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Why You Might Want a Personal Genealogy Blog on WordPress

You probably can find dozens of reasons for creating a blog. In addition, you can probably find dozens of companies that will host a blog for you. 1,787 more words


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Enjoy this Blog repost written by pro genealogy Blogger, Dick Eastman! If you aren’t familiar with this name, be sure to check out his blog for a wealth of great information! As he mentions in this post, you can start a blog on Wordpress for zero dollars and zero cents! Yup, that’s a real deal, freebie! Like anything that is free, Its basic compared to other plans that they offer. But, if you're like me, starting new without a clue if you will become a popular, entertaining blog with traffic, then this is where to start and get your feet wet! For me, free with basic options works because my expectations are to create stories to better understand my ancestors as well as leave the stories to my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. Even if I am the only one reading my posts now, next year, 10 years from now, I'm okay with that because I am learning about me, my family history, and the process of extracting information and history along the way. In other words, it is providing great information to me that I might otherwise miss by only accessing my tree on my favorite genealogy program or site. Writing about the people in my tree forces me to better analyze the facts, documents and photos attached to my tree. In doing so my data becomes much more valuable and my ancestors come alive (so to speak) in the process. Go ahead, get to know your ancestors better! Consider starting a blog, write about them, get to know them, and see how much more you will gain through the journey! I guarantee you will enjoy all that you learn along the way! Cheers and happy hunting (and writing!). Kim  

Somewhere in France - 2nd April 1916

Henry Tod writes his parents about a mine blowing incident – that’s mine blowing not mind blowing, although the latter could also apply.

Dear Mother and Father… 506 more words

Writing About WWI

My Contribution to Women's History Month

Today kicks off Women’s History Month, which is celebrated throughout the month of March. Nobody can work on their family history and genealogy and not be confronted with the imbalance between the history of men and the history of women. 406 more words


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Let's celebrate Women's History Month! Here is a blog post I wrote on The Family Kalamazoo for this first day of Women's History Month.

52 Ancestors: Week 4

Invite to Dinner

This week’s prompt is to tell what member of your family tree you would invite to dinner. I would throw a dinner party! 212 more words

Family History

52 Ancestors: Week 2

My Favorite Photograph

Although I’ve posted this photograph on my blog before, it is still my favorite. It’s actually part of a larger family photograph taken during a family gathering. 22 more words

Family History

William - Are you Thomas' brother?

As the search for Thomas Winston Kimbrough <TWK>’s parents continues, we have collected a lot of information on various Kimbroughs and continue to attempt to stitch together family groups. 633 more words

Genealogy Research

52 Ancestors: Week 3


As far as I know, there are no centenarians in my ancestry. However, a combined group of family members descended from my immigrant great-grandparents worked in the post office system in Duval County, Florida, just short of 100 years. 295 more words

Family History