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My Family's Stuffed Mushrooms

When it comes to the Italian side of my family, appetizers are an essential part of any meal. From Christmas to birthdays to Sunday dinner back when my Nana was young enough to cook every week: olives, bread, caponata, and other pre-dinner foods were distributed over the table. 710 more words


Lemon-Orange Ice Cream

This has been a favorite family recipe since we found it in a magazine I inherited from my Grandmother about 20 years ago. It’s a very simple recipe – squeeze fresh lemons and oranges, mix in enough sugar to keep it from being ridiculously tart, then add milk and cream (or just half & half) and freeze it. 309 more words


Spicy Tofu

I’ve just tried and tested our vegetarian option for this Saturdays Food Market in Hoxton. It is DELICIOUS!!! Try our pan fried Tofu, marinaded with garlic, lemongrass, chillies and soy. 6 more words

Our Family Spaghetti Sauce

Our great grandfather is from Italy, so we have that Italian blood and the love for Italian food.  Everyone in our family makes the same spaghetti sauce. 131 more words

Cua Pao (Gua Bao) - Lovingly learned from my Mom-In-Law

I first tasted Cua Pao when my mother-in-law visited us in California and she made her own version.  From then on, because of the savory, sour, sweet and nutty taste of Cua Pao, it’s become one of the family favorites.  203 more words


An Apple [Pie] a Day

I’ve heard it said there’s nothing more American than baseball and apple pie.

Baseball I can do without.

Apple pie is another story.

Specifically, this story. 574 more words


Coconut Cream Chicken Paprika Recipe

I made a Paleo version of one of my favorite family recipes today! My mom makes delicious chicken paprika, but it has tons of sour cream in it. 243 more words

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