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Collections 102, part 4: how do I store... books and photos

If you’ve been following this series, by now you have a working knowledge of preservation materials and storage options for your family treasures. Last week, the blog touched on… 841 more words


My Favorite Vintage Item- and why I'll never sell it

This is the clock that hung above my Grandpa Woolard’s television set, it’s a 1960’s model made in Chicago. I don’t know where he bought it or how much he paid for it. 512 more words

A Subconscious Memory

When I was in an antique mall, I picked up a clown doll. I do have a doll collection, but this clown didn’t fit the collection. 205 more words


Collections 102, Part 3: how do I store...textiles

So you’ve inherited the family textile heirlooms, now what? Textiles include clothing, rugs, blankets, lace or other fabrics. Bottomless quote generator, Ben Franklin noted: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It certainly applies to textile care; small measures now ensure good long term preservation. 642 more words



My favorite way to spend my free time is working on quilts for others! I take great pleasure in making Memory Quilts out of keepsake t-shirts that would otherwise be forgotten in drawers or closets, to only end up in garage sales or Salvation Army. 80 more words

T-shirt Quilts

Collections 102, part 1: preserving family treasures at home

So you’ve inherited family heirlooms. Now what? This post covers the most cost effective supplies to preserve your treasures and the best places in your home to store them. 505 more words