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Putting things into Context

It was a rather quiet flight home.  There were no kids crying, no parents screaming… no young drunks singing.  And so I pretty much slept the whole 4 and change hours away.   572 more words

Identical Ancestors

Recently I came across a photo tweet from @HistoryInPics which showed Identical cousins Czar Niclolas II (Russia) and cousin King George V (England) circa 1915. There likeness of one another is strikingly identical even though they were cousins. 63 more words

Your Personal History: One Week at a Time

Few people would argue the value of creating a story about a life lived. In fact, it’s really quite a noble idea to create your life’s story. 227 more words

Oral History

Kicking Up a Dust

There are still a few of the artists from the original Shoddy exhibition in April that I haven’t featured on this blog. In some cases, this was because their work was difficult to represent and do credit to, perhaps because of the media used. 739 more words

Disabled People

Recording Oral History: The Interview

Oral history is the oldest kind of history. Fortunately, an oral history no longer needs to fade away with the passing of generations. An oral history is our favourite way to begin preserving your story for all of the generations that follow. 173 more words

Oral History