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Chinese surnames and common office titles

If your answer was 0 Chinese at work, I’d recommend you at least learn the major surnames. You don’t want to aggravate any inadvertent “all look the same” with “all your names are gobbledegook.” People’s names matter, plus when speaking to a non-English speaker you want to be able to call for the right colleague. 228 more words


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Looking at Photos

I love this picture of four pretty ladies relaxing on the lawn, looking at photographs, eating bananas. Most likely it was in 1933, after Genevieve “Jean” Pucilowski married Stephen Mirota on August 26th.  112 more words

Family Names

Kids Say: My papa is my papa.

The other day, we were talking about extended relatives.  Landon has two grandmas but he wasn’t counting them as grandmas because he doesn’t call them “grandma”. 107 more words


naming the twins

What’s in a name?

The husband and I (although we rarely agree on much) agree on naming our children; no ‘funny, ridiculous’ names, no names that can be shortened to something horrible (kids can be nasty) and a name must be strong, something for our children to look up to. 300 more words

Life And Something Like It

Mirota Sisters as George and Martha Washington - 1932

By George – it’s Washington’s Birthday! In this photo my sister recently sent me, Mary Mirota was dressed as George Washington, with her sister, Genevieve, dressed as Martha. 96 more words



Oh I do love a good nickname, some are names that stick after an incident, some are shortened versions of names, some are given to people based on their heritage, looks or personality and some are given in cruel jest. 478 more words

Day 25: Thai surnames

As part of a project that I’m working on, I’m constantly needing to come up with people’s names for example sentences. All of the names that come to my mind are very western sounding, David, Daniel, Mike, John, Paul, etc. 779 more words