feud"