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Pangilinan Family Reunion 2018

Last April 8, 2018 we held the first ever family reunion of Apong Tali’s Pangilinan Family at Lumanog Farmville Resort, Santo Tomas Pampanga. The families of the & children of Apong Tali came together to get to know each other and celebrate. 298 more words


Man Made

Portal Knights • Craft your first item • 15G • 62.22% of gamers unlocked this

I’ll be honest, this was a bit of an opportunistic grab as my wife jumped in the shower, my son wanted to play a game and I wanted to earn an achievement in the small space of 10 minutes between me arriving home from work and needing to leave for personal training. 170 more words


Platinum Midnight

36 Fragments of Midnight • Become a master collector • Rarity 73.5% (Common)

My efforts to platinum the little puzzle titles on the Vita continues today, this one took a… 245 more words


See You In ‘Sept’ember

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Spelled 10 seven-letter words • 10G • 29.45% of gamers unlocked this

I can’t remember the blog entry specifically, but I’m fairly certain at the start of this challenge I made mention of my flighty attitude towards ‘staying the path’ of one particular platform – well, it certainly has been in the past – and that somewhere along the line I ended up turning this challenge into an achievement, any achievement, a day – rather than sticking with one particular console. 389 more words


Family Games - Part 1, Co-operative Games

Whether you’re a gamer looking to introduce your family to the world of tabletop games, or a family looking to spend a little more quality time together away from those devices, these are some of my favourite family games that are a hit with all experiences and ages, from kids to grandparents! 668 more words

Board Games

Heavy Cavalry

Age of Empires (iOS) • Built a Stable • 50G • 24.14% of gamers unlocked this

What an absolute flustercluck. I absolutely pushed and pushed and pushed to get home, get in front of the TV, turn it on, load up… 202 more words


Family fun days at Easter

My parents were alive in the 1970s. At this time of year Dad would devote a considerable amount of his time in devising, what he called, his grand-children’s ‘grand Easter Egg hunt’.  615 more words