Best of the Afternoon Weird Relative Funnies

When you are dealing with family, it clarifies things to have a scale.  You don’t have to waste time analyzing people when you have a ready reference.  3,082 more words


some updates

  1. We are sending Mika to Little Treasures next year. It’s near my mother in law’s place and since my in laws still want to take care of him, we don’t see a point in putting in through a full day of day-care.
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Family Stories

Fire and water: the paradox of my great-grandfather

The progressive pyro

So my paternal great-grandfather had his share of bad days, dragging his son around by the hair and trying to set fire to his own home. 457 more words

Family Stories

To Find My REAL Family {Dreams the Child}

The spanking hurt, but the humiliation, the laughter of her siblings, hurt more, and the girl went to her room, curled up in a blanket in the corner.  490 more words


An Unforgettable Trip to Beijing

Last night I returned from my ten-day trip to Beijing. The main purpose of the trip was to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. While I was there, I also met up with two old friends and had lots of fun. 276 more words


Family Storytelling at Thanksgiving

After the pumpkin pie is put away, take your phone and sit with a loved one in a corner.  Ask some thoughtful questions.  Listen and record (video or audio) their responses. 81 more words

Teaching And Learning

Another New Bud on the Desmond Branch (model 2015)

Welcome to the family, Ethan. Glad you arrived!

Ethan Ryan Cowen

born Tuesday, November 24, 2015

at 12 minutes past midnight, EST

to Erin Desmond Cowen and Will Cowen. 13 more words