Each clover is lucky...

When I was still pretty young, I learned that four-leaf clovers were lucky. As a youngster, I would spend hours crawling through the lush clovers that grew in our backyard to try to find one. 255 more words

Family History

My Grandfather's Turkeys

Recently in our blogging group meeting we were given the task to write a blog post using someone else’s post as our inspiration in a way.  387 more words


Winter Into Spring

My husband tells me the first day of spring is tomorrow, yet the forecast for my morning commute is a brisk 28 degrees. Not quite there yet… 53 more words


The Kids

We got married when we were madly in love with each other. The first three years of marriage were magical. We would to listen to rock music, go on long drives and just became so used to each other that it became tough to live apart even for a day. 755 more words

Short Stories

A hidden Everyday Delight

I found this embroidered piece hanging in the hallway of my aunt-in-law’s house. With my focus on joy and everyday delights, I was overjoyed to find this in a family home. 165 more words

Simply Everyday Delights

Elizabeth Batts, 1812-1886

This week’s #52ancestors prompt is ‘12’ which had me stumped for a while. In the end I  chose someone who was born in the year 1812 and someone I haven’t spent much time on before so it was a learning experience as well as a writing experience this week. 867 more words

Family Stories

Delicious simnel cake

Easter is not that far away and maybe its’ time to think about a Simnel cake; many recipes suggest, that like Christmas cake, it should be made in advance and left to mature for a few weeks! 400 more words