Weekend Web Wanderings: Mother's Day Edition

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The History and Tension of Mother’s Day (Ryan Reeves)

 Brunches and carnations are great, but it seems the biblical pattern of honoring our parents is not to allow one holiday to stand in for the thanks we should give our mothers on a regular basis.

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Gospel Community

Home Science: Family Resources

Chapter 22: Family Resources

Resources are all the things used to achieve our goals. The types of family resources  – money, land, time, energy, knowledge, material goods, community facilities, skills and abilities. 100 more words


International campaign to help sexual assault survivors launches in QC

I believe you. These three little words can make all the difference to a survivor of sexual abuse or assault.

April is sexual assault awareness month and the first Wednesday of the month, April 4th, is Start by Believing day – an international campaign to change the way we respond to sexual abuse. 275 more words


25 Must-Read Resources for Siblings of Children and Adults With Disabilities

This is an article that I have wanted to write for a long time as it is personal to me. I watch my youngest nephew growing up with the responsibility of caring for his older brother with a disability. 435 more words

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Start by Believing: How to support sexual assault survivors and spot abuse

The topic of sexual assault has been plaguing the news with new reports coming out every day.

Some well-known cases are the Harvey Weinstein or Larry Nassar cases but the issue is also right here in our community. 576 more words


Early Intervention-Resources and Information

Early intervention services are provided through the IDEA Act-  a law that makes available a free appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities throughout the nation and ensures special education and related services. 210 more words