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Sampling the Cretan foods 

Every time I go to another country I always make sure I try the local foods, I’m a bit foodie anyway so this is never much of a chore for me! 544 more words

Kids club abroad

So I have never been a fan of kids club abroad, I mean why pay for a family holiday if you are going to dump your kids in care several times during the week right? 666 more words

Things I have learnt about T on this trip

She has the independence I knew about but is now growing the confidence to go along with it, during meal times she would happily go off to get her own drink and would get her own food and sit at a table on her own if I let her! 407 more words

Day Nine.. 

What a day today has been!!

Had next to no sleep last night as Lily was up most of the night in pain with her ear! 712 more words

Teaching your child to swim

I’ve taken T swimming from a young age? I think she was 10 weeks old on her first trip and she has always loved the water. 588 more words

Back from holiday, Back to blogging!

Hi guys I’m back after a superbly hot week away in Crete! What a beautiful place Crete is, We had a blast and I’m planning to tell you all about it over my next few posts. 341 more words

Woah we're going to Cyprus........woah back to the Island

Last week we flew out to the beautiful island of Cyprus. Luckily you can fly direct from Newcastle so it was only the 5 hour flight to battle. 866 more words

Coral Bay