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A Secret Letter

Grown ups are weird. No, make it confused and weird. They speak and behave in such contrasting ways, I sometimes wonder how they don’t observe it themselves! 457 more words

Memorable Moments

Disciplining Methods For Kids

Mae came across a “TIME” article about ways to discipline your kids — a touchy subject for many. Parents in the community sound off on why they do or do not spank their kids and why consistency is important. 17 more words



This summer Quinn took her kids on a nostalgic return to Michigan, the land where she collected the most childhood memories and considers “home.” She showed them where she attended junior high, high school, and college. 222 more words

Family Matters

Family Matters: Like A Virgin

Harriet finds a love note that fell out of Eddie’s pants pocket and she shares it with Carl. It says “Eddie, we were foolish to wait. 386 more words


What Would Jesus Watch - 5: Marriage Retreat


Welcome to “What Would Jesus Watch?”, our summer exploration into the overlooked and underexplored genre of Christian Cinema.

Ever want to spend a weekend camping with the 3 worst couples on Earth? 228 more words


Things I Learned Growing Up With A Broken Family

We’ve all seen those movies with those picture-perfect families. You know, the generic, middle-class white family that lives in the classy two-story house in the middle of a peaceful Suburbia. 2,389 more words

Fashion Staples

Hi there everybody, today I wanted to try something fun. If you want to find out how most of us feel about fashion staples, vote and check out the results. 55 more words

Fashion Looks