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Jam City, Set to Launch Another ‘Family Guy’ Mobile Game, Eyes IPO in 2018

Jam City, the fast-growing mobile games publisher, loves Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” so much, it’s teed up another title based on Fox’s sarcasm-fueled animated TV series. 840 more words


The Word, God, and Him

John’s gospel talks a whole bunch about light. John’s narrative refers to Jesus as the light of the world, as does Jesus himself, several times through out the story. 866 more words


Family Guy Sneak Peek: Peter Griffin Might Ruin Food Trucks for You Forever

We already can’t eat Pop-Tarts or drink Kool-Aid without thinking about Family Guy. And now, it seems the Griffins will also be with us in spirit the next time we visit a food truck. 129 more words


A simple man who enjoys simple things

For most people who don't know me too well,
 I'm Lee Duffy, tall idiot who shouts 'Rooney'
 at random times for no particular reason.
 There's more to me than that I promise. 805 more words

My Favourite Cartoons/Anime from my Childhood (and Ongoing)


I recently talked to my parents about an old (considered old by 12 year old today) cartoon TV show that we have the complete DVDs for and then I remembered all the old cartoons and anime I remember watching or was told I watched as a child. 1,269 more words

Family Guy

We currently rest in a climate of uncertainty. Whether it is the looming spectre of Trump’s administration, the war in Syria that continues to claim countless lives, or Australia’s new Health Minister… 1,036 more words