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Orders of Love.

‘Orders of Love’ is an award winning short film by Jes Benstock is about his Systemic Family constellation. A heart warming story of one man’s journey to rediscover his roots. 


how to #fight

One of my posts a few weeks back was inspired by the Family Crucible book I have been reading through for some weeks now for a Family Therapy class. 357 more words

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The Family Life Cycle: Gear Shifts and Spirals, with Dr. Geri Fox

Last month, CCAF faculty, residents and fellows were treated to a wonderful lecture by family psychiatrist Dr. Geri Fox.   “Gear Shifts and Spirals”  was an interactive discussion of video taken by Dr. 427 more words

Family Therapy


Despite the name, family therapy is not just a therapy that is done with families. “Family” suggests the relational dynamic present in the lives of individuals, groups, societies etc… So family therapy is more of a theoretical/clinical orientation that can be applied to various modalities. 200 more words

"Breaking the Male Code" book release party: Dr. Rob Garfield & CCAF Faculty

“I wrote this for us, for our health, our longevity, and our children,” said Dr. Rob Garfield, family psychiatrist, author, and CCAF faculty member of his new book, … 494 more words

Family Therapy

Effective Treatment With Postpartum Counselling

Pregnancy is the beautiful period of joy for the couple because the incoming baby implies their love for each other. In that time, the lady suffers a lot of changes, physically or mentally. 233 more words

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Learn More About Family Therapy Techniques And Benefits

The concept of family therapy technique implies the form of psychotherapy that interact between members of the group which is beneficial for the health. Basically, the form of family therapy is known as the form of communication therapy. 215 more words

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