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Wilderness Voices: Repent

A crucial message of the Biblical prophets was for the people to repent.  But is this a message we still need to hear today?

I know I’ve been to plenty of services, prayer meetings, and small groups where the subject was repentance.   755 more words


Friday 20th January 2017

It’s Friday, the suns shining it would be a lovely day if it wasn’t for the horrible cough that’s plaguing the little ones. Their currently sleeping and coughing in turns. 47 more words

Family Life

Introducing Agnes

Some people believe in fate; I prefer to think that life is a massive tangle of random threads and we forge our own path by the decisions we make. 573 more words


I’m a right one for lists.  I mean, it’s not a bad thing; they have their place, and a very treasured one at that.  But sometimes my lists get carried away with themselves and I accumulate… 926 more words

Family Life

Yummy waffle recipe

Well, well, I am mostly trying to give C something healthy to eat without too much sugar or fat but from time to time it needs to be something “not so healthy” as well. 143 more words


Two boys, a husband and a dog

So our family now has a new addition, a 5 week old puppy which my elder son named Kobe.

My son really wanted a puppy and we thought that it would be a good idea for him to get his first pet; teach him about responsibility and have a little buddy that he could run around with while his little brother learns to navigate his legs. 379 more words


A Tribute to Love, To the Love of My Life

There I was, a young college student looking for love. The kind of love that makes your lungs be fuller, covers your skin with goosebumps, and tastes like hope. 333 more words