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"When Families Feud:" Dr. Ellen Berman on Voices in the Family

Silences, grudges and cutoffs between family members that can last for decades. How does this happen, what’s the price everyone pays and why is it so difficult to let go of resentment? 52 more words


Tips And Tricks For Raising Healthier Kid

Make sure your raising a child skills are the very best they can be, by adding some great new tips to your knowledge set. No matter how good you think your raising a child skills are, there is always more that you can learn about being the very best parent that you can be. 1,142 more words


Book Review: Creating Your Perfect Family Size

When we decided to have a baby, we really thought of it as deciding to have children: plural. Hubby essentially grew up as an only child, and I grew up in a family with two siblings. 393 more words

Book Review

ED Assessment Part 2: Family Therapy

I was diagnosed with anorexia binge/purge subtype today.

I was shocked (and it showed). I consider myself bulimic only. The case manager commented on my shock asking why I felt I didn’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis of anorexia. 333 more words


Insensitive Treatment; 16-April-2015

Psychiatry was not so evolved earlier. The blame for children suffering mental disorders was directly put on parents or mothering. And, parents took the guilt to their grave. 58 more words

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An Introduction to Different Family Therapy Techniques

Dr. Miriam Galindo is a licensed social worker and clinical psychologist based out of Irvine, California. For more than a decade, Dr. Miriam Galindo has emphasized family law services and family therapy. 197 more words

Miriam Galindo

AQA PSYB3 REVISION - Biological and psychotherapeutic treatments for schizophrenia

Biological treatments

Antipsychotic drugs

Typical (older) – eg. chlorpromazine – block dopamine receptors

  • Work by binding to dopamine receptors in the brain and thus prevent dopamine from binding there.
  • 2,178 more words