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Mama's Secret Recipe - Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread

I slowly open my eyes and rub the sleep away wondering what day it is. I swing my bedroom door wide and a wave of nuttiness and chocolate overwhelms my senses. 152 more words

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Back in commission

It’s been nearly a year since our last post. Sorry about the impromptu hiatus.

First year in university hit me hard. I didn’t have the time nor any extra room in my brain to tap out a new blog post every now and then. 578 more words


Kindred Cookbook: Don't pass up pistachio salad

From a young age, my mom and grandma instilled in me a truly wonderful state of mind — a dish can contain marshmallows and you can still call it a salad. 329 more words


When In Doubt Eat (Cheese) Cake

So getting pretty real here. In May I lost my job due to restructuring so I took some time off blogging to reset our lives. I’ve been interviewing, job hunting, researching, joining professional groups and attending lectures. 299 more words


Unlocking the Family Vault for You: Pierogi┬á´╗┐

We all look for simple recipes, right?

I know that when I search for something to make, I look for words like “Quick,” “Easy,” “Fast,” … you get the idea. 839 more words


Middle Eastern Rainbow Chard Pie

It is more “Scottish monsoon” than “flaming June” around here so you will forgive me, I hope, for ignoring salads and plumping for pie. A summer-into-fall (!) luscious chard, portabello mushroom and broccoli pie, studded with nuggets of feta, buttery pine nuts and magical za’atar. 917 more words

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The Most Delicious, Simple French Toast Recipe Ever!

The Most Delicious, Simple French Toast Recipe Ever!

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June 29th, 2017


Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect, flavorful, golden crunch French toast that you probably get at your local diner? 316 more words