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Places Kids Eat Free - Angela Richter | Angela Richter

Let’s face it, eating out can be expensive.  It can be especially expensive when we have a family!  I can make a stop at a local fast food restaurant and it can be thirty dollars easy for my husband and I and three teens! 22 more words

Family Matters

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Hotels for children

Hotels usually cater to adults. I mean, hotels have spas,  free drinks, chocolates. But really it’s the adults that are paying for the hotels, so it kind of makes sense for hotels to give the adults the things they like. 169 more words

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Family Matters, April 29

Today Mae talks about:

  • Curse-word therapy
  • Advice for when people criticize your looks
  • “You know your children are growing up when they stop asking you where they came from and refuse to tell you where they’re going.” — P.
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brother dk

The seven hours it took to drive to Winthrop, Washington, felt more like seven minutes. Mauri and I love a good road trip, and the changing topography along the route kept us well entertained.  728 more words

Family Matters

Family Matters - Chapter 3: Journey Toward a New Life

—Altair – Solo Orbiter, Residential Ward—

“You ready, officer?” Samantha smirked as she came out of Liam’s room, carrying his bag.
“I get this feeling you’re not going to let me live this down are you?” 1,101 more words

Family Matters

Think About the Children!!!

I have written about my kids’ non-relationship with their father.  I’ve wrestled with that fact but I’m pretty sure I’m done.  Maybe if he had been more active in their lives when we were married I might feel differently but then again, if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its ass when it hopped. 1,594 more words