... an old style of detached family house...

My mother’s family moved from a small village in Bedfordshire to a small village in Cambridgeshire a couple of years before the war, and continued to live there for twenty or so years. 303 more words

Family Stories

50 Button Crafts: idea #38 - button snowman

Got a box or jar full of buttons carefully saved by your mother or grandmother? For 2015 I’m in search of great ways to put those buttons to use. 163 more words

Family Stories

Watch DIAMOND AND THE FOSTERS Full Movie Watch the entire 5 chapter novel.

Deadline: SUBMIT your NOVEL (both your 1st chapter or full novel accepted)
And we’ll make it into a MOVIE

Watch the Family Book turned into a Movie: DIAMOND AND THE FOSTERS: 213 more words

Family Stories

"Spontaneous Combustion" or "Because I Love You"

Warning:. Post may trigger persons who have been victims of abuse.Pop..pop..pop..pop..pop..pop..pop…the percussion of Daddy’s belt flying out of his belt loops would have brought me out of a coma. 743 more words

Family Stories


Nan is always doing things behind Mum’s back. She’s frightened of Mum because she’s naughty. Mum’s never naughty; she doesn’t smoke Players cigarettes from a silver case and doesn’t drink Emva Cream sherry in the mornings, and she doesn’t sing though sometimes she whistles… 1,597 more words

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Watch Family Short Screenplay Reading: BOOMERANG THE GREAT

Deadline October 10th for Family Film and Writing Festival

Watch BOOMERANG THE GREAT by Ana R. Dominick


A lonely 9-year-old American girl embarks on a primal voyage across the Pacific Ocean to find her long-gone mama in Australia. 20 more words

Family Stories

The final countdown...

It’s October. Hey guys…IT’S OCTOBER!!! I can’t believe we’re down to the final countdown. 5 days (including today) to finish up my fundraising. 16 more days until the race. 1,399 more words

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