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Have a pj party

Instead of sticking to your usual hectic Saturday schedule, switch things up and let everyone stay in their jammies. All. Day. Long. Starting new traditions , makes kids feel connected, comforted, and secure, says Tovah Klein, On.D,, author of How Toddlers Thrive.  10 more words

Family Fun

Chinese New Year Celebrations in YEG

Chinese New Year falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20, this year it will be on Monday February 8.  There will be celebrations across Edmonton during February to ring in the the Year of the Monkey, see below for a list of events and click on the links for further information. 250 more words

Family Fun

I paint, you paint, we all paint!

I don’t want to admit what my monthly art supply budget is. It’s to the point that my local craft store calls me when they get a certain brand of paint in… 218 more words


Cure Your Cabin Fever, Fox Cities Style

Written by: Adam Schanke, Sports Marketing Manager

At this point in winter, there is a good chance you have had a bad case of cabin fever and cannot wait for spring to arrive! 443 more words


Sharing the outdoors with your kids

How often do you let your kids get dirty?  Allow them to run free, climb that tree or rock, put a bug in their mouth, and jump in puddles?   322 more words


48 Hours Making Waves with Your Kids.

For a spring break escape indoor waterparks top the list because they offer easy 48-hour solutions for families short on time but ready to make waves. 359 more words

Family Vacation Fun

Letter Recognition on the Las Vegas Strip - THE ANSWERS!

Mommy Vegas Idea #35


A while back, ok, a LONG while back, we posted a… 289 more words

Family Fun