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3 Tips for Responding to “It’s Not Fair”

“But, it’s not fair!” This phrase, and the tone that comes with it, is a universal button pusher for parents. It inevitably comes a time when you’re already running low on patience, and calmly engaging in a discussion about the fairness of a situation is the last thing that you want to do. 625 more words


Your Family Voyage: Family Rules

SOURCE:  Excerpted from the book by P. Roger Hillerstrom

Rules and More Rules.  No human response is absurd regardless of how ridiculous it appears.  Each person’s behavior, decisions, and reactions emerge from a context of some sort.  1,996 more words


Trying to Implement the Healthy IPad Use - IPad Rules for Kids

Every generation is different. My generation was growing up skipping the elastic rope and playing on portable handheld Tetris joysticks. Today’s generation does different stuff: they ride balance wheels and play IPad. 523 more words


Do's and Don'ts of Digital Parenting

Most of us were full-grown by the time we ever held a smartphone or a tablet in our hands. This obviously won’t be true for your kids, who may already be more handy with an iPad than you are. 81 more words

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How to Take Total Control of Your Data

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Raising Boys

I often say that I don’t care what my kids do when they grow up as long as they’re good people. This is mostly true, but I will confess that I worry more about my boys in this respect than I do my girls. 928 more words


Why You Should Talk To Your Teen About The Web

The internet is an important and natural part of modern teenagers’ lives. This means that as a parent, it’s crucial that you understand how and what they use it for and discuss these topics with your teen. 347 more words

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