Where family members are buried

I don’t know if this is too much of a grim topic, but I thought it might be good to list the places where family members are buried. 349 more words

Family Stories

Story Time Saturday - Things I don't want to ever forget

My Mema and Papa go to the same Hardee’s every morning and order the same thing.

My daddy reading me the Harry Potter books way past when I actually needed to be read to–because we’d started that way and he was going to finish that way. 997 more words


Solstice Specters: Four Midsummer Ghost and Faerie Stories

“Midsummer Eve was one of the spirit nights of the year, when the boundaries between the worlds were thin and porous. Evil spirits and witches were active. 2,972 more words

City Stories

I am adding a section to my webpage to share stories of other family members. If you would like to share your story with me, please feel free to email me at bowlingfamilygroup@gmail.com.


Maximino ? and Agustin Rosa, Part 1: Legitimacy

Agustin Rosa and Brigida Burgos begat Maximino… Rosa? Burgos? And Maximino begat, well

In Puerto Rico, children receive two last names: their primarily last name comes from their father, and the secondary from their mother. 951 more words

Family History

The Camping Trip

I remember taking my son over to his grandpa and grandmas house to spend the night and rise early the next morning to go camping. My dad would wait until his grandson came over to help put the wood in for the nightly campfire, make sure they had plenty of  sleeping bags for the beds, and  the fishing poles and let’s not forget the worms. 533 more words

Misplacing things, but holding on to the small stuff

I have spent  half my life looking for things I’ve misplaced. I have spent the other half finding things for Larry that he claims I lost to make his life more difficult. 1,037 more words

Family Stories