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Dinner Dramas

Sometimes in the middle of dinner my husband glances up at the clock and mouths something along the lines of “73 minutes babe… 73 minutes!” Long gone are the days of sitting opposite, or even better beside each other at the dinner table making civilised conversation while using both hands to eat a hot meal. 375 more words

The Next Cookbook......Finally!

I jinxed myself.   In my first cookbook review, I hoped that it wouldn’t take another three months before I posted another review.  Ha!  It has now been two months and I haven’t even introduced the next cookbook……until now.  816 more words

Cookbook Challenge

Shrimp and Snow Pea Stir-Fry (Monday Meals)*

I ripped this out of an old magazine at my daughter’s doctor’s office but through the magic of the interwebs, I can share the original with you… 239 more words


One Bowl Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables (Monday Meals)

I saw the ingredients for this recipe (shared on my friend’s Facebook wall) before I knew what it was called.  I questioned that it had anything to do with teriyaki.   504 more words


Meal Planning

Prior to writing this, I was planning to open with a self-deprecating joke about how I don’t actually plan my meals but that naming the post “making extra food so your husband doesn’t starve” wasn’t a good title. 313 more words


Crowdsourcing a Recipe (Monday Meals)

I cook for my family at least three times a week – sometimes making multiple meals in one day so my husband has something to take to work.   408 more words


St Patrick's Day Reuben

You probably have some kind of St. Patrick’s Day tradition or something that reminds you of the holiday, whether you have the blood line or not, and this recipe happens to be one of ours!   272 more words