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... And I am back!

So, it has been a LONG while since my last post. Life happens. I don’t even know where to start!! Ok. I suppose I can start a few months ago and spare you the boring details of life. 545 more words

Family Life

Letting My Living Room Go

I walked in the house the other night and saw the remnants of the day scattered around the living and dining room. Books over here, toys over there, unfinished pictures and markers on the table. 460 more words

A True Story: The Baby and the Dogfood

Our second youngest child, Daniel, has always been pleasant and easy-going, even as a baby.  His eyes are still twinkling and a slight smile graces his face. 594 more words


Enjoyment means looking in the right mirror

There are days that I get up and look in the mirror and think, “ugh.” I look at my cheeks and think about how if I smile too big I look like a chipmunk. 419 more words

Family Life

11 things I've learned (the hard way) in 11 years of marriage

Today marks 11 years of marriage for my husband and I. We were just barely 19 when we decided to march to the courthouse, full of love and blissfully ignorant, and get married. 1,216 more words


On a Tuesday

I believe I mentioned that The Mitten has been C.O.L.D. lately. And snowy. So I have been IN a lot!

Honey and I have been watching… 499 more words

Family Life

Babywearing for hands free parenting - sling libraries

I am so passionate about babywearing, it’s something I knew I would do from the first time I saw someone in a woven wrap, long before I became a parent. 726 more words