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VK Discussion Forun On NFHS Survey

ఒక్కరే చాలంటున్నారు.. మరి మీరేమంటారు..?

మీ అభిప్రాయాలను ‘వసుంధర.నెట్’ వేదికగా పంచుకోండి..continue

VK Discussion Forum

Interesting facts about recent NFHS Survey

ఇద్దరు వద్దు.. ఒక్కరే ముద్దంటున్నారు..!

ఒక్కరే సంతానం కావాలనుకునేవారు గత దశాబ్దంతో పోలిస్తే చాలా వరకు తగ్గారని, ఇందుకు కారణాలూ..continue

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In God We Trust -

Or is it Family Planning?

Many Christians, if not the vast majority, say that they trust God. They may go to church every week, read their Bibles, pray, give of both time and resources and genuinely believe that they are ‘walking in the light’. 1,210 more words



Use of regular family planning is high in Kenya (33%) as compared to other African countries.Despite this. Kenya still has a high fertility rate (total fertility rate 4.85 per 1000 population),which as a consequence has a high number of unwanted pregnancies. 101 more words


FP2020: What is Immediate Postpartum Family Planning?

It is well known, in fact documented with evidence that women who are newly delivered or even those who just went through post abortion care are at best time to receive counseling for family planning. 377 more words


The Green Light

Hey guys! So as of the last blog post, we were scheduled to go in for a post-surgery consult with our fertility doctor on Jan 15th. 386 more words

Inspiration|Breaking the Cycle

We should break the cycle of creating babies when you don’t have a income or no shelter for them. This is not normal for a and you only set your child up for failure-LK