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PRESS RELEASE: Calliope Games Releases Titan Series Box Art


Announcing Exclusive Titan Series Box Art

Calliope Games offers its backers exclusive box art by legendary artists

Redmond, WA-April 18, 2015. Calliope Games announced a new benefit to backers of their… 310 more words


Did you see any Curlews?

To somebody who is trying hard to avoid any new game purchases Kickstarter can be one of the worst places to wind up. The crowd funding website has been the heart of my collector’s fervor and bane of my credit card. 819 more words

Board Games

Review: Airlines Europe

I wanted to pick up a route economy game. Looking around, I saw one based on the expansion of airlines in Europe during the 30s and 40s and found the theme a bit different from your typical railroad expansion game. 1,209 more words


Kickstarter's Exploding Kittens game lands in Toronto for testing

It’s like Russian Roulette but with cards and cats.

That’s founder Elan Lee’s explanation of Exploding Kittens, a hotly anticipated card game being tested in Toronto this week by fans who want to try out the game before its official release in July. 274 more words


Who Would Win?

Not naming any names, but rumour has it sometimes bunyips fight over board games. What should be loads of fun with family and friends turns into a disaster that everyone would prefer to forget. 284 more words

Bunyip Toys

Mario Party turns 10 with a roar of the dice

There’s a surprising number of casino games in this family-driven board game where up to five players compete in mini-games at the roll of a dice. 110 more words

Gameslingers At Dawn

Chime Time

It is Easter Sunday and only me and the baby are awake. Actually, I think the baby may have also nodded off mid feed. Upstairs my husband is snoring. 681 more words