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Better get right on that

“Mama! God spoke me something!”

“Yeah, buddy? What did God tell you?”

“… He wants me to build an ark.”

Family Life

Panama 2018 Day 12: Explaining Inequality to Children

Gloria’s grandchildren are nothing if not observant.

Abuela, why does Tia Pamela have peanut butter, and we don’t? Why does Tia Pamela have warm water to bathe in? 455 more words


Growing Girly

Lyra had her 4 month check up! She weighs 13.7lbs and is 2ft tall! She’s in the 30th percentile her age. Lyra is unstoppable. Her perseverance astounds me daily. 171 more words


School Days

It’s one of those days again. I am just happy and feelĀ  so proud that our little Nate has maintained his grades this third grading period. 81 more words

Family Life

Happy Saraswati Puja - Day 22

Tired to my last bone. Have been cooking and doing everything that goes along with having a puja at home. Most of the work at my end is done. 190 more words


Winter Routine for Baby

Winter weather is hard on everyone’s skin, but for my Rainey Roux it has been unbelievably rough. She is her father’s child in more ways than one, she looks just like him and sadly she inherited his skin issues. 391 more words