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Scones, a 'Secret' Family Recipe

My grandmother was recently admitted to the hospital.  After a couple of days in a small, rural facility she needed to be transferred to a higher acuity hospital.  944 more words


Ah Ma's Fried Rice

Every family and cook has their own version of fried rice.  I loved my mom’s fried rice which has a different flavor profile than most fried rices I have had at restaurants.   332 more words


Pesto & Veggie Pasta Bake

This recipe is a new take on the old classic and timeless family favourite Mac & Cheese.

I used wholewheat pasta noodles and added veggies to pack in the nutrients. 472 more words


Grandma Velma's Calico Beans 

When I was young(er) I would always go to my Grandma Velma’s house after school. She loved to bake the most interesting things like sea foam and thumbprint cookies with jam in the middle. 270 more words

TC's BBQ Ribs

I think I’ve mentioned before what a great cook my dad is.  One of his summer specialties is BBQ ribs, they’re tender, juicy and utterly amazing!  704 more words

Lemon-Herb Marinated Chicken

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This is the make-ahead summer corollary to the Rosemary Roast Chicken that my family makes for many of our fall and winter birthdays and other celebrations. 359 more words


Meaty-Veg Pie

This is a recipe I created in an effort to find something that could feed both my husband and son, whilst simultaneously packing in the veggies in a tasty way (not to mention actually getting my husband to eat some greens!). 371 more words