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Citadels – who’s who in this city?

The fourth game in our review is Citadels – the rare and successful union of psychology and strategic thought, team and role playing, social skills and diplomacy, impressive design and sheer flight of human fantasy… 505 more words

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Group Games #2: Five Fun, Easy Games that require nothing more than Pen, Paper and a Bag

Who doesn’t love a good group game that’s extremely easy to set up? Check out these five games to try out at your next group get together. 942 more words

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Group Games #1: Five FREE Games with No Setup

Looking for fun group games that cost nothing, are fun and can be played at the spur of the moment? Below is a list of some of my favorite go to group games – absolutely NO setup required for any of these. 576 more words

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Ticket to Ride – catch your trains!

This fascinating strategy game will surely be liked even by those who hated geography lessons at school. Cool railway theme, real world maps, slightly vintage and colorful design, various expansions and additional stand-alone board games, relatively easy setup and rules, dynamic and varying strategies – all this makes… 799 more words

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How do you keep from going crazy playing board games with a four year old?

A couple of weekends ago my wife was in a class both days, so it was just the kids and me. As soon as I stepped out of my bedroom my daughter, who is four, asked to play a board game. 677 more words

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Game Review: Hanabi

Fireworks – a universal symbol for celebration. In the cooperative game Hanabi—named for the Japanese word for “fireworks”— players work together to try to create the perfect fireworks show. 1,777 more words


Bohnanza – farming your “magic beans”

Bohnanza is a vivid proof of the fact that “calm and boring farming games” can also be interesting, catching and even not so easy to play, and not so calm at all. 327 more words

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