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Sometimes life is like this:

You take a tub, get out, and put your jammies on. And then you decide you want to get back in the tub. 89 more words

Family Life

Nan's Birthday Cakes


“Don’t disagree with me Charlotte because I have been baking longer than you!” Jessie said.

“Well it’s all about following the recipe,” replied Charlotte. 83 more words

All I've Got These Days is a Quick Update

  1. Porter is talking a lot more. Naturally, I think it’s really cute. He says “No fair!” with no idea what that means. He’s just echoing his brothers.
  2. 366 more words
Family Life

How AdVINTAGEous - It's frothy man! TV adverts from back in the day

“They peel them with their little knives”

Jack Warner extols the virtues of formica. Geoffrey Palmer slams in some lamb, and turkey tycoon Bernard Matthews declares that his produce is ‘bootiful’. 906 more words

The Adventures of My Complicated Little Boy – Part 5

My Complicated Little Boy turned 13 this weekend.  Goodness me how did that happen?  How did he get so old??  How did I get so old?? 474 more words


homeschooling: living the balanced life

Homeschooling and Living the Balanced Life=an Oxymoron???

Lots of juggling. Lots of interruptions. Lots of squirmishes. Too busy, they say. Hard to argue. There’s not a lot of hours in the day unaccounted for. 1,092 more words

Family Life

Faking It

By Pastor Paula Burchill

When I first became a pastor and was called to pray with people, I felt like a big fake.  I thought for sure people could see right through me—to my doubting heart, to how out of my element I felt, to how scared I was.  595 more words