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Sublime Consultation

Her eyes, windows of silent remorse.


as a matter of sublime consultation,

she gave reflection to daughters, of course.

The outsourced meandering gave creed to reckless abandonment and misdeeds. 18 more words


Til Death

Til Death: A Fractured Souls Novel by Kate Evangelista, Entangled: Teen (March 4, 2014). ISBN: 9781622662326. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.

Selena Fallon lost her parents when she was almost too young to remember them. 230 more words


Review of "Summer in Tintagel" by Amanda James (published by Urbane Publications)

‘The spirit of romance’

A genuinely heartwarming romance, with a paranormal twist, set on the rugged North Cornwall coast. By the end, I felt I knew Rosa, the central character, extremely well. 243 more words


Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, Speak; Reprint edition (March 3, 2015) . ISBN: 9780147514356. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.

Harper Price is third generation Southern Belle and looming on her social horizon is the Cotillion, a transforming event her mother and grandmother experienced. 209 more words


B.J. Daniels' 'Hard Rain' Is Criminally Addictive [REVIEW]

When a young woman’s father runs for president, her entire world comes under scrutiny and secrets that threaten her family’s future just won’t stay buried. Will she be able to get to the truth before it is too late? 385 more words


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In B.J. Daniels' Hard Rain, the author proves it is hard to keep family secrets buried when bodies won't stay in the ground. Our reviewer calls this book "criminally addictive." Read it for yourself to find out why.

Don't Expect Magic

Don’t Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough, Delacorte Press (November 8, 2011). ISBN: 9780385740128. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.

Life hasn’t been exactly kind to Delaney Collins and it just hauled off and kicked her to the curb. 192 more words