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Sexism by anti-sexist activists

Change doesn’t come easily.

7 March is International Women’s Day, activism against gender inequity is experiencing a ‘third wave’, supported by writers, scholars and civic organisations alike – and yet, old habits are… 599 more words


Sweet William

Many Italian-American families, like mine, christened first born sons the paternal grandfather’s name. Second born sons were given the maternal grandfather’s name, and the third sons wore their father’s name. 895 more words


My Current Goals.

A few months ago, I created a family tree on Ancestry.com to keep track of where I am in my family tree. I didn’t have any specific goals, so I ended up wandering from my mom’s side of the family to my dad’s side of the family and didn’t complete each generation before moving on to the next one. 279 more words


What's Really In A Name?

Names are rather important things.  They give a sense of purpose as well as a sense of pride in perhaps being named after an ancestor, besides the fact that names are rather handy in addressing a person besides shouting, “hey you!”  But what if the name just isn’t a good fit for you?   2,376 more words


Doran Y-DNA Results

The Y-DNA results are in from a family member and the haplogroup is R-M269. The test was done at Family Tree DNA out of Houston, Texas. 247 more words


What's in a Name


Judy Wills

Have you ever considered your name? I mean, really thought about your name…why you were given the name you have…if you were named after someone…if so, who and why? 622 more words

Judy Wills-Sunday Memories