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Shelter for Breakfast

Aya is craving for some smoothies for breakfast. This place, Shelter, is actually a tropical-designed coffee place, but it has Nalu Bowls stall, serving nice and healthy smoothies. 21 more words


Strolling Around Kuta Alleys

I’m taking the kids walking along the Kuta alleys, showing them the life inside the busiest and most popular beach area in Bali. Aya and Rafif were quite surprised to see how ‘foreign’ Kuta night is, a scene more closer to western life that ours here in the east. 83 more words


Flying Drone in Cemagi

Thanks to our driver Dodik who showed us this free, not (yet) popular beach of Cemagi. As you’d normally found in Bali, it has Balinese temple (Pura) sitting on the tip of the beach. 104 more words


Kim Soo: More than Just Instagrammable Spot

How do you make your hang out place famous? In this social media era, the answer is to create nicely decorated place which offer unique spot for taking selfies! 172 more words


Menega to Start Our Weekend in Bali!

Arriving at Bali past dinner time didn’t stop us to go for our favorite sea food restaurant in Jimbaran: Menega.

It’s Friday night, so the popular restaurant wasn’t as packed as usual. 56 more words


Christmas In A Motorhome

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When we told the kids we were renting a motorhome for Christmas I think they were more excited about holidaying in a motorhome than Christmas itself.   976 more words