News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode #101: The Big Tree

I don’t know how long I’ve been tree crazy. It’s an inherited condition. One of my earliest memories of adventure with my mom was walking out our back door and making the trek onto the farm lane to visit The Big Tree. 968 more words

News From The Path Valley Hotel

Anniversaries Bring Annoyances

April Anniversaries, ah….makes the month go by so quickly when I spend the first 2 weeks of April trying to plan something special for Mr. Romance. 651 more words

Daily Thoughts

Tell it like a story

I started my family history writing group yesterday… and handed out a sheet with some ideas to consider; reading it through now I think I may polish this up a bit… but here is what I gave them – first draft! 480 more words

Family Stories

The Gods Of Second Chances

  • Author : Dan Berne

  • Publisher : Forest Avenue Press

  • Genre : Contemporary, Family

  • Source : Netgalley

  • Rating : 3.5 Stars

  • 832 more words
Easy Read

Listening Through Closed Doors

Image courtesy of https://pixabay.com/

I’m sure many of your parents, like mine, told you that no good comes of listening to conversations not meant for your ears. 213 more words

Life Stories

And to Think, it all Started with a Mouse!

At one time or another, just about everyone in this country has been touched by a magical Disney moment. Walter Elias Disney started with a dream and turned it into a wondrous reality. 1,120 more words

Family Stories

Why I'd like to punch Chuck Norris

(and a bunch of other people!)

Public perception about asthma seems to remain the same despite advances in science, information campaigns, and famous athletes discussing the condition. 589 more words

Family Stories