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What does he know?

My brother recently told me something about car insurance that seemed a little surprising. I always thought that car insurance was terrible for people under the age of 25 because it was too damned expensive, and one of the lecturers actually told me that’s because they see people under 25 as being a liability. 310 more words


What a toddler harness says about our attitude towards children

Ever since I was a kid myself, I have stressed the importance of treating kids as equals, addressing the failures of the previous generation to hold on to their integrity while raising a large family. 551 more words


Your Life is everybody's But Yours- Part(II)

In the first part as I ended the post on family itself, most of you must have wondered why did I even mention bigshots making charity donations to the society in its first paragraph. 685 more words


Your Life is everybody's But Yours- Part(I)

A person- you, I, he, she, Tom, Harry… dreams about becoming something that others would take notice of. At times, his story begins with ‘I’ and ends in ‘Myself’. 730 more words


My soul doesn't belong to anyone else, and neither should yours

In a few days, there is a christening for a recently born member of my family. Naturally, I dislike the prospect, and I neither can nor will support it. 611 more words


My experience in Italy (Part 1): Dealing with family

Yes, I’m back from my holiday (sorry it took so long to right this post by the way). I was in Italy for a week with my two brothers, my dad, and his partner (who is not my mother) and her daughter (who is also unrelated and 11 years younger than me), and as you might expect I am writing about the experience on this blog. 1,044 more words

My Self

For what they were... we are: Neolithic peoples from Britain and Ireland ate a lot of dairies and nearly no fish

Not only fish consumption was pretty much abandoned in Britain and Ireland with the arrival of Neolithic only recovered under Viking influence many millennia later but the most striking fact is that it was replaced by milk as main source of proteins.  286 more words