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To you,

I previously wrote an article about space. Space that I was creating between me and God. I thought to myself that this this must be a logical explanation for why I feel kind of down sometimes. 1,038 more words

What Do You Mean "Me Time?" #Blessings

Hey guys! I know you all haven’t heard from me since school ended but I have good reason! I have been working with a mission trip group traveling around the country and I haven’t had the time to get to a computer.(See, now you can’t get mad!) 1,052 more words

Until Death Do Us Part

I want to start of this post with congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marcus! Elizabeth Odom has been my friend for 8 years and I am so happy for them both! 1,052 more words


Lets get straight to the point in this one.

What is desire? Why do we want things so desperately? How do they affect our relationship ( whatever kind of relationship we may have) with God? 1,127 more words


Papa Needs Birthday Prayers

As I walked through the sliding doors of the hospital, looking for where my father might be, I heard a thick southern voice call out my name.   645 more words


Offer It Up

Offer it up. The go-to Christian line. If you have never heard it before it basically means to offer up whatever you are going through to God for the sake of another person, a certain event etc. 945 more words

Dear "A Time to Grieve"

Dear “A Time to Grieve”,

So on the first anniversary of my Dad’s death the Times run an article on “grief blogging” and this blog didn’t get a mention- sniff. 484 more words