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Eating Healthy Foods You Love

In this month’s meeting of Prevent T2, the topic of discussion was how to cook healthy food that we enjoy. Just because we are trying to eat healthy does not mean that we have to limit ourselves to broccoli and skinless chicken breasts. 379 more words


Penelope Nejad's Banana Meringue Pie

Emily Nejad and I met last spring when we sat next to each other at a Forth Chicago event for female entrepreneurs. When I sat down and realized who she was, I immediately began fangirling. 1,085 more words


Homemade Coconut & Tapioca Yogurt

Making homemade yogurt was always quick and easy when I lived in Brazil.

Sure, the constant heat helps the bacteria’s job. You leave milk sitting out on the kitchen table overnight and you’ll have fresh yogurt (or at least a thick layer of curd) the following morning. 822 more words


Fresh Peach Cream Cheese Layer Pie


  • 2, 9 in frozen pie crusts
  • 3 oz peach jello
  • 1 c. sugar
  • 1 tbsp. corn starch
  • 1 c. cold water
  • 12 peaches
  • 8 oz cream cheese…
  • 76 more words


I know we are a good week into September, but snickerdoodles are pretty synonymous with Christmas to me. It’s a cookie Grandma Helen always made for that time of year, for which my dad and I were thankful. 326 more words


Kindred Cookbook: Sweet, end of summer biscuits

The temperature outside has dropped into the sweater weather range and bakers all across the Midwest can now comfortably turn on their ovens without transforming their kitchen (or in my case, entire apartment) into the third circle of Hell. 493 more words


Recipe - Honey And Mustard Chicken

This was a bit of a last minute throw it all together and pray type of recipe but it turned out amazingly well!  It was another one that I gave to the boys and they both ate it all which is fantastic as I have mentioned before, they can be fussy! 232 more words