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Fall and Fun: Basketball, the Park, and Backyard

Seamus is happiest when he’s moving. I honestly don’t know where he gets the energy, unless it’s from all the food he eats! Tonight I made veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. 447 more words

Family Life

Laundry in the 1950's Part 1

When she first married in 1946, Mother washed on a rub board.  By the time I was born, they’d come up enough in the world to acquire a second wringer-washing machine.   430 more words


Toys for Infants - Christmas is Almost Here!

In our little house, we have a 6 month old infant. Our baby Zachary is currently teething and full of random bursts of energy. There’s so many great products that help sooth them during the teething phase, but what about the rest of the time period? 333 more words


The gift of time

As our new rhythm defines itself since we got the news, I’ve had to let go of a few things. One recommendation that was made by the specialists that have followed our Little Man for the last few months was that we find him a part-time daycare or play group where he could be among kids his own age… 575 more words

Family Life

On Strike

A painting by German artist Herbert von Herkhomer, this named On Strike painted in about the 1870s.

Family Life

A Random List of Things I Miss about Having Small Children

Going to the zoo on a beautiful day.

How a trip to the library could be a full day’s activity.

Only working part-time.

The feeling of giddy joy and unlimited possibility that came just from them both being at a birthday party  at the same time. 92 more words

Family Life

Happiness is what we all want. Hot Chip and the delight of finding joy in music.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I get a bit obsessed by certain subjects, and that from time to time they’re all I go on about. 2,515 more words