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Remembering Ruby, d. 19 Feb 1959

This is my grandmother.  She died in 1959 when I was 2 weeks old.

Mary Roberts’ Memory of Ruby Grace Lundquist Smuin
My mother’s sister Marilyn wrote to her Aunt Mary Roberts asking what she remembered about my grandmother Ruby. 494 more words

Family History

Voices FromThe Past

By default I have become the historian and keeper of the family photos and papers. Among this collection are the courtship letters my Caple grandparent’s wrote 100 years ago. 1,056 more words

General James Cudworth: A Man of Conviction

We honor him as a lover of religious freedom, a brave and able commander, and a true patriot.

General James Cudworth was a humble man of conviction, a man who longed for peace, and a man who longed for tolerance among all people. 1,229 more words

Family History

Writing My Personal History

A few years ago, I attended a family history class and the focus of the class was writing your own personal history. I received a list of questions to ask yourself each time you sit down to write. 345 more words


Do you need #NationalDrinkWineDay to help you pull out a cork?

Do you need #NationalDrinkWineDay to help you pull out a cork?


And neither do I!

But I noticed on Twitter today

that #NationalDrinkWineDay is garnering considerable interest even though it was officially yesterday. 662 more words


Snowed in - or out?

The keys were handed over early in February, the former hotel known as “Little West” was about to undergo a transformation into a residential home for the elderly. 664 more words


Being Grateful

In the UK we have a genealogy programme on the BBC called ‘Who do you think you are?’ It follows a celebrity as they are led on their journey through their family tree. 465 more words