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Family Fun: Christmas Games for All

First, the elephant in the room. I’ve stopped posting three times per week. I’ve always known I couldn’t be relied upon to post daily, but once a week? 1,016 more words

Mama's Life

Blob survivor

de Blob 2 • Completed a level in a single playthrough without dying • 5G • 31.85% of gamers unlocked this

The levels on de Blob 2… 415 more words


MANOR MEMOIRS - Collector's Edition



Story:   Even though she’s a bestselling author, Scarlett has lost her inspiration. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of her big city life, she moves into a beautiful 19th century mansion in the countryside.

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Point & Click

Mario Party Celebration - Top 10 2 vs 2 Mini-Games

There are few times when teamwork is necessary in Mario Party. I mean this isn’t a game where teamwork thrives purely because of the competitive nature inherent in its standard mode of play. 2,178 more words


Into the Limelight

Hue • Unlock lime colour • 50G • 20.81% of gamers unlocked this

Wow, Hue gets quite tricky towards the end-game. The addition of laser or beams or whatever they are certainly has given me the most pause in trying to finish the game, and I think there’s probably a bit of a simultaneous mental and physical interaction (hand-eye coordination) needed in some parts. 175 more words


It’s all about the Reindeer Games

Christmas will soon be here! We have 9 children in our family with ages ranging from 9 months to 11 years old with 5 girls and 4 boys. 457 more words

Mario Party Celebration - Top 10 Duel Mini-Games

The fires of competition abound! Everyone who has played a Mario Party knows about the duels that take place in the final five turns. The dangers of losing everything to the underdog in one quick swoop whether it be a boatload of coins or a star. 2,078 more words