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My Top 5 Favorite TV Politicians of All-Time

In the midst of this election season, this history teacher/pop culture junkie would like to share with you her top 5 favorite TV politicians of all time. 263 more words


Family Guy: (S15E01) "The Boys in The Band"

What can ya’say about Family Guy? For 15 seasons it has been one of the most watched animated “family shows” on television. For the new viewer, it may be “rude, crude and totally unattractive”; “not my kinda of comedy” and a soft “South Park.” Yet it continues to thrive with a Parental Rating of TV-14 and has established a very devoted fan base. 381 more words

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Family Guy - S15 E1 - The Boys in the Band - ES15E01 HD ✔

Family Guy – S15 E1 – The Boys in the Band – ES15E01 HD

Family Guy S15 E1 Aired 09/25/2016:
Stewie and Brian form a band aimed at children, but face a breakup when they set their eyes on the same girl. 25 more words

'Bob's Burgers' Creator on the 'Light in the Back of the Brain' Touched by Animation

When we got on the phone with Loren Bouchard–just a couple days before Bob’s Burgers’ seventh season premiere–the creator and showrunner had a confession to make; that season premiere episode wasn’t quite finished yet. 1,554 more words

The Simpsons

What to Watch: 09/25/2016

It’s animation dominating this Sunday, including our highlighted top show in the history of manKIIIIIIND! Yes, The Simpsons returns for its record-exploding 28th season, with Mr. 263 more words

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Deadpool (USA, 2016)

Directed by: Tim Miller. God help me, these superhero things are going to be the death of me. I used to rationalize it by saying that these movies appeal to the 14-year-old comic nerd still inside me, but that’s wearing thin as an excuse. 347 more words