36 Hours in The City

We have been contemplating a trip to San Francisco since I can remember. Trying to tack it onto this trip or that but it really needs to be a trip all its own (or many trips!). 1,387 more words

California Travel

Buenos Aires with Kids

We just returned from a family trip to Argentina, in which we spent the majority of our time in Buenos Aires. This beautiful city has impressed me so much that it now tops the list for my ultimate favourite city in the world, and that’s saying a lot! 3,115 more words


Being Mrs. Fowler Does Disney: Mickey Treats

A new year is upon us and you know what that means? More trips to Disney! Especially now that I am an annual passholder!

We already have had our first Disney vacation of the year and I could not be more excited more for the next one. 1,072 more words


Where to Eat in Taipei with Kids

Eating is one of the best things about Taiwan. The city of Taipei is full of restaurants, shops, parks and people. There are food choices everywhere you look and part of the adventure of traveling (especially with kids!) is to… 757 more words


Malaysia: Legoland Johor

“Dear visitors, these 3D glasses do not protect your eyes against the sun. Please leave them in the bins as you exit.”

Just as we were all cozied up in the dim, air-conditioned confines of the 4D theatre, thinking that this place could almost pass off as Legoland Billund or Windsor if it weren’t for the infernal weather or occasional mosquito, this announcement jolted us out of our daytime reverie. 1,492 more words

Places We've Travelled

We love travelling and I want to make sure my children get a taste for travel and so it’s really important for me to make sure we have a family holiday every year. 285 more words


Thailand Singapore - A budget DIY trip with parents

We all are so busy in our quest for success, that we often tend to forget about the ones, who are responsible for bringing us to life in the first place, our parents. 1,988 more words