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Any Day Below Ground….

My daddy, rest his old, blessed soul, was a coal miner. For years, he literally worked his fingers to the bone, five days a week for the Carter Coal Company in Roslyn, Washington. 522 more words


Accomplishment isn't measured by a clean house

There are days when Jimmi is almost home that I look around the house and feel like a failure. I ask myself, “What have I done all day?” The house looks mediocre at best, but if I haven’t been cleaning why am I so exhausted? 874 more words

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The Balance of Purpose and Pleasure

Every feel like you’re coasting along? Of course, I mean productively coasting along. Highly effective at work, tidy home, happy family – well, apart from the pee on the floor incident by the toddler earlier. 394 more words

A very special birthday!

Andy was 9 last Friday and although normally birthdays are times of celebration for families of children with a disability it can be a bitter sweet time. 513 more words



Violence is wrong, right? And violence against children is always wrong. I certainly think so. But making smacking illegal will not miraculously make everything right for all children and their families.

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It was predictable...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It is a hot day, 86F (30C).

Yesterday, as John was performing  post-emerge herbicide applications, he discovered areas where there is not a “good stand” of soybeans.  462 more words


A shocking dose of educational reality.

This Facebook thing I saw and re-posted yesterday really hit me hard, especially in the comments it generated from my many friends who have a vested interest in public education. 542 more words

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