Great Weather and Clear Sky’s lead Detroiters to Meridian Winter Blast

Meridian Winter Blast is back in the city of Detroit January 20-22 and many Metro-Detroiters are making their way to Campus-Martius Park to get in on all the fun. 334 more words


Muscle & Joint Support

Today I’m planning to tell you more ways to use Stress Away, Copaiba, and Pan Away.  These three can be grouped together and used for muscle fatigue and strain, and then calming and soothing stress.  1,148 more words


Finding Annie Part Two

The town of Cherryvale was nestled among the gentle sloping hills of southeastern Kansas. The town was aptly named for wild cherry trees bloomed every spring and an outpouring of wildflowers graced the landscape. 1,081 more words

Family Stories

January update 

I’m so proud of myself! Managed to slog it out – 10km (1 hour 7 minutes), barely 3 months post-partum. Really gotta thank my mom in law for allowing me to make it happen. 703 more words

Family Stories

Friday Night Family Heirlooms… telling their stories: Granddaddy McKinley's Gem Finds

When “heirlooms” aren’t identified, and their stories never told, they often become items tossed or sold – as they have no history, no ties to the family. 949 more words

Daily Writings And Funnies...

Country Kitchen

Jack hadn’t been back to his childhood home in several years. He thought that he would never see the streets he grew up riding his bike on ever again. 3,013 more words

Creative Writing

Little Old Guy

Today I write a goodbye to the Little Old Guy who lived across the street. I don’t know if he’s passed on to the next life or simply moved into a care home or with relatives. 391 more words

Family Stories