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Sunshine State of Mind

Family is pretty stinkin’ precious. We feel that in full measure tonight. We spent a blessed 2 weeks with The Nana and Captain Ahab and oodles of time with the cousin, too.  278 more words


Heading For the Hills (Or As the Case May Be, The Ocean)

I should be sleeping in preparation for our flight outta Dodge tomorrow morning; but instead, I’m here.  Here are the top 5 things that have gone down around here this week.  251 more words

Yes, Indeedy

To Talk Or To Breathe

“Asking you to stop talking is like asking you to stop breathing.  It just doesn’t work out that well for you.”

Sweetman. To me.  When he wanted me to button it up.  470 more words

Yes, Indeedy

That Kid Has Some Awfully Funny Ideas

And by funny, I mean ridiculous. As in, “If you don’t knock it off with all of this funny business, there is going to be Big Trouble.”. 127 more words

Yes, Indeedy

A Rose By Any Other Name (Is Missindeedy)

Everyone in the house is getting excited that it’s finally June!  The end of the school year is in plain sight; and, more importantly, only a few more weeks until we get to go visit The Nana and Captain Ahab in Florida. 330 more words

Yes, Indeedy

Migraine For Mother

A great time was had by all.  All weekend long, while visiting a couple of states south with my brother and sister-in-law, and their children (the cousins), and The Gammy and The Grampa, I kept marveling at the fact that I am blessed beyond measure to be married into this family.  434 more words

Yes, Indeedy

Cussin', Cursin', and Swearin' - Oh My!

Intriguing, isn’t it?  Especially for those handful of you who read this (Thank You!)  and know me well enough, in-real-life, to know that I only do any of the three under extreme circumstances.  419 more words

Yes, Indeedy