50 Button Crafts: idea #26 - button snowflakes

  button snowflake by EmilyDawnWright.wordpress.com

Got a box or jar full of buttons carefully saved by your mother or grandmother? For 2015 I’m in search of great ways to put those buttons to use. 214 more words

Family Stories

Day 81: Family Stories

My paternal grandma grew up around Ozark, AR which is down in Franklin County on the Arkansas River at the feet of the Ozark Mountains. She came from a family of sharecroppers that worked themselves to death over the the course of four generations. 807 more words


all in a day or two

The nice thing about travel is you can usually decide how much time you spend in anyone locale, at least you can if you’re not with a tour group and you’re an I.T. 645 more words


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jet lag.

Due to the time difference, this site will take a break while the body catches up with the time zone.

Family Fun

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Independence Day!

A celebration of

America’s 239th birthday…

Hi Friends!

Parades, flags flying, picnics, cookouts, concerts, festivals,

watermelon, apple pie, baseball games, sparklers, fireworks displays,… 540 more words

Simple Thymes

the discernible path

of all the things
I want to be remembered for
as the stories of who I was
and how I lived
and what I cooked… 189 more words

Musings Inspired by my Journey to Vienna Part 4

The most vivid memories that my trip to Vienna stirred were, of course, of my last days there, after I got married in the Fall of 1949. 725 more words