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You can hardly blame me for wanting to show off such beauty.

I’m struggling to choose the right descriptor. Gorgeous? Exquisite? Sensational? Breathtaking? Her mom chose “stunning” when she texted the pictures of Marissa and Kaden. 21 more words

Family Matters

The good earth.

The impetus for the experiment was a note from my friend Frank, who will be surprised, I suspect, by this news, mostly because he sent the note more than two years ago, but also because he will be generally surprised (though, I hope, not annoyed) to find himself mentioned here. 1,085 more words

What's For Dinner

Do You Have the Courage to Leave a Legacy?

Eulogy given at my father’s funeral, March 1, 2012. I usually repost it every day on his birthday, August 9. This year, a Facebook post sent to me by my wife and daughter…

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Family Matters

Losing my father.

20/Jan/2017 @ Phuket International Airport

So, let’s get serious. I have always believed that we are story-tellers, and so I hope that by sharing this, something good happens to you and me, or not. 1,011 more words


Right in my own backyard.

The adventures husband Peter and I used to have are part of my memories and photo albums. His increasingly confused state — dementia has gained on him — keeps us home now. 443 more words


the real carl m. nill

It would take several volumes to describe my dad. But if I had to condense it to one page, I’d simply share this letter.

“Sharon Carlson, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.” That would be me. 32 more words

Family Matters

Brady Skips White House Visit for a "Family Matters" TV Marathon

New England – Tom Brady shocked many supporters when he announced that he planned to skip the New England Patriots victory trip to the White House on Wednesday, albeit not for political reasons. 133 more words