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A Thank You Letter To My Friends Without Kids

This was an original piece of mine published in Parent Co and is being republished here on the blog. My family receives an incredible amount of encouragement, (FREE) childcare and good times from friends who do not have children. 606 more words


come and gone

This guy finally made it home. Three weeks was a long time to be apart, likely the longest stretch in our 22.5 years. FaceTime helped us remember what the other looks and sounds like. 55 more words

Family Matters

birdfeeders... a wintery in- and outdoor activity with the little ones

as winter has for surely moved in, in these past weeks, i’m sure lots of us mothers have thought about what to do with the littles ones on those cold snowy days except going sleighing or skiing. 878 more words


All in a day of being a mother.

“Mom I am sick and I will not be going to school anymore.” That was the first thing my five year old son said when he got home today, day four of going to school. 357 more words

A Day In A Life

It's official, I'm the shrimp in the family

It isn’t fair. Why would I, short as I am, have a son over six feet tall whose nine-year-old son already plays basketball and is the tallest kid in his class? 473 more words

Labyrinth Lost - Zoraida Cordova

4/5 Stars

Premise: Alejandra’s family is as thick as thieves, they have to be when their community of brujas and brujos are dwindling. However, Alejandra hides a secret…she doesn’t want to be a bruja and will do just about anything to give her power back to the Deos on her Deathday. 880 more words

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