Blight: A Never Ending Story for the City of Detroit

A Detroit Family is forced to look for residence outside of the city, due to the horrible blight issue in the community. After the riot in 1967… 312 more words


Chicken (and at least one Rooster) Update

A few days ago we got a message from one of our followers in Canada asking about how our, “girls were doing?”  It has been a while since we last featured our chickens, so we decided to share some photos of our little family today. 673 more words

Ecuador Living

Did Powdered Milk Candy Save the War?

Last November I shared with you an excerpt from my Grandma’s memory book. If you want to know more about her book please head on over to that post and then come back. 1,228 more words


Ordinary Times and Travels: North Carolina

I am in North Carolina for about 10 days, staying with eldest daughter Julia. She has recently moved here to start a new job with Carolina Equine. 479 more words


Melissa Porter Tourgee Bennett

52 in 52 Challenge:  Week 6

Every family has stories of ancestors that are passed down through the generations.  As with any oral history, the stories, originally based in fact (presumably!) become embellished as they are retold.   578 more words

Get Enough Rest, Really People?

Tips on how to recognize and cope with caregiver stress appear on almost every caregiver website, blog, and column. Too bad none of the advice works. 36 more words

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