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I’m under a gag order. I guess it falls under the category of the majority rules. By a vote of 5 to 1, I find myself in uncharted territory. 1,025 more words


#6 Grandma -- Woman of Mystery

Grandma Emma on the right.

I have begun numbering these entries, as it’s getting confusing on my end keeping track of The Big Picture. On a “housekeeping” note, I’ve found that every once in awhile messages to me get lost between my iPhone and my computer. 1,270 more words

Happy 3rd Birthday Beyond Grace's Rainbow - Self-published to Book Deal

I’m taking a trip down memory lane today. Did you know that it was this week, three years ago, that Beyond Grace’s Rainbow hit the virtual bookshelves? 664 more words

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Family Secrets (G-uno)

I am a personal assistant so when someone hires me it’s usually because they are trying to juggle their family responsibilities along with their career responsibilities, and the demands that come with both obligations have my employers stretched almost to their breaking points. 283 more words


Amelia's notebook | Il quaderno di Amelia

So that’s where she used to go. I had no idea this was the place. And now that I see it, I understand so much more. 834 more words

I'm Telling Family Secrets

No I’m not.

But I want to see how many of my siblings

Aunts and uncles




Read this just to make sure they don’t need to start scrambling.


Life Chatter

50 word story: 'Discovery'

Sooo, after I scribbled this one, my brain started whirring, with lots of ideas stemming from this story – that can only be a good thing, right? 64 more words

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