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Entry #14

Dear Diary,

I don’t know what I’m going to do about Simon. He cornered me in the hall at school the other day and shoved the teddy bear I gave him back in my face. 283 more words

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: How can parents help?

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week, a time to shine a light on the seriousness of these issues and raise awareness.

Last year, we received insights from Family Institute staff clinician… 167 more words



I think I’m too tired to be coherent, but I wanted to post a blog anyways. I blog for me with the hope that maybe it will help one of you…if not today, maybe today or the next day. 605 more words


Entry #13

Dear Diary,

My parents found out that I have been cutting myself. We were at our usual therapy session and my mother was sitting beside me on the couch. 284 more words

New Family and Parenting Coaching website

On 1st March I will be launching a new coaching website offering services specifically for families and parents. Being a parent is the best but toughest job in the world and there’s no instruction manual. 58 more words

Entry #12

Dear Diary,

Ever since I told Simon about the letter he’s been distant. Every time I walk past him in the hall and wave he gives me a fake smile and keeps walking. 283 more words

What a Strange World

I find myself celebrating my son’s failures more than anything at this point. How ironic. Wednesdays seem to be the update day. I talked to the psychologist and The Boss today. 555 more words