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Mammam's Summer Salad

Earlier today we did a Facebook Live featuring a “getting to know you” of our Lucy Bee. She shared a family recipe that has become her delight to mix up for our family. 223 more words

Family Matters

Growing strawberries

I have been thinking a lot recently about my paternal grandmother. I am not sure why, both her birthday and death fall in October so there is no reason in May to feel her presence but I have been. 519 more words


Family in twelve steps combinatorial

Page one of honouring your ties familial
is love true and nurturing, uncensorial.
Then, it follows, the TV is off prandial
to learn each other by way oratorial. 42 more words


Avocado and Tomato Salad

A simple salad that’s a perfect compliment to any summer meal.

Summer Salad


Mama's Tiramisu - Mother's Day Recipe

Our Italian heritage has meant we have grown up with a strong sense of family and with that comes a keen appreciation for food. Stretching as far back as we remember, every milestone event was celebrated with copious amounts of home-cooked dishes stemming from the influence of our grandparents, who to this today in their nineties, continue to cook for all of us on a weekly basis. 515 more words

Restaurant Reviews

Swirled Sugar Cookies

A buddy of mine (the one I’d made the painter’s cookies for) was feeling a hankering for more cookies a couple weeks back. Specifically, I kept receiving texts that sounded like she was lost in the wilderness, and only sugar cookies could hope to sustain her. 244 more words


A Hungry Cowboy's Chunky Chili

Ever crunched for time and that special someone asks, “What’s for supper?” Rather than letting yourself begin to boil, may I suggest taking this as-easy-as-it-gets chili to a gentle boil instead? 159 more words