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I Am Not Just Clowning Around

Is seeing believing? His words were thoughtful and true. For over a century and a half now, much of what he shared continues to resonate with value and carry a ring of truth. 996 more words

The Gift Of A Shared Life

Ours is a changing world. Siblings Day or National Siblings Day (as some refer to it) has been a calendared event for the preceding eighteen years. 859 more words

Change, Oh Goodness!

“I need to let him go.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

“When I leave, I won’t tell you goodbye—but only because I’m taking you with me.”
Jarod Kintz, …

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Come And Grow Old With Me

Sometimes I don’t think the General and I are on the same page. Truth be told, I’m not always sure we’re even reading the same book. 1,066 more words

I Saved The Best For Last

What was I thinking? Despite the fact that I’d driven into Austin on Saturday morning to visit a friend in the hospital, I opted not to carve out the time to get a haircut while I was in town. 1,155 more words

Seeing Red

So someone repeated a statement to me today that’s got me a little perturbed. I’m not upset at the person who repeated it; I’m a bit frustrated that it was said at all. 857 more words

My Life And Times