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How we view "space" in social work

Many of us are aware of how our environments can impact our moods, how we interact and move. How we act at home is different from how we act at work. 1,580 more words

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Great post!! As someone who does home and community based work, this is a great concept to consider. What does the space you are visiting mean to you? I feel that home visiting is so beneficial for clinical work but you should put it in context. People don't always "choose" to have a social worker in their home. We are in people's space but that should come with us honoring and respecting that. This can lead to a great assessment and even better clinical work....

BWUN Mindful Minutes™...

We are very excited to share that beginning in April, our Valparaiso Alliance will incorporate “BWUN Mindful Minutes™”.  We realize that so many of our member’s lives are busy and complex leaving little time for them to just “be”. 366 more words


The 4 Stages of Trust When Your Addict Comes Home

The 4 Stages of Trust When Your Addict Comes Home.

This article struck me as valid.  I hadn’t thought about phases that families go through, but the article at the link above is informative and appropriate.   9 more words


Can We Make Sense of Dating and Mating?

Once upon a time, getting married was easy. Your parents chose your mate for you, you had little or no say in the matter, and you got what you got. 525 more words

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CIDS and La Clinica de Salud Mental

Sorry for the radio silence; last week was an exciting one with Match Day and having visitors so there was little time to update the blog. 1,008 more words

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Integrating the Family into Psychiatric Practice: Grand Rounds 2/26/15

I have been deeply involved in a project that culminated in a collaborative Grand Rounds presentation late last month. I was fortunate to have Drs. Ellen Berman and Yu-Heng Guo on my team as we demonstrated the necessity of family inclusion in psychiatric practice. 615 more words

Family Therapy

Allan S. Mohl, LCSW, Ph.D., BCD

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