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"Family Feud" 2/20/17

G1: Allens (N.O.)(Kris, Daphne, Linda, Lisa & Natalie) v. Shaffers

R1: Name a way a woman knows her date’s going in for a kiss:

#1: Gets close/leans in (59)(Kris) 558 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 2/17/17

LIKELY THE FINAL CG OF THIS PERIOD: Susinis v. Shaffers (Waterloo, IL- all had pom-poms on)(Nancy, Kathy, Bill, Tammy & Mary)

(Challenger notes: Kathy’s a little sister, Bill’s a little cousin & Tammy & Mary are also sisters.) 493 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 2/16/17

G1: Susinis v. Simmonses (DEN)(Sharon, Randell, Denise, Paul & Janeece)

(Challenger notes: Sharon’s married to Randell, Denise’s a cousin, Paul’s an entrepreneur & Janeece’s a niece.) 512 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 2/15/17

G1: Susinis v. Harrises (Columbia, MD)(Yukia, Yuneisia, Rita, Diana & Alan)

(Challenger notes: Yukia & Yuneisia are sisters & co-own the first plus-sized bridal salon; one of their bridal shows even appeared on TLC.) 483 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 2/14/17

G1: Susinis v. Stones (Atchison, KS)(Joe, Summer, Mark, Shannon & Benjamin)

R1: Name a part of a petit woman that might be big:

#2: Badonk (18)(Joe) 499 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 2/13/17

G1: Susinis (PHX)(Jared, Cholla, Larry, Jackie & David) v. Guerreros

(Challenger notes: Jared’s married to Cholla, Larry’s their dad, Jackie’s a sister & David’s a brother-in-law.) 531 more words

"Family Feud"

"Family Feud" 2/10/17

G1: Davisons v. Guerreros (Syracuse, KS)(Roxane, Tamara, Trisha, John & Lance)

R1: Name something a dog might do if it sees President Trump’s hair:

#1: 578 more words

"Family Feud"