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From the moment you said I do and danced meticulously and blissfully on your wedding day, you might have as well signed your death certificate. After the joyous day is over, you leave your friends and loved ones (and a couple of strangers) and head to a hotel room to begin your honeymoon and, obviously, your marriage life. 533 more words

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The Changing Family and How it Influences Identity: Penn Spectrum Weekend, 9/23-25

CCAF Clinical director, Jacqueline Hudak, will present on a panel about “The Changing Family” during Penn Spectrum Weekend.

Held during alumni weekend, Penn Spectrum “brings together alumni for dialogue centered on issues of cultural identity. 46 more words

Family Therapy

CHILDREN’S BEDTIME ROUTINES... making treasured memories

When it comes to bedtime routines with children, every parent has their own opinion.  Some are on the go and a strict bedtime routine isn’t part of their day, and others see it as a sacred ritual. 907 more words


Emotional Cutoffs in Families

I had a wonderful time presenting to physicians, nurses, social workers and psychologists at The Reading Hospital this spring.

The audience wanted to understand the meaning of emotional cutoff and the impact of this process on development and family relationships over the course of the life cycle. 709 more words

Family Therapy

Let’s Keep the Choppers on the Ground

The term “Helicopter Parents” has become part of our national lexicon. It refers to ambitious, competitive parents who hover, micromanage, and over direct their children. These parents often live in highly competitive geographical areas, where a children’s “success” is a reflection of their parents’ success.  326 more words

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"Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Challenges and Opportunities for Mental Health Practitioners"

Bachay, Judith B., and Barbara M. Buzzi. American Counseling Association Journal (2012): 1-11.

By outlining the rising prevalence of grandfamilies in the U.S., the authors of this article call for mental health practitioners to adjust their services to better meet the complex needs of grandfamilies. 22 more words

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Break the Pattern and Soar Like a Starling

There are no eagles where I live, but plenty of starlings (though I’ve heard that they are in decline). At a certain time each year, starlings begin to congregate in ‘murmurations’ that produce those awe-inspiring crepuscular aerial displays of formation flying. 209 more words

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