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Meal Planning: Week of Jan 23

Here’s what’s on the menu for this week – check out the link to a couple of new recipes I’m excited to try. #thankyouPinterest

Monday: … 80 more words


Pizza, pizza, pizza!

We all know that families love to have pizza for dinner, but there are so many different variations that can add variety and ease you your weeknight woes.   112 more words


Me vs. the slow cooker

In my house, I do all the cooking. Well, 98.7% of it. My husband can do pasta, or chicken fingers, but if it’s anything from scratch – I’m your girl. 783 more words


Taco Seasoning without the Nasties!!!

Do you like to cut corners and make a quick meal? Don’t we all.

Today in our house it was Taco Tuesday. It is quick and easy and on a  night when kids need to get back out the door for an extra-curricula activity, it allows the dinners to be staggered. 366 more words


Homemade Chicken-n-Dumplings

One of my fondest memories from childhood is the smell of my momma’s Chicken-n-Dumplings bubbling on the stove and gathering around the family table to this warm, hearty meal. 581 more words


You Don't Have to be Martha Stewart

On Sundays, I try to put some food together for my husband for the week. He works two jobs which can easily mean he has zero time to buy lunch or dinner – let alone from somewhere healthy. 248 more words


Dinner Dramas

Sometimes in the middle of dinner my husband glances up at the clock and mouths something along the lines of “73 minutes babe… 73 minutes!” Long gone are the days of sitting opposite, or even better beside each other at the dinner table making civilised conversation while using both hands to eat a hot meal. 375 more words