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Ada's Rice Dressing

In the mid 1890s, my great grandfather, Andrew Joseph Rowell, Jr., was a young man in need of gainful employ. He has heard that there were jobs at a logging camp in Chicora, Miss., which was not too far away. 289 more words

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Pumpkin Chiffon Puffs

The love of cooking didn’t just start with The Cub in our family. We have a long history of creative chefs who whip up delicious recipes with such ease. 761 more words


Talkin' Turkey

I can take a hint.

That’s why when Daddy mailed me the recipe for his foolproof Thanksgiving turkey, I figured the baton had been passed and I was doing the cooking this year. 592 more words

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Sweet and Spicy, it's Pepper Jelly

Sweet and spicy are two flavors that go hand-in-hand. And way before Sriracha, which lists sugar as it’s second ingredient, took over as the condiment du jour, there was another sugary, hot contender for a place on the southern table: pepper jelly. 384 more words

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Chicken and Dumplings

Granny died fifteen years ago this past March. She was just a few weeks shy of her 99th birthday. Brother and I thought that she’d live forever, and she just about did. 1,800 more words

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Banana Bread

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! This was the first time in my life buying bananas for the purpose of strictly making banana bread. Don’t get me wrong, this recipe deserves to be made that sort of intention first and foremost – it just hasn’t happened that way for me until now. 281 more words


Chicken Rice Soup

I’m excited to share the recipe for chicken rice soup that my mom made for the family regularly.  It’s only seven ingredients but it’s very tasty and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, too! 259 more words