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Peas Pulao

This past week marked the 42nd wedding anniversary of my parents, growing up we celebrated the day with a gathering of friends and family and my mom like always cooked up a feast. 372 more words


How To Make: strawberry chia seed popsicles

Chia seeds were originally grown in Mexico. In the Mayan language “chia” means “strength”.

Using chia seeds in popsicles is a fun and easy way to get nutrition such as vitamin E or Omega-3 fats. 413 more words

Recipe: Mom's Baklava

You can’t beat one of mom’s recipes, especially if that recipe has been handed down through generations. My mother’s baklava recipe, that she first learned while visiting relatives in former Yugoslavia, has become quite famous among family and friends and is always requested at dinner parties and celebrations. 436 more words


Red Velvet cupcakes... because Valentines Day, which is stupid but it's going to be 20 below zero so why not bake?

I avoid Hallmark holidays as a rule. I went along with the whole Elementary school bullshit of buying my kids cheap cards at the drug store to hand out to their class, once or twice I might have been bored enough to even sit down and make homemade valentines with them… but I’m not really sad that they’ve outgrown it. 332 more words


Famous Greek Salad

I have been trying so hard to emulate a salad dressing that I LOVE from this one Greek restaurant. After many attempts, my friend told me that they sell it for 4$ a container and that I should just go buy it. 155 more words


Ben's Favorite Cheesy Beef and Rice Enchiladas

I don’t remember where I got this recipe. As with most of the recipes I use, I’ve tweaked it a bit. My son (now 20) will request these every once in a while. 245 more words
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Got Football? Then You Need Green Chile Queso Blanco!

With Superbowl Sunday just around the corner, I wanted to share one of my favorite family recipes with you all. It is packed full of lots of amazing dairy products. 384 more words