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Greece was lovely but we are back home now.

We have had such a great time bonding as a family. Just relaxing and enjoying our time. 265 more words


Belo-sur-mer; where the sail ships come home

It’s been a year almost since we were in Belo-sur-mer, winding down in a beautiful setting after a week of solid road tripping. Belo-sur-mer reminded me a lot of Mozambique. 797 more words


Monday 11th June 2018 to Friday 15th June 2018

So not much has really happened this week, we’re going on holiday on Saturday which is really exciting!!!

Wednesday 13th June 2018

I bought these sweets in Tesco… 173 more words

Holiday Recap-Nissi Beach Cyprus

Good afternoon my lovely followers!

I hope you are all well, I just wanted to give you a little recap on our holiday to Cyprus so you can see for yourselves what a wonderful holiday destination it is. 956 more words


Departure to Greece

A little update from Greece!

So sunday we arrived in Greece for our first holiday as a family. We departed from the airport nearby where we live so the drive there was no problem. 205 more words


Memory loss

‘Do you remember what we did in Tours?’ Mum and I still question each other but either of us can’t recall anything in detail. It was because we were more concerned about mum’s injury than paying attention to our first French city since our road trip eleven months ago. 117 more words


Mrs M is back!

Hi guys! I’m back from a wonderful week away feeling refreshed and ready to write! Well truthfully at the minute I have holiday blues big style and am tired from my first day back at work today but I have lots to write about that’s for sure! 122 more words