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This would be, when the child is forced, to take up responsibilities to ACT like the parents, taking care of the parents’ emotional needs, because the parents are, incapable of taking care of their own young, and, used their young children like their significant others! 225 more words

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Family and friends can be powerful tools in improving health

David Asch MD and Roy Rosin, MBA of The Center for Healthcare Innovation at Penn Medicine have published an article  in The New England Journal of Medicine that supports the involvement of family and friends in improving health and health care outcomes. 34 more words

Family Therapy

Podcast: Focus on Parenting and Opposition in Adolescence

You are in for a real treat, the first episode in my podcast series on a New Take on Opposition in Adolescence!

In this podcast, you will hear three interviews I conducted with two caregivers and one adolescent.   215 more words

The Art of Crochet- The Mental Health Benefits

In my practice, my clients and I frequently talk about coping skills and other ways to de-stress.  Today, I wanted to spotlight one of my personal favorites-crochet.   324 more words

Family Therapy Methods and Effects on Children’s Mental Health

Dr. Miriam Galindo completed her PsyD at the Trinity College of Graduate Studies in Anaheim, California. Upon licensure, she began her practice in psychiatric social work. 133 more words

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Eating disorder problem – Come to Dana Wiley to solve that

Not eating food can cause health problem but can you believe eating could cause a problem too. Well, this happens when you have eating disorder. It prevails mostly in the USA. 255 more words

Holiday Tips from a Family Therapist

Each year around this time, conversations with clients turn to the predictable stress of time with family over the holidays.

Like ghosts in the night, old issues, long dormant, reappear at holiday time. 715 more words

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