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"Family Feud" 5/24/16

G1: Hayeses (Bloomington, MN)(Rick, Shawn, Brian, Cullen & Corey) v. Spences (Gairy, Jenevee, Kerry-Ann, Quinton & Kedron)

R1: Name something a wife tells her hubby he’s lucky to have: 458 more words

"Family Feud"

Portrait of My Mother

One thing I never figured was the fatuousness of my mother’s premise as a woman and as a moral being.  I encounter it just known as I pull together so many of the strings, strands, of the past to be where I am at now, if anywhere, that is to say, if there is really anywhere left to be with regard to MY premises as a woman and as a moral being. 677 more words

"Family Feud" 5/23/16

CG OF THE NIGHT: Fieldses (Villa Rica)(VB) v. Boudreauxs ($22,615)

R1 (ladies): Name something men think’s sexy on a woman but you think’s TRASHY: 440 more words

"Family Feud"

Conclusion of today's posting

I always seem to get it from both sides.

My mother and father always put my little sister forward.  I suffered through being ousted as the baby of the family for 8 years, when she was born, with no consideration, and then had… 157 more words

…which leads me nicely into an illegal subject which definitely needs some probing finally.

My brother-in-law, my one and only sister’s husband, ate canned dog food when he was growing up on a school bus in South Central Florida.   389 more words

On a Sunday, in May, I resolved the most important issue of my Life

It’s a Sunday, and I not-so-badly-as-I-thought missed my laundry date with my Mom this morning, I thought she would be livid but she’s okay.  It leaves me to remember that I haven’t celebrated Sunday as a Holy day for a long time.   511 more words

High-tech Family

"Family Feud" 5/20/16

G1: Nunezs (NYC)(Suleika, Waleska, Keyla, Cory & Suhailey) v. Boudreauxs ($21,755)

R1: When a wife’s mad at her husband, name something she spends his $$$ on: 467 more words

"Family Feud"