Card trick

On the radio this morning there was a card trick performed… yes I know we could only hear it being done and not see it being done but it was something like someone had to think of a card, in this case he thought of the nine of hearts, and after a long series of different things a flicker book revealed a picture of the nine of hearts. 316 more words

Family Stories

Twenty-five years ago

Twenty-five years ago yesterday I went out on a first date, and there is a bit of a story attached to it. I was a teacher, at, I guess, the top of middle management, and lived in on my own in a house I’d had from new. 701 more words

Family Stories

Roisin Meets the Louisville Firefighters

Here at RMH, the fire department is not an unusual sight, unfortunately. With four kitchens, thirty-six guest rooms and a lot of smoke detectors, we do have some false alarms. 253 more words

Staff Musings

The Mystery of Giuseppe Genetti

My great-grandfather, Damiano Genetti (1857-1944), had three brothers and three sisters who survived to adulthood. All of his siblings emigrated to the United States with the exception of his oldest brother, Sisinio Alessandro (1854-1908), who stayed in the village of Castelfondo. 1,077 more words

Genetti Family


For today’s Challenge Post on M, how about capitalizing on the title of my regular blog: Musings With Marianne?

I chose that title for my blog so I could write about many things: the things I think about, wonder about, know about, want to know about….Muse about. 309 more words

26 Books to Read in 2015: #18

If I’m going to keep on top of this challenge I’ve really gotta up  my game here.  I’ll try an approach that worked for me in middle school: I’ll do all the easy stuff first and then save the stuff I find more challenging–like poetry–until later on. 502 more words

Coming Of Age

Revisiting the Italian slices

When we go on our family holiday, instead of having desserts after our meal in the evening we have home-made cakes, cookies, buns, slices, tray-bakes and brownies… and any other yummy things people feel inspired to make. 347 more words