Finding My Voice with Help from the Jewish World

“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly shots rang out!” 

Poor Snoopy! For all his “dogged” attempts, Charles Schultz’s beloved beagle has not yet published his novel. 913 more words

Family Stories

20 Years and Counting: Falling in Love Intuitively

I’m glad I had the opportunity to “find a man” when I was in my early 20s.

I’m glad I fell in love in my youth. 457 more words


Ahnentafel Family Tree

1st Generation Ann Marie Reeder Bryant 2nd Generation Harold LeRoy Reeder Dorothy Marie Allen 3rd Generation Wilson Gaylord Reeder Florence Catherine Nacker (Knacker) Thomas Allen Elva Marie Bryant…

Source: Ahnentafel Family Tree

Family Stories

Telling our family stories: The Farmer, The Giant, and the Milk Thief

Long ago in a place not seen by anyone now living, there dwelled a humble farmer with a large family. His land was poor and barely arable, growing only onions, but he tried to scrape out an existence to support his extensive brood. 1,702 more words


Yet Another New Bud on the Desmond Branch! (Model 2016)

Welcome to the family, Marcus!

Glad you arrived.

Marcus Daniel  Amadeus Thompson

9 lbs, 1 oz

born  Wednesday, September 14, 2016

at 6:50 pm Pacific Time… 56 more words

Photo Stories

3 Things I've Learned being Married to Dwight for 20 Years

You guys, as of today, I’ve been married for twenty years! I don’t care what anyone says. Twenty years is a long time to do anything. 451 more words


Telling our family stories: A Walk in the Rain

My students have submitted their first assignments in my class to teach creative writing through the lens of family stories. This first piece was to write a short poem about a moment of connection they experienced with a family member. 345 more words