Joseph LaDuke: Husband, Father, Farmer, and Soldier

On October 3, 1827, in Saint Jean Baptiste De Rouville, Quebec, Canada, Joseph Leduc was born to Marie Eulalie Chicoine and Joseph Leduc. He was the second son to be born. 880 more words

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An Exercise in Self-Love

I am reading a book right now about shame and codependency, two inherited family traits I possess and have spent many years working on.

One of the exercises in the book suggests making a list of your “shoulds” when it comes to your family. 1,055 more words

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On the trail of my g-g-g-granddad

Yesterday I was doing a little genealogical investigation into my paternal great-grandfather – trying to find out about his parents and any siblings. In the right area of Cambridgeshire I found six James Allens; in the 1841 census, two were living in St Ives – one born in 1833 and one in 1835, another born in 1835 and living in Ely, and two born in 1836, one living in St Neots and one in Whittlesea. 244 more words

Family Stories

Try To Say I Love You

Lesson 3 – Try to say I love you.
Telling someone that you love them is hard for some people.
We weren’t a family that always said I love you before we left home. 157 more words


Is this my great-granddad's granddad?

Sometimes with genealogy you’re struggling with a common name who is married to another common name and have children with common names. It’s not so difficult for me with my name, Elsden, but even so, going back through records there are plenty of Robert Elsdens and Jane Elsdens and it’s easy to be drawn to the wrong one and get involved in researching someone who is nothing to do with you! 240 more words

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Practicing a Different Way of Being with Family

I crawled in next to my husband tonight, cuddled into my pillow, and began to read – as is my usual bedtime routine. As I read my book I waited for what inevitably happens every night, a certain number of pages in my eye lids become heavy and I know it is time for lights out. 805 more words

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What makes your hometown unique?  Does it tug at you to return?  Or where did an ancestor call home?  Would you want to explore their stomping grounds?  45 more words

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