Saving our Streets Part 2

Drug Abuse is an issue that have been taking over many urban cities in the United States of America since the early 70s and have been an issue since. 523 more words


News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode # 98: The Dangers of Ironing

   Like most moms, I have some very clear memories of firsts with my kids. First giggle, first wail from Santa’s lap, first haircut with with craft scissors behind closed doors. 1,037 more words


A Trip in Time--Visiting Wellesley College's Botanic Gardens

The trails hereabouts were all clear as we approached spring, until we were hit with a late season blizzard, and so it’s back to icy trails and the challenge to find safe places to walk. 1,197 more words

Blog Posts--Easy Walks

The Places I'm From

I am from that indigo moment before dawn
Boiled up from 2 parts sulfurous water
One part shining, frozen snow, and
a dash of good whiskey thrown in for flavor. 154 more words

Rascal (RIP 3/23/16)

Denial – I knew he was sick. But I didn’t think he was that sick. Sure, cataracts blinded him, but that didn’t mean death. In fact, I was working on an inspirational post to show how pets don’t let illness ruin them. 635 more words


Getting to know him

My great-grandfather died just before his fiftieth birthday in 1895; his children were very young, so their memories of him were not that clear, especially as he may not have lived with them all the time… Although he, Louis, never married anyone else, he didn’t marry my great grand-mother, Lois, either. 657 more words

Family Stories