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Backcountry Beauty and the Beasts that call it Home

While the kids were staying with their grandparents this past week, Family Man and I took the rare opportunity to go backpacking. This was our first backpacking trip we’ve done together since we’ve been parents, so it was pretty exciting. 1,239 more words


As I get older I do not “improve”

As I get older, I do not “improve” i.e. become more mature, more of a “family man”. On the contrary I become purer me. That means MORE scopophiliac, MORE priapic, MORE provocative. 89 more words

LOCKE(2013), Tersudut, Terjepit, Terperangkap


Director: Steven Knight.Writers: Steven Knight .Stars: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson.Durasi: 85 minutes .Year: 2013.


– No Oscar.

No turning back… 446 more words


Nicolas Fucking Cage - A Love Story

I remember my teenage years, it was The Best of Times for me. But not for everyone. I had this buddy named Nick and he wanted to leave our rural life in the south. 1,212 more words


Chris Hemsworth Knows What the Ladies Like!

If you only do one thing today…start following Chris Hemsworth on Instagram!!! I might have what you would call a “crush” on the beefy hunk that plays Thor. 205 more words


Family Man, by Calvin Trillin

Family Man is a collection of essays by Calvin Trillin on child raising and family matters.

I first started subscribing to The Nation in the early 1980s, and I always enjoyed Trillin’s humor column. 1,021 more words


Fleetwood Mac Friday #9: “Family Man”

Today I’m going to write about what is unequivocally the worst Fleetwood Mac song, “Family Man.” The song’s unparalleled terrible songwriting quality defies explanation, and that’s why it fascinates me. 322 more words