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Streets and voices of Glenn Hodge Banned

Every now and then a particular voice steps forward which just rings true for ears musically and thoughts lyrically. It is like they, whether a single artist or band, tap into the psyche and breath of the daily world around you in a broad or intimate honesty easy to find unity with. 703 more words


Saya telah menyelesaikan menonton sekuel film TAKEN, mulai TAKEN 1 dilanjutkan TAKEN 2, diakhiri TAKEN 3. Filmnya biasa saja sih. Kisah seorang mantan Agen CIA, Bryan Mills, yang terpaksa menghadapi teroris Internasional. 420 more words


Keeping it Together

“What are we going to do?” I asked my brother for like the thousandth time. We were sitting on our parents’ bed overwhelmed by the task of settling their estates and figuring out how to move on past their deaths. 2,845 more words

Adam Gardener

August 3, 2015

Today, I made a commitment to my self that I will be healthy and lose the extra pounds of fat.

I am a 39 years old, father of two beautiful, wonderful, kind, generous and most of all loving daughters. 403 more words

Active Living


Leroy Weldon read the computer screen over his daughter’s shoulder, and let out a frantic shout so loud that his wife and 7 year old twin boys came running in the room. 1,043 more words


Backcountry Beauty and the Beasts that call it Home

While the kids were staying with their grandparents this past week, Family Man and I took the rare opportunity to go backpacking. This was our first backpacking trip we’ve done together since we’ve been parents, so it was pretty exciting. 1,239 more words


As I get older I do not “improve”

As I get older, I do not “improve” i.e. become more mature, more of a “family man”. On the contrary I become purer me. That means MORE scopophiliac, MORE priapic, MORE provocative. 89 more words